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    [–] Which side of the bridge Needs to be repaired? earthmoonsun 10 points ago in confusing_perspective

    not sure why the original link isn't working anymore, here a new one

    [–] Golden Gate Bridge earthmoonsun 1 points ago in glitch_art

    Pls build!

    [–] Bitfinex closing in Singapore ... is the end near? earthmoonsun 2 points ago in Buttcoin

    Mr. Potter heard that scammers get some strong flogging in Singapore.

    [–] Priscilla, 1969 (Photo: Joseph Szabo) earthmoonsun 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Glad you say this. So good to hear that my warning saved a life.

    The last time, I posted someone who also smoked, I received a few angry comments and PMs, calling me tobacco industry shill, murderer, whatever... people can be weird.

    [–] Bitfinex: iFinex and RenRenBee (Bitfinex), struck off corporate records (closed) earthmoonsun 1 points ago in btc

    I really wonder whether you're partner in crime or just the poor guy who got send to the frontline. If 2nd, I hope they pay you well and have a good lawyer for you.

    [–] PSA: If you get banned from /r/bitcoin is simply means you won an argument and the only responds the mods had left was to ban you. Welcome to the club. There must be hundreds (maybe even thousands) of us by now. earthmoonsun 4 points ago in btc

    At first I was pissed when I got banned a few years ago, but now there is little worthwile left. What am I to contribute to silly price memes and "Bitcoin Jesus is Bitcoin Judas" posts? Sure, the first HODL threads were fun but after the millionth it's just lame.
    I still visit the sub every now and then, but the frequency is getting less.

    [–] Free Climber Matt Bush Ignoring Gravity earthmoonsun 2 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in SweatyPalms

    I rarely hear bad news about free climbers, wing suit looks very different, though.

    [–] Priscilla, 1969 (Photo: Joseph Szabo) earthmoonsun 15 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I know smoking kills. Please kids, don't smoke because OP just posted a 'cool' picture of a girl smoking, but hey I think the photo and her facial expression is just worth posting.

    [–] Bitfinex threatens victims with litigations. Community strikes back with DDoS and more criticism. earthmoonsun 1 points ago in btc

    Hard to tell. Not within the next 2-3 months. I'm sure bitfinex (as we know it today) is history in half a year.

    [–] Dubai Marina Aerial [1600x900] earthmoonsun 20 points ago in CityPorn

    maybe you think its cold and souless because it hasnt had time to build up a reputation,

    That is one reason, yes. You cannot build a city within a decade and expect it to be lively. Maybe it'll be different in 50 years. But I doubt it. You need liberty, some craziness and chaos to inject live into a city. A totalitarian regime that wants to control everything will keep this place as artificial as it is now.

    and the things it does have like world class malls, racetrack and hotels you havent looked into at all

    You can find this in Paris, London, New York, and any other big city, too. Maybe a little smaller, but also less empty.

    [–] bird_winter_snow_branch_nature[1920*1080] earthmoonsun 1 points ago in wallpaper

    Winter bird? Now, that's some interesting species....

    [–] Bitfinex threatens victims with litigations. Community strikes back with DDoS and more criticism. earthmoonsun 8 points ago in btc

    They are desperate and in panic mode.
    That likely measn that they really have big problems
    and that means they might soon collapse, shut down, or exit scam.
    Nothing 100% sure or proven, but it looks like all the FUD isn't FUD after all.

    [–] But how cou— earthmoonsun 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    but... but... isn't there a basement in the pizza joint?