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    [–] Not really a mod 😂 emptybills 11 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    From memory there is an option when you’re booking that is along the lines of ‘I have young children please don’t give me a super dirty or rude one’.

    [–] You guys wanna hear some german techno? emptybills -1 points ago in triplej

    I’ve got nothing to back this up but maybe Skrillex or Dillon Francis?

    [–] Random Trap Beat Produced by Flume? emptybills 1 points ago in Flume

    Holy shit there is so much going on in this. Yes that is awesome that that is a cool new flume beat (I mean obviously, it’s at his house, you can hear him talk in the background and it’s unmistakably flume production).

    But Holy Shit even more! the possibility of Flume influence on Confidence Man and/or Jungle Giants presses all the right buttons for me! 3 of my absolute favourite artists! Sam Hales is stupidly talented. He writes everything for the Jungle Giants by himself (multiple hottest 100 appearances) and sings and guitars his way through their live act and then shreds on drums for Confidence Man as well. I was fortunate enough to meet him once and he’s an absolute gem of a dude too!

    [–] Fisher or Nicole Millar at Groovin the Moo emptybills 3 points ago in triplej

    Every one of Fisher’s songs was created by someone else, I saw him at Listen Out last year and he just didn’t have control of the crowd. Nicole Millar for sure. But also Crooked Colours or Sofi Tukker are better options too

    [–] Triple J - then vs now emptybills 5 points ago in triplej

    Agree with what you say. But just FYI, Losing It isn’t a homegrown banger, Fisher hasn’t made a single one of his own songs. He has paid for ghost produced songs. Chris lake has made all his tunes. It’s well known and it sucks. Very happy that confidence took out number 1 though :)

    [–] Flume to headline the Sunday at Splendour in the Grass this year? emptybills 11 points ago in Flume

    Correct, and I’m not super super techy, but the google result has the URL as the third result. I’m assuming this means that is what they submitted as their AdWords or whatever?

    Or is it generated from users? Surely not. Either way I’m like 90% convinced we’re going to get a flume headline set Sunday night 👌🏼👌🏼

    [–] “...more to come soon.” emptybills 1 points ago in Flume

    I reckon he’ll release a new single 8am aest Thursday

    [–] Flume will be interviewed on Triple J Breakfast tomorrow morning. emptybills 4 points ago in Flume

    This might sound stupid but the Ben and Liam promo mentioned ‘the world premiere of his new single’. I feel like if he was releasing something off the album it wouldn’t really be a world premiere as they have already been out on Spotify/vinyl etc.

    I might be wrong here but this sounds like we’re actually getting more new music already?? Probably something with a featured vocalist and a more radio-friendly vibe. I could see some action from Sarah Aarons, Dua Lipa, Charlie XCX, Kucka or one of the many other artists he’s teased on his Instagram.


    [–] Triage discussion - Favorite Tracks, First Impressions, Etc emptybills 5 points ago in MethylEthel

    Only had a couple of listens so far but was very impressed. It’s short but it’s sweet and there are some great tunes in there.

    Ruiner is such a jam. It seems they’ve been using it as the opener for their sets for a while now and I feel like it will get a bit of a following so wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a bit of continued jjj playtime after this week.

    [–] I never realised how imposing the Manchester Unity building was til I took a long overdue tour of Melbs. emptybills 1 points ago in melbourne

    Pretty sure I’ve been to the circular windowed room just below. It was my orthodontist a few years ago, unsurprisingly the view is pretty spectacular

    [–] Perfect emptybills 2 points ago in WTF

    That’s a national icon!

    [–] Sorry if asked before, will there be a streamable version of the full hottest 100 soon after airing? emptybills 2 points ago in triplej

    Relistened to the countdown? It was definitely up last year because I planned to get around it but they only leave it up for about 2 weeks from memory?

