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    [–] What will happen when Trump is elected for a 2nd term? earthmoonsun 1 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump

    It has partly. But for most things, it takes some time. Nature is hardy. China and Russia's worldwide influence already grows. The debt will be dangerously critical after the tax cuts and spending comes into effect. Often political decisions can be felt years later.

    [–] What will happen when Trump is elected for a 2nd term? earthmoonsun 1 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump

    The environment, as well as science and education will suffer.
    China and Russia will strengthen their global influence; the US getting less influential, especially in Asia and Africa.
    National debt will rise dramatically. Inflation will happen and the gap between rich and poor widen. In the worst case, the global will be hit with a severe economic crisis.

    [–] Tether is a scam earthmoonsun -3 points ago in Tether

    Yes, still a worthless post because it's not very insightful and everyone knows anyway.

    [–] Binance physical address? earthmoonsun 11 points ago in BinanceExchange

    Binance is a global exchange.

    On this globe, serious businesses have a physical address.

    [–] Below 25M Marketcap Coins with potential to reach top 50 earthmoonsun 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    I'm still undecided between the legendary bitconnect or the revolutionary bitconnectX. What you suggest?

    [–] Francine Teh Bomber threatened to sue over this shirt. Doesn't he have bigger problems to deal with? earthmoonsun 3 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    If you want more exposure, I'd tease him with some more provocative shirts. He's such a low life and stupid, he will fall in this marketing trap.

    [–] Kraken Enables Advanced Orders and Adds 10 Currency Pairs earthmoonsun 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Does the "new" kraken work reliable? I used to trade a lot there but haven't even visited their site since last fall.

    [–] Is anyone else concerned that almost all posts on /r/bitfinex is about the inability to withdraw fiat funds? earthmoonsun 0 points ago in BitcoinMarkets

    There's so much negative information and warning signs about Bitfinex, if people still decide to have a single Satoshi on this exchange, I won't feel sorry when it's gone one day.

    [–] What Blockstream had in mind all along... earthmoonsun 1 points ago in btc

    Implementing a hub makes sense for exchanges, payment providers, big retailers, whales, and maybe LN pools. Isn't that already a large group to make it decentralized enough?

    [–] Savedroid ICO - Credit Card in 2019 earthmoonsun 0 points ago in icocrypto

    It makes saving easy through an A.I. that automatically saves a small amount of money, if you complete a certain task or activity like walking 10 km.

    That's not AI. I guess these ICO makers focus on marketing and less innovation. To me this looks like a simple app. Nothing else.

    [–] When it's dark and it's summer earthmoonsun 2 points ago in sehnsuchtpics

    Nice. Brought back some memories. I took this photo last year.

    [–] Transcodium business model earthmoonsun 1 points ago in icocrypto

    Facebook, Google, IBM, McAffee,... involved, haha, yeah sure. When you think bitconnect was over the top, someone tries to start an even bigger scam.
    Btw, who wrote the business plan, a 13 year old kid?
    Even the address is not real but a virtual office company.
    I could go on but it's not worth wasting my time with this shit.

    [–] AstorGame referral program is live! earthmoonsun 1 points ago in icocrypto

    I don't trust this ICO at all. No desire to refer this to anyone.