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    [–] This is why you don't demand the painters paint your welding helmet for you. ericpol3 3 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    I’ve been meaning to watch that video! Assuming you’re not just memeing I’m pleasantly surprised to find another ContraPoints fan in this sub lol

    [–] HOW!!? ericpol3 1 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    Don’t you mean NGAHHH!!

    [–] Heterochromia Moo (MJK) ericpol3 0 points ago in TheDairyFarm

    I love Heterochromia

    [–] The nerve of these women ericpol3 2 points ago in niceguys

    Lmao read this in SorrowTV’s voice

    [–] AwooooO~~~ ericpol3 2 points ago in awoo

    5 6 7 0 9

    [–] 90% of this stream ericpol3 10 points ago in Destiny

    So good

    [–] Genius. ericpol3 80 points ago in Destiny

    I can hear this