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    [–] Wee Fiat 1970s concept car earthmoonsun 2 points ago in WeirdWheels

    haha, what a clever design!

    [–] Giorgio de Chirico - El placer del poeta, oil on canvas, 1912 [1024x841] earthmoonsun 17 points ago in ArtPorn

    I love everything about this painting: the skewed perspective, the colors, so many things to read into this scene. It's like a dream.

    [–] The catalyst that will start the FOMO... earthmoonsun 1 points ago in nanocurrency

    The catalyst that will start the FOMO...

    Adoption and the death of a whale.

    [–] Emma Roberts earthmoonsun 1 points ago in trulybeautiful

    Nice dress. modern but still traditional elements.

    [–] Girl told me I look creepy af earthmoonsun 1 points ago in dpdr

    don't judge yourself by the opinion of one

    [–] How to follow the auction? earthmoonsun 1 points ago in MetronomeToken

    • whitepaper gives no info how the idea will be implemented
    • lack of technical/implementation specifications
    • no prototype
    • vague info about what happens with the tokens
    • controversial token auction model
    • Peter Vessenes has a sketchy reputation, also responsible for the delayed pay-out of MtGox creditors because of his unbased claims
    • Jeff Garzik isn't the most popular either
    • unrealistic roadmap
    • the huge amount of buzzwords should be a warning

    [–] How Americans imagine the face of God earthmoonsun 1 points ago in news

    In the article. Different versions, e.g., imagines by old, young, liberal, conservatives.