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    [–] Glitterproof Tuesday drunkrabbit99 3 points ago in belgium

    Oof, got summoned from the Mons comune, where I don't even live for an urgent matter, I though it was to pay my dad's Dept turns out they lost an act of marriage and thought I had it !

    [–] the mighty chip drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in WTF

    Haha came here looking for el doro reference

    [–] Smashing! drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in shittyrobots

    I guess it does that of tem

    [–] Exploding bird story drunkrabbit99 12 points ago in USMC

    You sure you're not a sailor.?

    [–] Consider the messages ignored. drunkrabbit99 23 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    I don't know this one seems legit.

    [–] Mechanical coin drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in mechanical_gifs

    I would lose that so quickly!

    [–] Gangbang Surprise. drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in Israel

    There's a movie about this? What's the name?

    [–] No pops, no deal? Vic 3 drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in paradoxplaza

    I wouldn't buy it unless they found a better system.

    [–] Inside Infinity Mirrors drunkrabbit99 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Blindfold a drunk dude and put him in there

    [–] EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightning to USB drunkrabbit99 11 points ago in europe

    Lol apples just gonna get rid of ports and charge more for wireless chargers.

    [–] A wild redpill appears elsewhere on Reddit drunkrabbit99 481 points ago in The_Donald

    We're the liberals, there's nothing in their behavior that indicated any desire for liberties.

    [–] Most Accurate World Map Ever Vol. 6: why am I still doing this drunkrabbit99 2 points ago in finlandConspiracy

    But leave Sevastopol because that's true. But where's Belgium that obviously exists.

    [–] SUNDAY GUNDAY! drunkrabbit99 5 points ago in The_Donald

    Go home kenM you're drunk