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    [–] Our custom mounted iPad Pro 11" controller is complete! drgncabe 6 points ago in homeautomation

    I have older ipads set up all around the house because my wife refuses to use a phone app to control anything. To her, there's no point. It's exceedingly frustrating.

    That being said, the Ipads have come in handy when someone house sits or the babysitter is in.

    [–] Our custom mounted iPad Pro 11" controller is complete! drgncabe 3 points ago in homeautomation

    I don't know the specifics, but I know trying this didn't work in the Samsung Galaxy S5 that I'm using for car automation. I'm thinking there's a little more, at least for the Samsung. Like some sort of I2C controller in the mix. Phones with removable batteries maybe different though.

    [–] This security camera at a restaurant drgncabe 7 points ago in techsupportmacgyver

    Is it a Chinese Buffet? There's one near me in Central Florida that seems to have the same setup. lol

    [–] No Man’s Sky in a nutshell drgncabe 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Electronic Arts & Dice perhaps? Lot of failed promises and outright lies with several battlefield games. Where have you been?

    [–] I figured out the numbers the question at hand. what will be the occupation that’s worth 8/24 hours of my life? time is never promised and I refuse to continue to spend 12 hours working for a company that doesn’t have my name on the company if anybody knows about some good business ideas let me know drgncabe 1 points ago in orlando

    Also it’s a very “millennialist” thing to be crying over working in an office...

    Not in my experience, as a Gen-Xer I think the Millennials crying in the office just learned from my generation which learned it from the previous generation. I've heard the same bitching for the past 30 years of my career before Millennials were even born. It's just my generation and the one before bitching because companies are finally changing their attitudes after said 30 years of bitching.

    Me on the other-hand, I've gotten what I wanted because I rejected what was offered. I have a GED but manage a group of people with more degrees and student debt then I can shake a stick at. It blows me away what BS people will just openly accept in the job market just because they think they have to. Millennials have the right ideas (fed by us), just not the greatest at getting things moving without drama. Which also might be a side-effect of the earlier MTV generation.

    [–] Hulkbuster cosplay drgncabe 18 points ago in geek

    Most likely a mix of fiberglass and 3D printing. There's probably some cardboard in there though. I bet they are heavy.

    [–] Does anyone know of a credit union that does shared deposits? drgncabe 6 points ago in orlando

    I believe Orlando Federal Credit Union does. I heard a lot of CUs got dropped from various Shared Deposit networks like NYCE recently. I guess the banks and sharing networks are getting greedy.

    [–] Internet legislation nowadays... drgncabe 3 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I think you missed the fact he was asking a question to be educated more. Maybe instead of bashing you can be part of the solution through educating? Or is it just easier to write one-line quips than inform people?

    [–] Nice Try, Windows drgncabe 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I'm guessing you weren't around when Windows Millennium was released. IMO it beats out Windows 8 as the worst OS, barely, but I still have nightmares from supporting Windows ME.

    [–] Can anyone indenting what is missing from my AUX connector and why? AC hasn't worked for two years.. could this be my issue ? drgncabe 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in E90

    Previous owner of an '08 335i Automatic here. My connector only had 3 wires but the connector itself had space for 4 pins. Possibly for a variable speed fan on other models? I know this because I actually screwed up my wires (don't work on your car drunk kids) and had to re-wire the connector and went nuts looking for the 4th wire. However, this fan wouldn't affect your AC. It would affect if your car overheats or not.

    If your AC isn't working, I'd check your freon level. I had to top mine off at around 85k/mi and blew ice cold until I sold it at 138k/mi just recently. If the level gets too low, the compressor won't turn on. You can find the gauge pretty cheap, I think I picked up a dual-gauge A/C connection kit for testing and refilling for like $40 at my local auto store and have used it across multiple vehicles. Florida is hell on A/C systems.

    Other areas to check is that the A/C compressor is turning on (it sounds like it's not though). If not, I'd check for a failed fuse, relay or broken connection. If it doesn't blow any air at all (hot or cold) I'd check the blower motor, resistor and related parts.

    [–] Just bought a 1060 for a friend and it came with this label drgncabe 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Some of those points are the same arguments being made to get rid of cash and move to all eletronic transactions.

    Basically Cash fits into a couple of your bullet points, just fyi. The rest (wastefulness, high costs) do to. However, eventually mining will drive costs down as production facilities work to keep up so there could be a net benefit here.

    [–] [Far Cry 5] I swear the vehicles have a mind of their own drgncabe 2 points ago in GamePhysics

    Fallout 4 at 144hz feels like I've had one too many energy drinks.

    [–] Question about eRXs. drgncabe 17 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    A surprisingly large number of doctors and nurses just don't know how to use the ePrescribe software properly.

