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    [–] Robert Mueller clears Donald Trump in Russia probe, William Barr says elosoloco 7 points ago in Conservative

    Fucking lol. 50 mil and 2 years. All because of a report the media and tabloids wouldn't run


    [–] Judge Tosses Chicago Suburb's Assault Weapons Ban elosoloco 2 points ago in Conservative

    M&p 2.0 has a good trigger, and I enjoy my p 320 trigger out of the box.

    M&p 1.0 has a shit trigger though

    [–] DAILY SODIUM DOSE, GET YOUR SODIUM HERE elosoloco 1 points ago in The_Donald

    I mean, the NPCs have been told for 2.5 years that there was collision. It's not that surprising tbh

    [–] New large scale mode Capital Supremacy for Battlefront II announced elosoloco 1 points ago in Games

    Because they don't want to compete with Battlefield, dices bread and butter

    [–] No new map until May, Hardcore mode only for Combined Arms, Duo's in Firestorm for a limited time only, no new theatre of war until Fall 2019. What else Dice? elosoloco 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    I can't speak about non-US experience as I've never tried. Maybe a mixture of discounted premium and time based release? Or premium for early access and guns but all can get maps?

    More options than just ruining the experience though Especially if they're going to kick this game out of the dc-10 door a year early

    [–] Robert Mueller submits special counsel's Russia probe report to Attorney General William Barr elosoloco 1 points ago in The_Donald

    I honestly think that sub is more nuts than politics.

    Politics is just business, but they're not making any money of their craziness