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    [–] Pfizer, pocketing a big tax cut from Trump, will end investment in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research drgncabe 1 points ago in politics

    Thanks for clearing it up, I couldn't remember if it was or wasn't... Are you my son? I had a Red Pickup in the summer if '72.

    [–] Found in Crown Heights. Is this thing even street legal? drgncabe 4 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    Depends on where you live. Here in Florida, there's a lot excluded from that list.

    Also Seat belts can be exempt depending on the age of the car. My cousin has a '33 Ford pickup that has no seat belts from factory.

    [–] Found in Crown Heights. Is this thing even street legal? drgncabe 5 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    I think he's prepared for some dollar-store urban warfare games.

    [–] What it costs to give birth in Sweden vs USA. drgncabe 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in pics

    I dunno, I busted my ass harder than I ever have in my 40-something years of living when I worked construction and my insurance was absolute crap. Now I work a desk job in healthcare and only had to pay $2k for a $85k hospital bill. I don't work nearly as hard today as I did when I did construction. You seem to not understand our healthcare system. It's not based on how hard you work, it's based on how much money you earn and what kind of insurance the company you work for has. Two completely different things.

    [–] What it costs to give birth in Sweden vs USA. drgncabe 1 points ago in pics

    I'm guessing you don't live in a state with high income taxes (like Cali or NY). Infact, the new tax bill will make it so you can't claim a deduction on your state taxes.

    I don't even live in NY but I'm paying NY Income tax because one of the companies I consult for reside in NY. Our taxes are probably just as BS as Sweden's is, minus the healthcare aspect.

    [–] What it costs to give birth in Sweden vs USA. drgncabe 2 points ago in pics

    $42k!? Shit my daughter cost $85k. $10k more and I could have owned a tesla (actual out of pocket was like $2k but I have really amazing insurance).

    [–] “Mom I met the president” drgncabe 3 points ago in pics

    Here in the states, presidents keep their title after their term. He will always be referred to as "Mr. President" just as Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, etc.

    [–] I thought people might enjoy this - Orlando in 1904 (the Hotel San Juan on Orange Avenue) drgncabe 5 points ago in orlando

    The hotel was located in Orlando, Florida on the corner of Orange Avenue and Central Avenue. Harry Beeman of Beeman Chewing Gum purchased the hotel in 1889 and added two additional stories. The second floor was a favorite spot to view hangings at the Orange County Jail.

    Wow, I guess that was Orlando's favorite past-time back then?

    Reading through that post, that building led an interesting life before finally being demolished.

    [–] USB Outlet Lamp with Storage drgncabe 3 points ago in DIY

    What are your thoughts on floor outlets? My house has several of them in the floor and pointing up and they seem to be fine where they are but I wonder about spills. It's to code and inspected, just seems sketchy.

    [–] This really hurt my soul. drgncabe 2 points ago in gaming

    Nudes... At least that's what the news says, I've been too lazy to find out myself.

    [–] Dan Newlin is flying his personal jet back and forth to Puerto Rico delivering supplies and evacuating people. drgncabe 2 points ago in orlando

    That's the one! He's legit, been following and talking to him on and off for a while now. He can grandstand a little from time to time (just read his criticism of Sheriff Deming) but he's not one to embellish situations like this. Sadly I've heard similar stories second-hand from friends that grew up in some of the rural areas and are just now hearing back through family or friends, some parts are very post-apocalyptic life over there right now. There's quite a few journalists that are releasing their raw video from chopper runs and it's not looking very good. It doesn't help that many felt the government was abandoning them before the hurricane hit. The more that starts coming out, the more I can't help but wonder if things are worse off than what's being shown in the media. All the info seem to focus around the larger cities and surrounding villages, those are only a small portion of PR. I can understand why people feel like they're being forgotten.

    [–] Dan Newlin is flying his personal jet back and forth to Puerto Rico delivering supplies and evacuating people. drgncabe 4 points ago in orlando

    He ran for OC Sheriff in 2012, great guy and does a lot of protection and disaster security work. A friend of his was looking for supplies to fly down to PR with earlier this week so I didn't know if it was related. I know a lot of the LEO community stick together.

