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    [–] Why do So many Countries either love or hate the USA eriwinsto 3 points ago in AskACountry

    To the first point: Canada is a member of NATO and the Western Alliance more broadly, and it has deployed troops in pursuit of NATO goals. It has benefitted from the United States military action abroad. Out of curiosity, do you feel like Canada is less guilty because it’s a militarily weaker state merely bound to Western (and thus US) foreign policy objectives, with little foreign policy agency of its own?

    [–] me irl eriwinsto 3 points ago in me_irl

    “It’s the Help America Vote Act. Can I register you to vote?”

    [–] “And Twins” sound drop eriwinsto 6 points ago in AroundTheNFL

    I feel like I missed the episode where they introduced the gag and I’m just lost, but I love it

    [–] Would you? eriwinsto 1 points ago in ihadastroke

    🤔 is right.

    [–] Houston Chronicle editorial board endorses Beto O'Rourke for U.S. Senate eriwinsto 9 points ago in houston

    I agree. We need to participate in international trade, and we have to stand up against white nationalism.

    [–] Drumming help eriwinsto 2 points ago in drums

    I also ask myself this question a lot, and practice is great, but I’d hate to practice and learn something wrong. I’m self-taught (and still pretty terrible tbh) and I’m re-learning a lot of technique stuff I wish I’d asked questions about.

    Something that’s stuck with me: Perfect practice makes perfect.

    [–] Printing on fabric eriwinsto 33 points ago in interestingasfuck

    🎶 When two sets of lines

    are a bit misaligned

    That’s a moire...🎵

    [–] [Highlight] Larry Fitzgerald sacks Kurt Warner pregame eriwinsto 1 points ago in nfl

    He was doing a good job on the radio for WestwoodOne, the national NFL radio network, last I checked.

    [–] Wind turbines powered by passing traffic. eriwinsto 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I had this exact idea in middle school. Guess I should’ve run with it.

    [–] 2 spooky eriwinsto 7 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I wonder if he knew it was Halloween that year 🤔

    [–] The greatest season is almost here eriwinsto 31 points ago in skiing

    Yeah, that’s wild—why would they change “Snowman Nursery” to “Breeding Farm”? And they left the author’s name in... I just don’t get it.

    [–] Celtics Fan from my school eriwinsto 2 points ago in sports

    The magic of radio waves. Each one has a tiny radio frequency receiver that receives instructions from a master transmitter.

    [–] Celtics Fan from my school eriwinsto 1 points ago in sports

    That’s a dead link for me, at least on mobile.

    [–] Bruce Willis film 'Air Strike' canceled after co-star Fan Bingbing disappears eriwinsto 6 points ago in movies

    In your opinion, what is the Western press getting wrong about this story? Is this viewed as a legitimate prosecution in China? On the one hand, tax evasion is a real crime, but on the other, it’s an easy one for a government to fabricate, so I have no idea what to believe.

    [–] OMW home on 59 eriwinsto 4 points ago in houston

    Under-ride guards are required in America, but they’re not as strong as those in Canada (and probably Europe as well).

    [–] Subreddit Lock of the Week (Week7) eriwinsto 0 points ago in AroundTheNFL

    Texans are facing the Jags on the road this week, who got destroyed by Dallas last week but have otherwise been pretty alright (IIRC). It’s a division game, and really a prove-it game for the Texans, who beat Dallas two weeks ago so I’m LOCKING ‘EM UP (personally).

    [–] Subreddit Lock of the Week (Week7) eriwinsto 4 points ago in AroundTheNFL

    If there’s one thing Reddit is great at, it’s running a joke into the ground