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    [–] Mainlining at its perfection ecc811 8 points ago in trees

    All that effort to ruin the photo with a chancla!

    [–] Harden hit himself in the face ecc811 1 points ago in sports

    This isn’t a clip from Space Jam?

    [–] Making the most of my space. ecc811 1 points ago in Traeger

    Let me know how that works out!

    [–] Making the most of my space. ecc811 2 points ago in Traeger

    How did the Jerky come out? I tried the jerky recipe last weekend on a new pro 575 and I couldn't maintain a steady temp at 180. Seemed that the fire would die out and then overcompensate. Temp ranges from 60-300.

    I read a few comments here on Reddit saying that cooking at 180 is always a pain in the ass. I am just not sure if there is something off with my grill or if it is just typically too low of a temp to maintain.


    [–] Question regarding tea bars ecc811 27 points ago in SanJose

    Please find a different city to visit.

    [–] [FRESH VIDEO] ScHoolboy Q - Dangerous (ft. Kid Cudi) ecc811 11 points ago in hiphopheads

    Looks like they blew the budget on the Floating video...

    [–] Low Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole ecc811 1 points ago in ketorecipes

    Thank you very much, I saw this a few hours ago and I have it in the oven now!

    [–] [5/9/18] The Championship Tour Concert Thread | Oakland, CA ecc811 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in KendrickLamar

    I have two tickets for sale, my girlfriend and I doubled down at the last min to get tickets on the floor. Club Level 113 row 19. Asking $350 for both (what I paid) but I am willing to entertain offers to not take a total L.

    [–] Here's what I did in vegas! ecc811 2 points ago in SanJoseSharks

    Definitely the tattoo bleeding

    [–] Here's what I did in vegas! ecc811 2 points ago in SanJoseSharks

    Cool tatt but why not support your local