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    [–] Good times 😢 ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in lotr

    Only characters I’d want cast differently are Legolas and Elrond. I want the universe where Bowie got the Elrond part.

    [–] Socialism! ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    There is no relation between your first comment and your reply.

    [–] Socialism! ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    This is a complete non-sequiter.

    [–] Socialism! ennyLffeJ 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    the economics understander has logged on

    [–] Connection to server timed out. ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in apexlegends

    I disabled my antivirus’s firewall while playing. It greatly reduced the issue, but didn’t solve it. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

    [–] Encountered one on reddit - I received platinum a while back and it came with 700 complimentary reddit coins, so I’ve been giving silver to posts/comments that I enjoyed. Apparently it’s not enough. Should’ve probably purchased more RC’s from my money to give them gold MINIMUM. ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    A lot of Redditors are probably exclusively friends with other men. Which means they just don’t realize how to interact with women beyond just awkwardly propositioning every girl that crosses their vision.

    It’s a less extreme version of the incel issue. I guarantee a lot of these guys could be snapped out of it if they had a single female friend who they weren’t trying to pursue.

    [–] What’s the worst lesson someone could learn from a Disney movie? ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah. None of that would’ve happened if she hadn’t felt alienated from her own father.

    [–] Connection to server timed out ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Hey can you go into more detail on your fix? Are you saying to disable the firewall, launch all the apps, run those cmd prompts, and then...presumably re-enable the firewall?

    [–] Billionaire Howard Schultz is very upset you’re calling him a billionaire ennyLffeJ 6 points ago in nottheonion

    I would go so far as to say it is literally impossible to amass a billion dollars without exploiting others.

    [–] Here is why Epic Games Launcher is better than Steam by Omni ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in pcgaming

    I agree with the spirit but I think point 2 is a bad one. Most people who want higher revenue splits, including myself, want that specifically for the sake of indie devs. I don’t care if Ubisoft makes $60 million vs $50 million, but I do care if an indie dev makes $6000 vs $5000.

    [–] HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? ennyLffeJ 4 points ago in lotrmemes

    And it’s ok to do something for the sake of inclusivity. Just don’t do it in a way that feels like total bullshit.

    [–] HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? ennyLffeJ 12 points ago in lotrmemes

    The demographics on that will always be a bit lower than reality, on account of closeted people.

    [–] That smirk infuriates me ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in hittableFaces

    Wonder what kind of dealership his dad owns.