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    [–] The Veteran Giffers when a mediocre gif gets gilded elpinko 65 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    You're mistaken, you're there. Script in very well done, scene plays naturally and pacing is good too. I like it.

    [–] Hey, it's April! AMA! elpinko 12 points ago in April_ONeil

    Don't you think it's a travesty that Final Fantasy 8 keeps getting left out for a remake?

    [–] My first few days posting on HQG elpinko 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in HighQualityGifs

    I can't find the gif version of this and my old project drive is currently down but /u/itsokayyoucanlaugh is referring to this part of the HQG Studios Rap God video

    It's a great clip and you made a very nice loop on it, so you've got my doot!