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    [–] I have fallen, I pledge myself to your teachings u/drichm2599 drichm2599 3 points ago in teenagers

    Good man. I hereby sentence you to making whatever the people say to in my next post. Check it in a few minutes.

    [–] Your Move Peasant u/drichm2599 drichm2599 1 points ago in teenagers

    As soon as I get home, prepare for the worst

    [–] THIS MEANS WAR (JOIN THE RETALIATED FIVEFOLD FACTION) u/drichm2599 drichm2599 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in teenagers

    Seriously consider the Uno-off competition though. You have the advantage as you get to pick the Uno-Clothing. We both make it, wear it, and post it, and whoever gets more updoots wins. We could even have stakes such as the winner gets to pick something that the loser must make and post. The only reason to not do it is if you are a coward.

    [–] I know i sound like a Karma Whore, but its my first post that made it to hot. Im proud of myself drichm2599 1 points ago in teenagers

    I challenge you to an Uno-off.

    You pick a clothing item (male, female, generic, crazy, etc . . .) and we both make it.

    We both wear it and post it to r/teenagers. (contact one another so we post at the same time)

    Who-ever gets more updoots in 24hrs wins. (Should we do stakes?)

    Sound good?

    [–] My failed attempt at an Uno-Card Knight's helmet. drichm2599 1 points ago in teenagers

    Top Uno-Card clothing suggestion will be made next . . . yadda yadda . . .

    [–] Uno is fun drichm2599 54 points ago in teenagers

    1 vs 1 me bro.

    You pick the clothing item.

    We each have one hour to make it from Uno cards.

    Whoever gets the most updoots on r/teenagers wins.

    [–] Bow down to your new king! drichm2599 5 points ago in teenagers

    As always, I will make the top updooted Uno-Card clothing suggestion.