    [–] Is there someone who currently knows the whole countdown? emptybills 31 points ago in triplej

    Veronica and Lewis mentioned in their show this week that they get handed a manila folder on the day that just has the results for the section they are hosting (i.e. 60-40 or whatever) and that they know nothing more than that. And from my own experience the countdown has never been leaked before the day so that shows they must be doing a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps.

    [–] Sorry if asked before, will there be a streamable version of the full hottest 100 soon after airing? emptybills 8 points ago in triplej

    I don’t think there is a way to do it straight after, but from memory they put the full recorded countdown up as a 4 part podcast sort of thing on the website within a day or two. So that is probably your next best bet if you want the commentary. Otherwise I’m sure someone will be making a Spotify playlist as it happens so that’s a fallback option :)

    [–] GTM lineup predictions? 🐄 emptybills 5 points ago in triplej

    Methyl Ethel, Crooked Colours, Amy shark, Peking Duk, Boo Seeka, Fisher, Client Liaison, Northeast Party House, Rubens, Dune Rats, Golden Features, Bring Me The Horizon, Shannon Noll, DMA’s, San Cisco, Tkay Maidza, Broods, Thundamentals, Nothing But Thieves, Jet, G Flip, Alex the Astronaut, Vance Joy.

    Just a few of my predictions based on who’s played last few years, who’s trending/touring more at the moment etc.

    They have such a knack for getting high polling artists from Hottest 100 either just afterwards or in the year preceding (Rubens in 2016, Tash Sultana, Amy Shark, Pnau and Methyl Ethel in 2017, Dean Lewis and Ocean Alley 2018).

    Also going off the last 3 years they always love to include: - 1 or 2 heavier/metal type bands (Against Me, Architects, Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake) - 1 or 2 US/UK Rappers (Danny Brown, Loyle Carner, DJ Yella, Aminé, K.Flay) - Some throwbacks (The Darkness, Grinspoon, Paul Kelly) - Some rowdy Aussie rockers (Violent Soho, The Smith Street Band, DZ Deathrays) - Some Aussie rap (Drapht, Illy, Remi, L Fresh the Lion, Thundamentals, Allday, Sampa the Great, Baker Boy) - Some housey bangers (Claptone, Flight Facilities, Hayden James, Pnau, Duke Dumont) - Some big trap beats (Dillon Francis, Odesza, What So Not, Slumberjack) - Some serious Aussie up and comers (Didirri, Samsaruh, Mallrat, Alex Lahey, Lanks, Boo Seeka) - Some token crowd-pleasing internationals (The Wombats, Milky Chance, Snakehips, Twenty One Pilots, Portugal. The Man)

    [–] Saw this beauty today emptybills 16 points ago in gaming

    Solid by the looks of it

    [–] What's a dirty secret that everybody in your industry knows about but anyone outside of your line of work would be scandalized to hear? emptybills 7 points ago in AskReddit

    I’ve been on the radio 3 times in Australia. Every time was 100% live and was a little nerve-racking but heaps of fun! I spoke to the presenter while the songs were playing to make sure I was prepared and happy to speak and then they’d chat with me on air and still go pretty ad-lib from what we discussed off air. Always lots of fun!

    [–] Dylan Alcott on Instagram: “After what has been an awesome two years, it’s with a heavy heart to announce that I won’t be returning to @triple_j on a regular basis in…” emptybills 6 points ago in triplej

    I met him at a Client Liaison Fitness Academy session in Melbourne a few months ago. He showed up and toured everyone round the Victorian Institute of Sport facilities and hung out for an hour or so. Nice dude.

    Also saw him in speed dealers at his Ability Fest festival a few months earlier and he was chilling and getting photos with everyone. And just remembered I saw him in the bar at the MCG back in May or so and he was equally as friendly.

    All in all he meets all the requirements of being a solid guy as far as I’m concerned!

    [–] UTA Signs Empire Of The Sun For Representation In All Areas. emptybills 2 points ago in triplej

    Extra FYI for those not aware, Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun also leads PNAU. Seriously talented dude!