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    [–] An American's Guide to Learning Languages dvidsilva 5 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    That's not what he's talking about. I've been around the dumbest proponents of this and nobody argues that you should say 'la sol' o 'el Luna'.

    Lenguaje inclusivo means mostly avoiding words that are gender specific and/or can be discriminatory towards a group of people. Like saying business people instead of businessmen.

    And on the extreme side, mostly/only proposed by non native Spanish speakers, it refers to avoiding the gender neutral terminations that sound male, and replacing them with x. Like saying latinx instead of latino.

    [–] Governors island NY [2436x1125] dvidsilva 1 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    Ya most of the island is abandoned buildings. Looks super interesting. But crazy to think theres all this unused space so close to Manhattan.

    [–] Berkeley Whole Foods store obtains restraining order against vegan activists dvidsilva 8 points ago in news

    Isn't the Berkeley whole foods in Oakland? Like telegraph? Or is there another one?

    [–] Even People Insured By Their Employer Are Worried About Rising Health Care Costs dvidsilva 7 points ago in Economics

    I just got an email recently saying that once I turn 30 my monthly is going to go up from 140 to 500 I don't even get mental health coverage so I have to pay my therapy out of pocket. Is so ridiculous.

    [–] Fortnite on iOS hits $300 million revenue in 200 days dvidsilva 2 points ago in apple

    Yep the company I used to work for, we were managing our payments without using Apple pay and we skip their cut. You need a certain volume and to request an exemption but is possible.

    [–] Anyone on here have any experience with trilogy web development bootcamps offered at universities? dvidsilva 1 points ago in webdev

    Bootcamps work, just not exactly as they promise. If you can afford the tuition and a few months with no work, and really enjoy coding, that's cool.

    If you can't then there are slower alternatives that are cheaper and let you have income in the meantime, like community college, self learning, and stuff like that.

    [–] Anyone on here have any experience with trilogy web development bootcamps offered at universities? dvidsilva 1 points ago in webdev

    Ya, every day there's more grads and companies can't hire an unlimited amount of recent grads.

    I've been on the hiring side for a while and getting a recent bootcamp grad hired is pretty hard; it can consume a lot of resources from the current developers and not every company can afford it.

    [–] Hacktoberfest: Share Your Open Source Projects dvidsilva 6 points ago in webdev

    I have two projects to share!

    Techqueria is a community for latinxs in tech, our website has different resources and information about the commnunity, we just launched a new version using Hugo. easy project to contrib to:

    codecorgi is like a project simulator, so that jr folks can learn lingo and workflows common to startups to get better at interviewing and work. The project was stalled for a while, but we're trying to resume work, starting by rewriting the backend in Django so is easier to contribute, add features, etc.

    [–] Halloween Ideas dvidsilva 25 points ago in nathanforyou

    Bill Gates impersonator. Or that shitty costume he uses to survey a location.

    [–] Put your happiness over your career (Web Developer Story) dvidsilva 2 points ago in webdev

    I've worked outdoors. The best part of web dev is that if you're any good you can pick any job with any conditions. My current company let's me work remote and I spent a lot of time traveling and working from odd places. Visiting co-working space and meeting new people.

    Getting into a different career is not much likely to fix any of that.

    [–] Put your happiness over your career (Web Developer Story) dvidsilva 8 points ago in webdev

    Ya that's not a web development problem. That's your problem for picking shit companies.

    [–] Strip Clubs in NY dvidsilva 2 points ago in Brooklyn

    Google maps says there's two of them. I'm curious to check this out, which one is this that's trying to be cool?

    [–] What is the Price per gram of Gold in Colombia?*Serious Post* dvidsilva 1 points ago in Colombia

    Hmm not exactly. Also not guaranteed that you'd find someone willing to sell. You have to go to Bogota, find friends that know the deal and take you there. Kinda like a whole adventure thing. With its risks and rewards.

    [–] What is the Price per gram of Gold in Colombia?*Serious Post* dvidsilva 6 points ago in Colombia

    The price of gold is dictated by the markets, so you won't have significant savings if you buy in Colombia in a big city.

    You'd have to travel to a mine town or buy less refined gold or ore to save more.

    Also if that amounts to more than 10k you'd have to pay taxes and it might make it more expensive, tho you can avoid taxes by wearing it and pretending is part of your outfit.

    [–] Nyc reddit lgbt group? dvidsilva 3 points ago in nycmeetups

    Sign me up. Also there's non Reddit groups that are great. Ping me later and I'll link you