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    [–] r/nba Voter Registration Drive! edgykitty 21 points ago in nba

    I'm not sure we'd be able to implement that quickly or effectively enough, (I'm still trying to figure out some issues as is), but if anyone wants their VOTE flair with their team in the text, shoot the mod team a message in modmail.

    [–] Hi, I’m Mike Singer and I cover the Denver Nuggets for The Denver Post. Ask me anything! edgykitty 128 points ago in nba

    I'm a Wolves fan, and obviously since our game 82 play-in a few years ago the Wolves have obviously had their share of... roadbumps... but Denver has really made some steps, making the playoffs last year, and getting to where they're at this year. Other than the clear natural player improvement do you have any insights on how the team has developed into what they are now? A lot of people, including myself at times, dismissed them as a "regular season team", but they've proven a surprising grit and mettle in the 2 series in this post-season.

    [–] The results of our first Subreddit Exchange Program edgykitty 6 points ago in modnews

    1/2h a day for 2 weeks would be far more likely to cover a "normal" mod experience for us, since some things don't come up daily or even every week. The other thing that may be less feasible is some "on-call" stuff, since it's rare but at least in r/nba a rather large sub, sometimes there are events that call for a more all-hands-on-deck approach, that really is a far different modding experience than your typical random hour during the work week. Like wise there are some periods where modding is quite different depending on the time of year. This is obviously the case for nearly all sports, but some other seasonal things like TV shows as well.

    [–] Won a signed 2019-2020 roster signed Basketball, could the people of r/Timberwolves help me identify the signatures? edgykitty 3 points ago in timberwolves

    I see J Mac #6, but you probably already got that one, the JOk 20 looking one left of it must be Okogie. Kelan Martin 30 small above the logo. Rest are tough but can probably be puzzled out.

    [–] Jeff Teague taking a shot at KAT 👀 edgykitty 1 points ago in timberwolves

    honestly without getting more out of Teague, and some of what he talked about while he was here about trying to get KAT the ball more, it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't even just talking about his own faults about not activating KAT more.

    [–] Hi, I'm Zach Harper, Host of The Athletic NBA Show. Ask Me Anything! edgykitty 1 points ago in nba

    Any thoughts on the Wolves this offseason on any potential moves? How the #1 pick plays into things either via trade or draft? What their potential is in what is looking to be a fully stacked Western Conference?

    [–] Hi, I'm Zach Harper, Host of The Athletic NBA Show. Ask Me Anything! edgykitty 6 points ago in nba

    This is an interesting question, worth a general [Serious] thread if no one has posted it yet.

    [–] Self Promotion Saturday! Small streamer? Just getting started? Tell us about it here! edgykitty 1 points ago in gaming

    I'm Pocky, twitch channel is PockyPlays on Twitch, I am a high level Hearthstone Battlegrounds player with occasional ventures into variety. My stream aims to be educational so if you want to improve at HS Battlegrounds stop by, chat, and follow!

    [–] Weekly Geofilter Request Thread edgykitty 1 points ago in snapchatgeofilters

    I should probs update it, probs just turn it into a general discussion thread even, also I didn't even notice that, you can have automod auto sort comments, so I should fix a few things

    [–] [Highlight] Morris and Luka get into it edgykitty 12 points ago in nba

    Is Kawhi even likeable? He's an introvert that screwed his team in San Antonio, and then dipped on the team that won a championship with him? So some people like the introvert part, but other than that he doesn't seem that great?

    [–] [META] Is a sub-wide voter registration drive feasible? edgykitty 2 points ago in nba

    I actually already have a link for that included in our drafted post.

    [–] [Just] BREAKING | Saints/Pelicans owner Gayle Benson has been diagnosed with coronavirus. edgykitty 1 points ago in nba

    Please respect our conduct rules. Wishing death or harm on people is subject to a ban. Please keep discussion civil, with other users and in general.

    [–] [META] Is a sub-wide voter registration drive feasible? edgykitty 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in nba

    You probably will have to use google, but local newspapers are usually the best source for info on local candidates and local Bill's, and most have small web articles for them. But you do have to look, but I'd encourage you to, it can be surprising what sort of things they'll throw on the ballot. A small town I lived in had a vote on if there should be 3 different welcome to signs put around the city for $100,000, and it got passed and one of the city council person's brother was the contractor who got to put it in.

    [–] [META] Is a sub-wide voter registration drive feasible? edgykitty 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in nba

    Like the idea, if people could source good resources and/or other ideas they think should be included here, we'll see what we can do as a mod team. No promises, but it would be a good initiative.