    This right here. eRXs are even more fun in Specialty Pharmacies since there's so little information that comes with them. Secure Direct Messaging kinda helps, but right now it's a bit of a hackjob. It'd be nice if one could send eRXs with attachments, like referral and insurance data. Makes the patient's life so much easier!

    [–] Trailer for my new game "Text and Drive". Text on Smartphone, Drive on PC! drgncabe 1 points ago in Games

    If you look at things that way, our space program would have never got off the ground.

    Obviously there's a difference, just wanted to point out it doesn't work for all situations. ;)

    [–] “New to me” 2013 IPL (or as my friends say: my mid-life crisis car) drgncabe 2 points ago in infiniti

    While the Dealer's story is probably bunk, before I bought my '08 335i ZSP from a local indie dealer I reached out to the local BMW dealership and got the service records off the VIN. Found it was serviced by a dealership down south so I called them up and the service advisor remembered the car and told me all about the owner. Dude was a BMW fanatic and always did maintenance before it was due, took care of known issues like blown turbos and stuff BEFORE I bought it and even occasionally tracked the car (to blow out the cobwebs). SA said he had been a customer for almost 30 years. Told me I wouldn't be disappointing and 88k miles later (at 138kmi now) it's been a dream.

    I did the same with my '12 G37 but the dealership in Miami that serviced it didn't have a lot more to say then it was well maintained at their shop and was a lease.

    [–] The number of Delta Air Lines passengers who bought tickets with NRA discount: 13 drgncabe 2 points ago in nottheonion

    Yea I’m stupid. This is exactly what my last two companies did but for some reason my brain thought something else like grants or something. Not sure what I was thinking honestly. A previous company I worked for expanded by 800 people and threatened to move (with no intention to) and won a tax break that was almost insane when I was it. It was equal to what the company paid in local taxes the previous year x3.

    [–] A patient acquiring their own records from a PBM? drgncabe 1 points ago in PBM

    When I worked at ESI (13+ years ago) they had backups with PBM data going back 20+ years but accessibility can be difficult because a lot of that were backups of upgraded systems, implemented CMS systems, etc.. Legally they're only required to hold data going back 10 years from the most recent date of service (unless they're covered under another legal requirement or accreditation requirement that extends longer). Your chances of getting access to that older data will be slim unless it exists in the current CMS implementation. You are able to request your data that falls within the legal requirements though.

    That being said, don't expect them to make the process easy or explain the data once you got it. The few records request I dealt with when I worked on the specialty pharmacy side were basically internal reports with limited explanation and mostly industry jargon. If I recall correctly that included past statements, claims that were processed, progress notes related to patient treatment (but not internal notes unrelated to treatment) and faxed documents on hand. It did not include voice records, information on calls (other than what's covered in progress notes) and detail on how they make their decisions in various processes. PBM maybe different but at the time we followed the same set of rules.

    I'd go through customer service first, if they won't help you and you can't find a form, i'd send a certified letter asking for a copy of your patient records. You may have to be specific on what type of records your looking for or you may just receive patient statements.

    You can authorize the release of your records either by using their form or writing one your own (look online for examples). I do not know if you can do this as a minor though. They probably won't contact your parents but they might deny. I hate to say it, you generally don't need to prove it's you when you send a release consent. I've written many for my daughter during my divorce process years ago and not one person (insurance company, PBM, pharmacy or physician) questioned it and everytime I sent it by fax with no notification that it was coming. Almost scary when you think about it.

    [–] "How do I get all of my customers?" -Restaurant Cleaner, $1000 per night guy. drgncabe 4 points ago in Entrepreneur

    I can attest to this. A marketing manager for my previous pharmacy sent out an email blast to some 5k physicians and quickly ended us on several blacklists. It eventually took another domain to fully resolve the issue. We had critical pharmaceutical and payer clients that we couldn't communicate with, most would add us to the whitelist but just got too much to deal with.

    [–] I hope this doesn’t mean someone got downgraded... drgncabe 9 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Just go the apple way. Make it really painful for them to use their car (pop up a loud warning every 5min saying it's time for updated brake pads) and then after X amount of time, just force a brake-pad update by accident. Right when you're about to use the car.

    [–] I hope this doesn’t mean someone got downgraded... drgncabe 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    My Friend's M3 ceramic brakes squeak like mad sometimes but I have a feeling it has to do with improper break-in and if you don't bed them right they'll get loud as hell. Another friend of mine has ceramics on his lifted Jeep (a Hemi fitted JK) and I've never heard it squeak. He drives pretty aggressively too.

    [–] Pfizer, pocketing a big tax cut from Trump, will end investment in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research drgncabe 1 points ago in politics

    Thanks for clearing it up, I couldn't remember if it was or wasn't... Are you my son? I had a Red Pickup in the summer if '72.