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    [–] First Steps!! duelingo 1 points ago in Parenting

    She’s been walking around holding things for about 2-3 weeks and learned to stand by herself about 2 weeks ago, now she’s finally been brave enough to try on her own since she’s learning how to fall slowly and less painfully, but my niece is 5 days older than my daughter and still can’t stand or walk by herself without holding onto something - all at their own paces!

    [–] JU from r/LGBT. Sick of the toxicity. duelingo 1 points ago in JustUnsubbed

    Eating at chik-fil-a doesn’t make you a fucking homophobe but writing this comment makes you a fucking idiot.

    [–] Cocktail dress anyone? duelingo 3 points ago in LuLaNo

    I straight up was gonna comment this!

    [–] My wall is full of knife holes duelingo 3 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    This better be an art piece or I’m calling the cops

    [–] I found this on a video where kids meet a school shooting survivor. duelingo 1 points ago in thatHappened

    Omg I remember this kid and the teacher was like omg he needs to get an A+ asap. Crazy

    [–] Twins Beware! duelingo -6 points ago in CrappyDesign

    The design of the magazine itself is not crappy, your picture was crappy. Doesn’t belong to crappy designs.

    [–] Then the whole line clapped. duelingo 1 points ago in thatHappened

    This has been reposted too many times

    [–] Calling a relative a son of a bitch is an insult to yourself as well duelingo 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    If you call your aunt a son of a bitch that has nothing to do with your mother. Calling a sibling a son of a bitch, in the other hand, is what I think you meant.

    [–] "I was having connection issues," is the new "I got stuck in traffic." duelingo 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Living in the country suuucks. Always have to visit the city to make a good call.

    [–] My best friend died yesterday, his parents told me that he killed himself. duelingo 9 points ago in TwoSentenceHorror

    Too many.

    It’s dead-baby-is-treated-like-its-alive, someone-killed-someone-lol-it-was-me, dad-r’pes-daughter, and there’s-a-monster-under-the-bed-but-we-hide-together-from-my-ab’sive-family.

    It’s rare to see a post stray from that cycle in the “best” feed now.

    [–] the boss: i asked for a cube duelingo 3 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    Oh! Those are supposed to be golden cubes! Totally didn’t get that. Thought they were pushing a heavy cardboard box and he for some reason had money and a gold ball, like he sold his box for a ball of money ?? lol thanks

    [–] “Way to burn it down buddy” duelingo 7 points ago in sadcringe

    I knew I should’ve cropped it.

    [–] Previous ebay bidder found my email and bought my item back in 2009 duelingo 1 points ago in Scams

    Ok so maybe it was a scam : the seller is Marvin. Marvin asks to buy the pants from OP is he pays more. OP doesn’t respond. OP gets an email from “seller” saying thanks for purchasing. OP is confused, learns Marvin has bought and obtained the pants. Then, OP messages “Marvin” about the pants and he refuses to sell it, only agreeing to way more than previously agreed upon in the ad. Maybe OP is desperate, for whatever reason, and OP buys it and the seller/Marvin just made more than they probably would’ve.

    In all fairness, I have no absolutely no other ideas lol, but such a weird story!

    [–] I found a list of thousands of accounts and passwords. What should I do? duelingo 5 points ago in RBI

    Hi, could I be on this list? My Spotify has logged me out continuously and I’m suspicious that someone has been logging into it and changing my password. I’m not sure why when my Spotify is literally free but I’d like to be sure.

    [–] Old men texting me (14F) duelingo 3 points ago in Advice

    Don’t go on r/selfies, r/teenagers, r/teens, r/pictures and post your face on there. Those are very popularly infested with pedophiles.

    You can scroll through or look through the subreddit by searching “14” or “12” or whatever and it’ll be a post by a kid, like you, who just posted a selfie and it has creepy comments like “mm sexy” or “those lips...nice smile haha”.

    There are creepy people all over the internet, please do not ever put any information about yourself nor pictures while you’re a minor. Even if you do on Facebook or instagram, private your account and do not let random people follow you.

    Do not forget how dangerous the internet can be, please. Be safe.

    [–] Mentally prepping fathers/partners for delivery duelingo 1 points ago in Parenting

    Yes, I was very confused about that part. When I had my daughter, the epidural insured I felt practically none of the delivery - I couldn’t even lift my legs because I couldn’t feel anything below my waist. She was born within minutes of me starting to push.

    Must’ve either worn off or she was someone is doesn’t work properly on or they’d not given her enough ? Something along those lines - epidurals should work!

    [–] Poor dude gets scammed duelingo 34 points ago in Scams

    My husband got a letter last year from the IRS and they said we didn’t file correctly and owed them money. But he told me before he sent them any money and/or his social and we knew it was fake because the website was a copy-paste with a different address and we hadn’t even filed our taxes together yet at that point. IRS is an easy scam, scary asf.