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    [–] Well what do ya know? enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    Yeah those skills are really important lol. I can tell he’ll be exponentially more powerful fully skilled; it’s almost like he’s going to be a completely different unit in a couple weeks lol. I also just did a run to test where he went against right tower > into boss and the run was 3:15, so yeah, almost twice as fast! Lolol

    [–] Well what do ya know? enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    Did you see the stats post? Not skilled up, rare runes. Of course it’s slow lol.

    Edit; also took out both towers instead of going straight for boss, so it took twice as long. Still feels good!

    [–] 20 scrolls no lightning but legendary came through with a Vanessa! Had blessing for less than 5 minutes enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    Haha yeah I’m just joshing ya. Just thought it was funny that every stat was listed :P she definitely is stat hungry tho for sure!

    [–] Well what do ya know? enjoyinc 4 points ago in summonerswar

    Obligatory stats. Not fully skilled (needs 1/1/3 more skill ups for s1/2/3 respectively), and a couple of runes are rares.

    Just showing that you can do this with ritesh without OP stats!

    [–] Well what do ya know? enjoyinc 10 points ago in summonerswar

    Why not?

    [–] Since I'm gonna crit you anyway, I might as well nuke. [ToaH 80 Artamiel] enjoyinc 7 points ago in summonerswar

    This one was definitely the most annoying this rotation. RNG shit show, with Antares, multi revenges, etc lol. Took me a few tries but AOE attack break from lagmaron and aoe glance/slow from Tyron did it for me when it came to revenges (Antares included in this), and Colleen kept attb buff up and shaina Sabrina nuked boss while they were ccd.

    [–] Goddammit com2us plis enjoyinc 2 points ago in summonerswar

    Tyron was MVP of toah for me this rotation. Especially on 80/93. That aoe slow/glance/attb reset.. man. Lol

    [–] ToaH 80 post Antares buff. enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    Tyron L, lagmaron, shaina, Sabrina, Colleen.

    Stage 1 I had to outright quit a few times before I put Colleen in; the trick was to accept that the Antares would always proc out of CC and get a turn so as long as they did, make sure they hit like a wet noodle- Tyron + lagmaron allowed for that. Plus lagmaron +Tyron did an excellent job of keeping the adds on boss stage from moving.

    Wait until 87 (cough cough garo ftw) and 93 tho.. that’s where the real fun begins. Honestly, 80 gave me the most trouble, but lyrith herself was a cake walk once you beat the niche stages.

    [–] Tower of Ascension reset, you can get following rewards from clearing it. enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    I use a lv1 4* garo for zaiross/Akroma stage; +88 spd and then I kill zaiross, click auto, let the whole team die and come back 15 minutes later to a victory by garo. As long as he can turn cycle fast enough he can solo the Akromas ez

    [–] Lazy Susan enjoyinc 1 points ago in gifs

    Man, that is EXACTLY what we do.

    [–] People will always complain. enjoyinc 8 points ago in summonerswar

    All they need to do is halve it’s efficiency in pvp or something to that effect

    [–] Account Giveaway: C1+ Global 30+ Nat 5s, 2 LD Nat 5s enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    Dude I’m ALL for u/Raizel71 getting this account this is simply the best candidate for a gifted account if I’ve ever seen one, that would be one hell of a graduation present for him!!

    [–] Thx frr! :) enjoyinc 2 points ago in summonerswar

    Belita is my bae :) I have her in all my SSS rift teams, I use her in my AO cleave, all dungeons (:46 sec gb10, :52 db10, 1:08 nb10), I literally use her and Sabrina everywhere!

    Kahli (5*): fatal/broken spd +82, att +809, cr 72%, cd 176%

    Shaina: violent/shield spd +75, att +1266, cr 59%, cd 136, 46% accuracy

    Sabrina: Swift/blade spd +64, att +1530, cr 86%, cd 164%

    Verde: violent/revenge spd +65, att +884, cr 100%, cd 98%

    Belita: rage/blade spd +42, att +1458, cr 74%, cd 210%

    Need to improve shaina and kahli for sure; this team succeeds 100% of the time and around :55~1:05, it’s a lot of fun throwing belita into that group. I love her.

    [–] Thx frr! :) enjoyinc 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in summonerswar

    Mine is currently 5* and has 190 spd, 72% cr, 176% cd just runes her fatal/broken to get her to be faster than shaina; I run spd/cd/att and at 5* I get :55~ average runs; she’s way more consistent than my galleon and at 5* is way better. My next 6, I want to keep my runs around :50~ and it’s possible with her at 6

    Edit: my team is (in turn order) : Khali 5*, shaina, Sabrina, verde L, belita. 00:52:33 fastest run. Khali > galleon.

    [–] Going back through my old messages... this was the last time I got a monster from the wish... enjoyinc 2 points ago in summonerswar

    Got water griffin just the other day. First time I’ve ever landed on it; 4 year old account here. Was pretty thrilled (not).

    [–] Sounds about right enjoyinc 1 points ago in funny

    Holy hell I just got lost in the wormhole of those cringe-inducing stories for like two hours

    [–] Today I realised I was once a choosy beggar for expecting so much when looking for a teammate to play a game with and expecting them to be a god. I have reformed since. enjoyinc 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I think this is legit, you’re fine OP. Now, if you had gone onto one of those sites that sell boosting and demanded it for free because your fellow bronzies were holding you back from your rightful place in diamond, and you had a streaming channel where you could promote the boosters work, but only for free of course because exposure pays the rent right..

    Then you’d be an CB. But you’re not, that was a legit request. Lol

    [–] Every TOA enjoyinc 1 points ago in summonerswar

    I have 2 hwadams and a tosi. I’m tempted to build that second hwadam for some super troll AD/GWD fun

    [–] Every TOA enjoyinc 4 points ago in summonerswar

    Not gonna lie, this comment needs more upvotes.