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    [–] Quibi? edwinstone 13 points ago in Reno911

    The show was political before the new seasons buddy.

    [–] What song has an upbeat tune but dark lyrics? edwinstone 1 points ago in AskReddit

    As someone that has dealt with the same issues as her, that song hit me so fucking hard and it would make me so sad to hear it being partied to when it is quite the opposite.

    [–] This girl in my class always has the best Zoom backgrounds and this was hers today. The best one so far obviously. edwinstone 5 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    I live in LA but my class is based in San Diego so you tell me! It's still going on right now though and I don't see anyone named Aaron in it. :(

    [–] Cardi B Files to Divorce Offset edwinstone 27 points ago in popheads

    Ugh. My heart goes out to Cardi. Her music will be her therapy!

    [–] Hairstylists jump a woman for "stealing $200" apparently the stylists weren't paid for a hair service.. (the woman explains at the end) edwinstone 1 points ago in FightTai

    I love how Republicans love to say they didn't support slavery when anyone that took a BASIC history class knows that the parties switched platforms so you need to think of something new to say buddy. Or go to school again. Everything else you said is typical right wing propaganda. The Epstein thing goes both ways and both parties (if they have any confirmed involvement) deserve to be punished for that because there are people on both sides that were involved with him. No one knows the extent but anyone involved in trafficking should be in jail because it's disgusting and this shouldn't be political.

    [–] Why are there episodes missing on CBS All Access and the Comedy Central App? edwinstone 0 points ago in Reno911

    This is asked a couple times a week on here. You can just browse the sub. I don't think anyone knows for sure though.