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    [–] Reddi Whip can comes with different complexion Santas endmylifefam_ 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I mean it really is just a can of cream lol, nothing interesting about it.

    [–] *bean noise* endmylifefam_ 12 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    This ni🅱️🅱️a ate my 🅱️ E A N S

    [–] since evryone is talking behind my back ask me questions and send proof who u are not just trolling - Lil B endmylifefam_ 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    It still doesn't make it okay...If he's mass messaging girls, then some of the underages are bound to send pictures, and he's potentially posting these pictures.

    [–] It’s going to be a busy week endmylifefam_ 0 points ago in funny

    This picture has been in the oven a few times

    [–] Good he deserves it endmylifefam_ 6 points ago in JusticeServed

    Yes but the cop should not have killed the innocent man...

    Obviously making fake calls like that deserves prison time, but we shouldn't be overlooking the fact that the cop killed an innocent and unarmed person in his own home, with no evidence that he was guilty of anything.

    [–] 3d printers endmylifefam_ 2 points ago in woooosh

    I'm convinced the people that post on this sub are just old people on reddit and facebook that don't understand how the internet works

    [–] Vincent Adultman endmylifefam_ 9 points ago in 2healthbars

    Somewhere on the internet this video has sound, and I need the link.

    [–] Wohhaa .. dude endmylifefam_ 1 points ago in gifs

    Yep I'm glad there's a 4x speed option for videos like this

    [–] Who wore it better? endmylifefam_ 5 points ago in toosoon

    If I understand correctly they stole Jamal's clothes and wore them after they killed him to make it look like he was still alive

    [–] Me_irl endmylifefam_ 0 points ago in me_irl

    i think rifles can still run out of ammo

    [–] me_irl endmylifefam_ 1 points ago in me_irl

    You had me shaking my phone looking like a idiot