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    [–] Dylan Alcott on Instagram: “After what has been an awesome two years, it’s with a heavy heart to announce that I won’t be returning to @triple_j on a regular basis in…” emptybills 4 points ago in triplej

    I met him at a Client Liaison Fitness Academy session in Melbourne a few months ago. He showed up and toured everyone round the Victorian Institute of Sport facilities and hung out for an hour or so. Nice dude.

    Also saw him in speed dealers at his Ability Fest festival a few months earlier and he was chilling and getting photos with everyone. And just remembered I saw him in the bar at the MCG back in May or so and he was equally as friendly.

    All in all he meets all the requirements of being a solid guy as far as I’m concerned!

    [–] UTA Signs Empire Of The Sun For Representation In All Areas. emptybills 2 points ago in triplej

    Extra FYI for those not aware, Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun also leads PNAU. Seriously talented dude!

    [–] Just some notes for few of my Indian brothers and sisters. emptybills 86 points ago in melbourne

    I’m no expert on the matter so take this with a grain of salt, but from my understanding it could be to do with the ‘Caste’ system in India.

    As far as I know, you are basically born into a class (high, middle, low, etc) and this can often define parts of your life such as career and marriage. Eg. someone born into a higher Caste might never become a waiter/waitress as that would be seen as below them. There can then sometimes be a certain amount of classism towards those that are seen as being of a lower Caste.

    Again this is just what I’ve heard word of mouth and an explanation someone gave me after I received similar treatment whilst working a part-time retail job in the past.

    [–] Wholesome :) emptybills 2 points ago in Flume

    Just quietly I fkn love how hard Harley goes at the end of his sets when he plays Free <3

    [–] Thoughts on who will replace Childish Gambino at Spilt Milk? emptybills 1 points ago in triplej

    I’m actually totally cool with it! I haven’t seen a festival lineup post in the last year that hasn’t had a heap of people demanding Golden Features. And Angus and Julia had some good hottest 100 success last year and are generally likeable and have a good catalogue.

    It’s two artists when we were expecting one and they are talented and popular. A good result in my eyes really!

    [–] Thoughts on who will replace Childish Gambino at Spilt Milk? emptybills 8 points ago in triplej

    I’ll bet you 50 bucks Peking Duk end up playing if you like?

    [–] Thoughts on who will replace Childish Gambino at Spilt Milk? emptybills 12 points ago in triplej

    He is obviously the major drawcard to the event, with the lineup specifically putting him out by himself at the top and then having additional artists below.

    It’s obviously very short notice but they probably have a bit of a budget to work with as he would have been on track for a significant amount of the pool of artists fees.

    I figure they might be able to snag an international artist so it would be interesting to see who that would be. If it was Aussie I’d expect it to be a pretty massive name to keep people happy and someone who’s got touring space.

    I could see Gang of Youths, Amy Shark, Presets or something along those lines jumping on. Or maybe a crowd pleaser like Hilltop Hoods, Ocean Alley or Skeggs etc.


    [–] Interest in track creation and credits (part 1 Skin) emptybills 1 points ago in Flume

    That’s interesting about the Daniel Johns additional vocals on Say It. Any idea which parts of the song he’s adding his voice on?

    I love seeing the tracks that give full mixing credits to Harley. Cool to know that they were good to go straight from his own production to the finished track.

    [–] What do you think of this week's feature album: RÜFÜS DU SOL - SOLACE? emptybills 5 points ago in triplej

    Huge Rufus fan, really like it so far but haven’t had a huge chance to listen to it through a few times.

    I thought bloom was phenomenal and there were 5 or so songs on that album and about 6 Atlas/Single releases before that I absolutely love so it will be interesting to see whether I can get around some of the Solace tracks to the same degree. I like No Place but it’s quite a safe release and Underwater is nice but didn’t blow me away.

    My heart is ready to love again so I’ll take it slow with Solace and see where it takes me

    [–] Small update to download - hotfix to some issues emptybills 7 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Legend! Just took your advice and now it’s only 413mb, thanks man!

    [–] Small update to download - hotfix to some issues emptybills 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Yeah man! Been playing the new map and bp and all but then just got kicked to the start screen and told there was a new update (version 1.81)

    [–] Cycling: Right track can put the dark Doyle years behind us emptybills 11 points ago in melbourne

    I ride in every day from Southbank. It can be pretty hairy, especially during peak hour. I would love to see a little more protection along Flinders, Queen and Elizabeth Streets. I don’t want to be getting in the way of cars just as they don’t want me in their lanes. Unless you’re coming in along Swanston I don’t think there is currently much incentive to get in by bike. Very happy to see that steps are in place to make changes.

    [–] [Serious] What’s a party trick anyone can learn that will impress everyone? emptybills 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Wow that’s cool, I haven’t seen that before! Does the bottle have to be mostly full for it to work?