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    [–] Bear rescued from the forest fire won't let go of his hero emotional_jagerbomb 1 points ago in aww

    Just then Momma comes out of the mist and rips him in half with one swipe ...

    [–] Does anyone know of a vendor in Canada that sells 8-stripe “Philadelphia” style pride flags? emotional_jagerbomb 7 points ago in onguardforthee

    I know of flagworks in Calgary. They do custom flags. I would assume that they wouldn't have these in stock, but it's easy enough for them to print one.

    [–] Who are your favorite comics from your local scene ? emotional_jagerbomb 3 points ago in StandUpComedy

    Sam Walker is hilarious. Though he doesn't have much online presence. Only one or two YouTube vids.

    [–] Fighter jets keep flying over the city? emotional_jagerbomb 0 points ago in Calgary

    I just saw that a few minutes ago, myself... Doesn't look like a typical fly-over. It's a single jet and it's going pretty slow. You'd think there would be a bunch in formation or something...

    [–] [Serious] For anyone who just needs to talk to someone, how was your day? emotional_jagerbomb 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Congrats, man! I have 4 kids myself, and I have to tell you- anxiety is super normal. It doesn't matter if your kids call you Butthead... As long as there is love behind it. Treat them all the same and everything will be fine. Whenever people ask me "how do you do it with 4 kids? It must be so hard!" I always reply with "I just do enough not to go to jail for neglect." (Jokingly of course)

    At the end of the day, know that even if the other two don't call you Dad, if you treat them like a Dad, that's good enough. Best of luck with the new baby. Buy a newspaper on Monday to keep for your little one- it's my go to gift for new parents!

    [–] Black on Black emotional_jagerbomb 1 points ago in carporn

    I see black and chrome... Twice.

    [–] Elon Musk didn't just send help to the Thai kids in the cave, he actually went there. He posted this image from inside the cave. emotional_jagerbomb 1 points ago in pics

    Damn... I can't even get a single bar of wifi in the lower level at the mall, and this guy can post pics from INSIDE A CAVE???? My provider has got to step their game up....

    [–] What are your comedy unpopular opinions? emotional_jagerbomb 20 points ago in comedy

    Bill Hicks isn't funny to me. He has some funny points, but overall he is definitely not worth the accolades.