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    [–] Fire breaks out at Notre Dame cathedral douglasmacarthur 44 points ago in news

    Notre Dame de Paris is its original/French title.

    [–] There were a record 7,664 goals scored in the NHL in 2018-19 douglasmacarthur 1 points ago in nhl

    The other teams are playing eachother less to make room for the Knights in their schedule.

    There were 82 "team games" added in the sense that if you added the GP slot in the standings at the end of the season, the number would be 82 higher. But the number of actual games is always half this figure because each game is a GP for each team.

    [–] There were a record 7,664 goals scored in the NHL in 2018-19 douglasmacarthur 55 points ago in nhl

    To put it another way: Every game involves two teams. So each Knights game is only "half an extra game" because for the other team, it's replacing another one on their schedule.

    Or: Each team's home stadium has 41 games. Only one home stadium was added.

    [–] Ovechkin wins EIGHTH Rocket Richard Trophy, surpassing Bobby Hull for the most ever in NHL History. Ovi has now led the NHL in goals for more seasons than any other athlete to play the game douglasmacarthur 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in nhl

    Yeah his goals records were never in the untouchable territory that his assists and points records are.

    He had 163 assists one year. No one else has had more than 114 (Lemieux). Since scoring dropped off in 96-97, no one has had more than 96 (Thornton), and even that was only possible due to the way scoring went up a bit the two seasons after the lockout.

    And he has more than 700 career assists more than anyone else.

    [–] Short boys on tinder douglasmacarthur 1 points ago in Tinder

    That would be the logical comparison then.

    [–] Short boys on tinder douglasmacarthur 10 points ago in Tinder

    Yeah this post makes no sense given that height is one of the main things men are judged for.

    [–] One Year Ago Today. Lest We Forget. #HumboldtStrong douglasmacarthur 16 points ago in hockey

    It can feel like there's a certain opportunism and virtue-signaling with stuff like this.

    [–] more douglasmacarthur 13 points ago in comics

    Tbh I think a lot of people with shitty parents basically have Stockholm Syndrome.