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    [–] Would the townie episodes in Season 3 have gotten more flak if the season had hiatuses? ennyLffeJ 4 points ago in stevenuniverse

    My dislike of New Lars is mostly a me issue. I can’t stand body swap plots in fiction. They make me sweaty and upsetti.

    [–] This Guy Watched Paul Blart 2 Synced With Dark Side Of The Moon ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in pinkfloyd

    Of their last 12 videos, I’d say at least 10 are quality content.

    [–] This Guy Watched Paul Blart 2 Synced With Dark Side Of The Moon ennyLffeJ 1 points ago in pinkfloyd

    “Clusterfuck channels inside a shitpile” is pretty rude to just a group of people playing video games. The two of them have been Polygon employees since it was founded.

    [–] This Guy Watched Paul Blart 2 Synced With Dark Side Of The Moon ennyLffeJ 2 points ago in pinkfloyd

    Here’s one of his more popular videos. He also does a lot of podcasts and other video game stuff.

    [–] Would the townie episodes in Season 3 have gotten more flak if the season had hiatuses? ennyLffeJ 11 points ago in stevenuniverse

    As someone who started watching recently and caught up basically right before Stranded aired, I can support this. I only actually disliked 2 episodes out of the entire series.

    [–] Stargazing in space ennyLffeJ 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    gee maybe you wouldnt be so lonely if you hadnt abandoned my daughter

    [–] Just found out that the crystal gems theme song and radiohead's creep have the same chord progression... ennyLffeJ 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    It matches Space Oddity starting at the *This is ground control...” part. It also matches up with the pre-chorus to Tightrope by ELO. It’s a lovely little progression that subverts functional harmony in three ways - one by using an E major (or V/vi) which is not in the key of C major, one by, instead of resolving the E to the A minor (vi) like it “should”(you can hear progressions like that in the choruses of Boulevard of Broken Dreams or Hooked on a Feeling, or the end of the verse in Nothing Else Matters, or even in the ringtone from S2E1 of this show) it resolves to the F major (IV), and one by instead of the F doing what it usually does and going to something like a G major (V) it changes one note by a half step and becomes an F minor (iv). Basically every chord in this progression is an unexpected development from the last one.

    This has been my overly long music theory analysis of a cartoon’s theme song. No, I won’t use line breaks.

    [–] Combination of the quadrants on Maryland's flag ennyLffeJ 12 points ago in vexillology

    I think about half of those redesigns are good. Pennsylvania and Arkansas especially.

    [–] People are so desperate to be victims ennyLffeJ 32 points ago in quityourbullshit

    They just say that so that they look competent either way.

    [–] People are so desperate to be victims ennyLffeJ 42 points ago in quityourbullshit

    What /pol/ wants isn’t a reaction. What /pol/ wants is for more people to become racists like them, and they just pull the “I was only pretending to be an idiot” thing when they get caught.

    [–] People are so desperate to be victims ennyLffeJ 17 points ago in quityourbullshit

    Because they’re racist extremists, and they want to convert everyday moderates into more extremists.

    [–] North Carolina mom sentenced to jail for baptizing her own daughter | 10 days for being in contempt of court after judge gave father full custody including "the final-say on decisions concerning religion" ennyLffeJ 7 points ago in savedyouaclick

    The judge does not have the authority to issue an order regarding religion. The order was an abuse of his authority. The mom was under no obligation to follow an illicit order. She she should sue for the violation of her civil rights…first by the issuance of an illicit order and second for the subsequent incarceration.

    As a Catholic mother, it was her obligation to have the child baptized, in secret or in the open. I’d walk through fire to see my children soul’s properly cared for. It’s not about who was in attendance and if the father was not present, that’s unfortunate, but ultimately his child was made a child of God. That is the greatest good for the child. Love is willing the greatest good for that other. If he loves his child, then he should be over joyed, whether present or not.

    What is occurring between the father and mother, both of whom are Catholic, is what is problematic.

    Why are they not married? Who is giving spiritual guidance to this fractured family? That is the real issue. This child has a right to both mother and father. By cooperating in the creation of a human being…with an eternal soul…they consent to that responsibility.

    People need to stop taking the act of creating a human being so lightly.

    If you are unwilling to bind yourself for all eternity with the other person, or at least through this life in marriage, do not consummate a relationship. This is just the begining of a life filled with hardships for this child, if these two adults don’t stop behaving like children.

    They need to seek good spiritual direction, if they aren’t already.


    [–] Enjoy ennyLffeJ 15 points ago in stevenuniverse


    [–] Mueller indictment includes evidence of Russian pro-Bernie anti-Clinton agitprop. Our disunity is their goal. Let's not take the bait and not regress into 2016 refighting over this. ennyLffeJ 78 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    Bernie supporters I know in real life: “I think Clinton is emblematic of a lot of the problems with our political system, but I would still vote for her as she’s the closest to my personal politics.”

    Bernie supporters online: LIGHT THE BITCH ON FIRE

    [–] I honestly don’t know how I fell about this ennyLffeJ 4 points ago in ofcoursethatsathing

    Take it to the bank, boys! This one’s just like Bart!

    (Shamelessly plugging my dead subreddit /r/unexpectedmcelroys)