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    [–] me irl endmylifefam_ 12 points ago in me_irl

    Haha neat

    [–] This brand new totally empty warehouse/depot endmylifefam_ 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Well I would point it at my head I think the sound would die pretty quickly (I would also die quickly)

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 5 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Stay strong man, some day we'll beat this =)

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 2 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    At least im dead and im no longer a burden to everyone

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 1 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    If I was self-aware that I died, I think that would be the happiest moment in my life

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 2 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Every time 😞

    [–] What are these icons? Android endmylifefam_ 0 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    One looks like iCloud possibly? And the other one looks like missed call.

    Edit: I suppose it could also be a weather app

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 45 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    A photo album of trashy kids I'll never see again

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 10 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Haha yes I hope there's an option to never wake up

    [–] 2meirl4meirl endmylifefam_ 217 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    I think $90 is around the average price, mine costs somewhere over $200