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    [–] Instagram is a gold mine for this trash earanhart 1 points ago in Badfaketexts

    Imma guess hard gay. We all know wimmin cannot into vidja gaymes.

    [–] It’s good to know that we are far reaching earanhart 3 points ago in trebuchetmemes

    Since this is for science, you may be able to purchase the cocaine from the government and have a Marine watch the experiment, thereby reducing the odds of being arrested. The Coast Guard or DEA might even sponsor you so they can develop ways of stopping this kind of artillery drug smuggling in the future.

    Quasi-source: while in the Navy, my Chop accidentally ordered a pound of cocaine instead of a repair part we needed (flipped a digit on the part number), it came with a free Marine.

    [–] Don’t go to clown college tomorrow earanhart 3 points ago in 4chan

    Format was forbidden for this post.

    [–] Such a pupper face!!!!! earanhart 3 points ago in Sneks

    Currently assembling a terrarium for my first one, do your research on the particular breed you are getting. They have VERY different needs. Temperatures, hides, live feed versus frozen/thawed, climbs, etc.

    [–] Wholesome jokes are the best jokes earanhart 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in wholesomememes

    There's not much for general "what can go non-standard" with this, a lot of case studies are out there for the specific rarities though. For a good, general primer I would recommend my intro level textbook (mobile so long link, sorry) It's not perfect and has some points I specifically disagree with (mostly with their theories of attraction and how they present fetishes), but it is good.

    Edit: I'll clarify my disagreement, they teach a modified version of Kinsey's scale, which isn't wrong but I feel is oversimplified and looks mostly at what a person has done. I ascribe to the tripartied theory of sexuality which means your sexuality is an interaction of three things: what you are physically attracted to, what you WANT to be physically attracted to, and who you can get. This means if you like men's butts, want to be attracted to large muscular chests, but can only get skinny women to date you then you have a legitimate but uncomfortable sexuality that will likely leave you unsatisfied. This also means your sexuality changes over time and based on where you are (hard to pick up women in the men's locker room, easier at a concert).

    [–] Wholesome jokes are the best jokes earanhart 10 points ago in wholesomememes

    It's more than "some minor effect," but you have the gist of the concept correct. There are several hormonal and some neurostructural differences between the sexes, but these don't always line up with the genitals or even the chromosomes. Terratogens during development can prevent a genetically male fetus from absorbing testosterone, resulting in a phenotypical (but sterile) female body and mind. Fragile X syndrome can result in mixed anatomical features in a genotypical female. And then we get into the truly odd phenomena such as "eggs at twelve" (I cannot remember the Spanish name for that, Google will find it if you care) or hermaphrodites and you toss most of what we think we know about the biological human sexes out the window.

    [–] Cool story bro. earanhart 2 points ago in 4chan

    It's more likely than you may think.

    [–] Kills me every time earanhart 8 points ago in RoleReversal

    He was clearly asking for it, flaunting that sexy belly right in front of her. . .

    /s, if not clear.

    [–] Makes sense to me earanhart 14 points ago in technicallythetruth

    It's worse than that, you are ejaculating from touching a penis.

    [–] They also adopted him earanhart 20 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Not sure if doggo . . .

    Or Swedish chef.

    [–] An interesting title earanhart 8 points ago in Badfaketexts

    That's the spirit!

    [–] An interesting title earanhart 10 points ago in Badfaketexts

    Are you u/commonmisspellingsbot? Because you're going to be completely useless.

    [–] Anon has to prove earanhart 2 points ago in 4chan

    A Canadian saying "nope"?!?! Eat a Timmie's and calm the fuck down. Your shattering long held stereotypes here.

    [–] This is what real friendship looks like. earanhart 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Oh, going a different way with that than I thought. Ehh, I'm enough of an asshole not to see that irony at first glance.

    (Killing the joke) I was implying that being fueled by chicken soup might have helped the chimp out a bit.

    [–] Anon has to prove earanhart 1 points ago in 4chan

    Sooo, Irish?

    [–] Anon has to prove earanhart 4 points ago in 4chan

    Calm down, Mr. Chang.

    [–] He has a good point earanhart 3 points ago in technicallythetruth

    No, reacting to puns is the lowest of the low. Pun-makers never expect a response, because a good pun is it's own reword.

    [–] He has a good point earanhart 1 points ago in technicallythetruth

    Hey don't?! I thought they were like the morai, and just traded it around.