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    [–] Netflix to still produce Stranger Things game despite Telltale collapse dtwhitecp 1 points ago in Games

    Definitely missed "game" I'm the title and was a little confused why this was a headline

    [–] Far From Home SPOILERS: Leaked _____ suit! dtwhitecp 5 points ago in marvelstudios

    I think he's said something indicating he'll keep playing Tony as long as they keep hiring him to do it

    [–] What's everyone's favourite Iron Man suit and why? Mine is this bad boy from civil war! dtwhitecp 3 points ago in marvelstudios

    in the comics it's even sillier, the nanotech is stored in the inside of his bones and pops out to cover him.

    [–] What are your predictions for the year 2019? dtwhitecp 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Knowing about Thanos is about 10 seconds of off-screen dialogue that Loki could have explained to Bruce as soon as they saw Thanos' ship.

    Thanos is also obviously holding back when he first strikes Captain America, the most common theory being that he's got the soul stone now and feels more empathetic.

    He can't turn into the Hulk because the Hulk doesn't want to come out. Hulk is basically a toddler and it could be for any number of reasons. Hulk could be embarrassed for not stopping Thanos the first time, who knows.

    [–] What are your predictions for the year 2019? dtwhitecp 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Thanos beats the shit out of Hulk and he throws that idea away immediately as being impossible just because he thinks Hulk is the strongest Avenger and takes on huge monsters. So what? Thanos is stronger. He ignores the many scenes where Bruce is wrestling internally with the Hulk, which would make no sense and never happen if it was just Loki pretending to be him. He acts like Bruce can never remember anything that happens while he is the Hulk, but that's only been the case for when he was Hulk for an extended time on Sakaar, not any previous times. Lots of other things.

    [–] What are your predictions for the year 2019? dtwhitecp 2 points ago in AskReddit

    holy shit this guy is annoying, and also wrong

    [–] Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia [Punk] dtwhitecp 2 points ago in Music

    Jello is local to this area, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for a Mississippi appearance

    [–] This movie just won't work. There's no way. dtwhitecp 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    wasn't it in the works before the MCU as a concept really existed?

    [–] Our campsite matched our meal cover art. dtwhitecp 37 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I forget which brand but one of them has a pretty comical description of serving sizes. Basically boils down to "the FDA made us pick unreasonably small serving sizes so keep in mind you might want more".

    [–] New Official 'Venom' Poster Released dtwhitecp 101 points ago in movies

    you've got an extra "the" in there

    [–] Not as pretty as others, but I’m pretty proud of my tri-tip dtwhitecp 2 points ago in smoking

    tri-tip has a funky grain direction and almost everyone fucks it up the first time

    [–] To perform a scary act dtwhitecp 7 points ago in therewasanattempt

    don't feed the trolls

    [–] Homemade 'Taralli' - A Traditional Southern Italian Cracker dtwhitecp 2 points ago in recipes

    They have another name too, I'm forgetting what it is though

    [–] These any good? Half price at Lowes dtwhitecp 1 points ago in grilling

    anecdotal but I had a char-broil that lasted for ~10 years. Probably depends on your environment.

    [–] ife curm dtwhitecp 8 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    we've got to put a stop to ice cream-based dog murder on social media

    [–] I bet inviting him to their table meant more to him than they know dtwhitecp 22 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Man I'm just glad social media wasn't a thing when I was in high school. This seems wholesome but for all I know this kid got mocked even more. Or maybe it's all made up. Shit's complicated.

    [–] These any good? Half price at Lowes dtwhitecp 2 points ago in grilling

    $70 isn't bad for 5 years of use

    [–] Zune merchandise list dtwhitecp 1 points ago in Zune

    All of the Zune special editions with the artwork came in bags. I had a couple

    [–] Is the rivalry between Cal Poly SLO and Cal Poly Pomona some sort of friendly rivalry, or is it all out? dtwhitecp 5 points ago in CalPoly

    People at SLO are pretty much just fucking around when they say the "real Cal Poly", there's no actual bad blood. CP Pomona was created as an offshoot of the original Cal Poly (SLO) and as others have said, the only reason why the fake rivalry exists is because SLO students get annoyed when they have to clarify which one they went / go to.