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    [–] WIBTA if I told the owner of the dog I was sitting, killed two of my pet bunnies? epicazeroth 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    That heavily depends on what kind of dog it is. Most dog breeds are not bred to be predators, and lots of people have dogs along with smaller "prey" animals. There's no reason OP should have assumed the dog would try to kill them.

    [–] AITA for thinking my trans friend should be called by her new name? epicazeroth 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH. You thought you were standing up for your friend, but if she doesn't want to correct people you can't make her. If you start correcting people when she doesn't want you to then you would be the asshole, with the possible exception of someone doing it on purpose to make her feel bad.

    [–] WIBTA for wearing mildly expensive headphones, in a school with a large amount of low income students? epicazeroth 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH, but this isn't really an asshole situation. If wearing expensive stuff will make you feel uncomfortable, don't wear it. If it won't make you feel comfortable, go ahead and wear it.

    [–] ea bad epicazeroth 1 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    This... isn't wrong though? Maybe killing whales is a bit much, but it is true that whales are both bad for the gaming industry and often addicted to the slot machines games they play.

    [–] CMV: there's nothing wrong with being transphobic as long as you're not being hateful. epicazeroth 1 points ago in changemyview

    So to be honest, I'm not actually sure what you're arguing. Your argument doesn't seem to match up with your title in any meaningful way, and in some cases seems to actually contradict it.

    Things that come with "cis" couples such as hearing stories about them growing up, reminiscing with baby photos, reliving your blunder years etc, you're just always reminded that that person was born what they were born.

    Sorry, what are you trying to say here? What relevance does this have to whether or not transphobia is acceptable?

    Also, personally I think surgery doesn't change anything at all, I'm aware that there are studies that show surgery can make trans people "cis" but I just don't believe it.

    I mean, that's just clearly not true. GCS does change something – it changes what genitals you have, and makes you infertile. I'm also curious about these studies. In what way does surgery "make trans people cis"? And if there is empirical evidence that this is the case, on what grounds do you reject this evidence?

    To me, trans people and cis people will never be the same regardless of surgery and hormones.

    This is a pretty big strawman. Virtually nobody argues that trans people and cis people are literally identical – if they were, there wouldn't be different words for it. Given that, I wonder what the point is of making this argument. It seems that the only thing it accomplishes it to make trans people feel worse about themselves over an otherwise unimportant difference. That seems, if not hateful, at least very mean-spirited.

    I don't sympathize with trans people like I do with black or gay people, there problems seem, almost comical in comparison. (I know that's harsh).

    Again, what does this mean? This isn't really a view, it's just pure emotion; you're saying you just don't assign as much importance to trans people and their struggles as to other minorities. You say you recognize this is harsh, and it is – it indicates a lack of empathy with regard to trans people. Like in the last paragraph, while a lack of empathy isn't actively hateful, it does have a very similar effect in that it leads to a disregard for the experiences and well-being of the group in question. So if this lack of empathy leads to or has the potential to lead to actual harm for trans people, how can you say there's nothing wrong with it?

    [–] Is spez a nazi? Are powermods responsible for the incel nazi reddit invasion? /r/TrueReddit discusses. epicazeroth 1 points ago in SubredditDrama

    There's no direct evidence. As far as I can tell Huffman hasn't made any public statements about his politics, but I would wager that's because he doesn't want to give the impression of blatant favoritism as much as anything else.

    The idea that Huffman is a Trump supporter comes from his repeated refusal to take any action against t_d, despite taking action against other subs for the same (in some cases lesser) offenses. The only explanation for this is that he has some bias towards t_d (and thus towards Trump), or he's just so afraid of the backlash he doesn't want to do anything. What's very clear though is that he's an enabler of Trump's rhetoric and supporters, which to most anti-Trump people is at least as bad.

    [–] May have been posted before epicazeroth 3 points ago in Sekiro

    The Dragon has 4 toes doesn’t it? IIRC that’s usually associated with Korean dragons.

    [–] r/Cringetopia bans all users who have posted in or are subscribed to r/CringeAnarchy epicazeroth 20 points ago in SubredditDrama

    The term “Jewish Question” predates WW2. That’s why the Holocaust was called the Final Solution.

    [–] Spider-Man Homecoming and Ant-Man and the Wasp did diverse casting exactly right. epicazeroth 6 points ago in marvelstudios

    Why does it matter that they have white dads? Black people with black dads aren’t good casting?

    [–] Every Red Carpet Premiere in a nutshell epicazeroth 4 points ago in marvelstudios

    It’s been 20 years since her solo movie, she should be different.

    [–] AITA if I keep watching a TV show that’s very triggering/traumatic to a roommate? epicazeroth -31 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Ah yes, dismissing mental health problems. How quaint. Newsflash, just because somebody was mean to you doesn’t make you more correct.

    I’m not saying OP’s roommate is right. I’m saying OP is wrong. At best they’re both assholes; personally I’m leaning towards that as of now.

    [–] AITA if I keep watching a TV show that’s very triggering/traumatic to a roommate? epicazeroth 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I can read, I just didn’t read that because it’s not in the OP. If that’s the case then maybe the roommate is being irrational, but if panic attacks were rational they wouldn’t exist.

    [–] But sure, go ahead and tell me I just "haven't had the right dick yet" 😂 epicazeroth 18 points ago in actuallesbians

    Sorry, meant straight women and bi women. It doesn’t make a lot of sense either way, unless bi women are having insignificant amounts of sex with women.

    [–] AITA if I keep watching a TV show that’s very triggering/traumatic to a roommate? epicazeroth -7 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in AmItheAsshole

    Blocking the TV sounds super ineffective. And OP didn’t wear headphones. She offered the roommate her headphones, so that the roommate has to Vance her own hearing so OP can watch a show.

    Anyway, goodbye. Everyone in this thread is an awful person.

    [–] AITA if I keep watching a TV show that’s very triggering/traumatic to a roommate? epicazeroth -10 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    She’s clearly not, since even OP says she’s very polite about it. Obviously she has to check, otherwise how will she know whether it’s safe to walk around her house?

    [–] AITA if I keep watching a TV show that’s very triggering/traumatic to a roommate? epicazeroth -11 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in AmItheAsshole

    A panic attack is literally a medical condition, asshole. Fuck you.

    And saying that everyone has been through legitimate psychological trauma is just a lie. Take your shitty harmful views on mental illness back to the 1800d where they belong.