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    [–] Navy better be ready for a truckload of new recruits again drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in Military

    that's very probable, but recruitment numbers for Navy also went up 500%

    I guess people where attracted by being a pilot in general not the branch.

    [–] Navy better be ready for a truckload of new recruits again drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in Military

    not gonna lie when that video of the coastie banging on that submarine came out I looked into the coast guard.

    [–] US involving itself in other conflicts drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in Military

    the marines just do it cause thy think it's fun. the army is bribed with camaros and the Airforce just have vacations everywhere.

    [–] What regions can we expect to have major geopolitical significance in the near future? drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in geopolitics

    the Gulf will never lose its significance. even if the US becomes oil independent, for the simple fact the exports have been shifted from Europe and America to Asia.

    the Arctic on the other hand will become much more interesting in the next few decades, as a new passage between the North Sea and the Pacific will open itself up as the ice melts. this obviously means Scandinavia will become very important, especially Iceland and Norway.

    As tension is rising in the South China Sea, Thailand is actually going to become very important as they are planning a new canal that will allow a higher flow of ships to bring oil to china and more Chinese ships to reach the Indian ocean, The Chinese are afraid of the Japanese Blue water Navy and that's why they're building one right now. they know they don't have to capabilities to defend their shipping if the oil situation got desperate.

    [–] Don’t mess with a Marine drunkrabbit99 7 points ago in USMC

    I saw this a while ago, wasn't this a soldier ? I thought I heard he was from the 82nd

    [–] WHAT drunkrabbit99 13 points ago in USMC

    nah the one's who's opinions matter won't send their kids to war anyways.

    [–] Average speed of trains in Europe. (my own research) drunkrabbit99 -11 points ago in europe

    yeah I'd rather my government do something else than fuck with the market.

    [–] Average speed of trains in Europe. (my own research) drunkrabbit99 42 points ago in europe

    or you know fly for 45 minutes and pay less


    [–] Is Italy Immune From Terrorism? drunkrabbit99 0 points ago in italy

    they sound molto stupido indeed.

    [–] Putin: Russians, Ukrainians are 'one people' drunkrabbit99 3 points ago in worldnews

    I think you should go learn about the nation state, and the idea of national self determination.

    [–] [OC] It's either boom or bust: Viewed demographically, Europe is divided in two. drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in europe

    for Belgium it's very simple. most jobs are and have always been in Brussels, Wich is conveniently placed right in the center of the country and there is great (relatively speaking) public transportation towards the city.

    this results in a young population that moves in Brussels to study them moves back to their hometowns to buy a house and have a family, (Brussels is also where most African immigrants ended up, and a big part of the city has immigrant communities Wich is why it might not be shown as shrinking, plus the NATO and EU jobs that surround it.) and commute to Brussels every morning, this creates an effect of growing municipalities in the Brabant region where the prairies and the country is being completely taken over by suburbia. the same is happening in the other big cities like Liège Charleroi and Anvers.

    [–] What is the training like for snipers in the legion? Like how hard is it ? drunkrabbit99 11 points ago in FrenchForeignLegion

    they put them on top of the tour Eiffel naked with a berreta for a month with 120 bullets and all they can eat is pigeons.

    [–] "why aren't young people more interested in a career in the army " drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in belgium

    Tanks are far from being outdated, the armoured Division might be, but there's a reason we've development so many anti tank solutions throughout the years and it's not because they're useless.

    airpower isn't only necessary to project power, but so savegard your airspace, and to support troops, although artillery is always going to be the best option when it comes to that.

    [–] Are there any significant cases of a Country intentionally spreading religion in a rival to destabilize it? drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in history

    Iran in Saddam's Irak before the Iran Irak War perhaps, I'm not sure if it actually supported the spread of Shia Islam in Saddam's Irak but I do recal that Iran wanted a shia revolution in Irak..