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    [–] Discussion on Loving Vincent earthmoonsun 1 points ago in vangogh

    Just thought some people might be curious how is art looked like. I think most don't know.

    [–] PIC earthmoonsun 2 points ago in nocontextpics

    Photo: Julian Frichot

    [–] Gotta love Eastern Europe earthmoonsun 1 points ago in UrbanHell

    Makes me wanna play domino.

    [–] ST: KuCoin Delisting of Some Projects earthmoonsun -1 points ago in kucoin

    And this is why should NOT use Kucoin for any other coin than the big and famous ones. Kucoin delists faster than your order gets processed. With this behavior, you'll always have an untrustworthy and unstable reputation. Fuck you!

    [–] Iran dismisses U.S. claim it was behind Saudi oil attacks, says ready for war earthmoonsun 1 points ago in worldnews

    but that’s apparently OK.

    I think most of the world and around half of US Americans don't think that it's ok.

    [–] Mia Araujo - Two Spirits [1573x2100] earthmoonsun 1 points ago in ArtPorn

    Although I like this work very much, I appreciate your critic.

    [–] Bart van der Leck - The Drinker (1919) earthmoonsun 5 points ago in museum

    I wonder what common people and art critics were thinking about that in 1919.