    Anyways stay safe and keep up the great work!

    [–] Dan Newlin is flying his personal jet back and forth to Puerto Rico delivering supplies and evacuating people. drgncabe 10 points ago in orlando

    Not sure if you're the real Dan Newlin or not. But if you are, that's a class act man. You wouldn't happen to be working with Mike Greene would you? He's a former NYPD officer who ran for OC Sheriff in 2012, been coordinating a lot of law enforcement and aid to PR.

    [–] If anyone sees a Yellow lifted Jeep Wrangler with damage to its front end, my roommate's car was just totaled in a hit and run. drgncabe 12 points ago in orlando

    Depending on the jeep, it may not have any damage. I've seen some of them plow into cars with barely a scratch, especially if it's armored up. I'd check the local 4x4 and jeep forums. If it was lifted and armored then there's probably someone who can recognize it by description alone. Many in the local 4x4 groups don't tolerate this kind of BS and will help hunt down the idiot who was likely drunk driving.

    [–] If you have Amazon prime, use Amazon pantry and get you supplies in two days. drgncabe 2 points ago in orlando

    That maybe true, but I used it last hurricane scare when all the stores were empty and it ended up being cheaper and quicker for me while everyone else waited in line fighting each other like animals. Of course proper planning can avoid all of this, but we're a state of procrastinators.

    Unless this is a clever attempt to steer people away so you can horde it all for yourself. In that case, you're a selfish ass (and can I have some of those supplies too?). ;)

    [–] Millions of fire ants floating in flooding from Harvey drgncabe 1 points ago in WTF

    We have 'em bad down here in Florida too. I stepped in a deep mound once and had small welts all over my legs for months. Thankfully I don't have a bad reaction to them but I know a few people who baloon up like the stay-puff marshmallow man when bitten. Fuck those ants!

    [–] Concorde droop nose [1234 x 694]. drgncabe 1 points ago in MachinePorn

    Wow, you're not kidding! It looks like one of those planes from a thomas the tank style show. Hell it even it looks like it's smiling.

    [–] Ya think drgncabe 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in Justrolledintotheshop

    Most faster cars are limited but I know my 2008 BMW 335i is factory limited to 145mph (ref: and I've hit 135 a couple of times. On track only, I swear.

    [–] Coffee Farmer in Hawaii Loses Deportation Battle, Returns to Mexico drgncabe 1 points ago in news

    My sources are family as well, a cousin of mine posted his whole ordeal a few weeks ago after being arrested for public drunkenness in Anadako and had to wait out a 72-hr immigration check hold. He ranted about it because he was pissed being a native and having to wait out the hold for someone born in the states, the officers told him it was because he was born tribal land and records are "always off" but that's probably a BS excuse they gave him. Natives on tribal land don't get asked immigration status because (at least in my tribe, Caddo), that's handled by local tribal police who in many cases don't care about immigration. I heard the issue is with police on certain counties on the border of tribal land, Anadarko being one of them but I'm unable to find any sources related to immigration and natives that don't pertain to the Dakota Pipeline. All though my tribe currently has major internal political issues and has been on the High Risk contractors list on and off for a couple of years now preventing much of the federal funding they need to social services so maybe that plays a part in it, though I doubt it.

    [–] Coffee Farmer in Hawaii Loses Deportation Battle, Returns to Mexico drgncabe -8 points ago in news

    While you are correct, there's many officers on border tribal land that believe differently in Oklahoma, Texas and various other places. Just ask members of the Caddo or Choctaw tribes. Why is there an immigration check on natives but not one on whites arrested in the same area?

    [–] The boys drgncabe 2 points ago in toosoon

    I was listening to one of the stations on XM the other day and they mentioned there were no physical indications of botulism (something about frayed nerves?) or waterboarding. They suspected (they either being the person interviewed or the government, that part wasn't clear) something that was in the sleeping pill given to him may have been too much and it had caused oxygen deprivation leading to brain damage.