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    [–] HMB while I try to throw my can off of a cliff eriwinsto 1 points ago in holdmybeer

    Looks to me a lot like Canyonlands NP or some other place in southern Utah. It's a shame people litter in these beautiful and sacred places.

    [–] What a great idea eriwinsto 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I want the full text of that law, hehe. That’d be an interesting read, maybe substantially more interesting than the movies themselves.

    [–] What a great idea eriwinsto 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in iamverysmart

    Here’s my argument: if the operative statement is “nothing is illegal,” there would be nothing preventing government from continuing to operate, and “nothing is illegal” means, to me, that the guardrails on government’s authority would be suspended (“nothing is unconstitutional”). There would be no laws to enforce, but law enforcement would still be armed to the teeth and unrestrained.

    I’ve never seen any of the Purge movies, but that’s how it was framed in the tweet. (Also, this is all hypothetical, and it’s more fun to make up the rules as you go along)

    Edit: the tweet says “everything is legal” (ugh, on mobile you can’t see OP when you write a comment...) but I don’t think there’s a substantial difference between that and “nothing is illegal.” The point I’m getting at is that we have a LOT of laws limiting the state’s power, and if those went away, it’d be an interesting situation.

    [–] What a great idea eriwinsto 2 points ago in iamverysmart

    The laws could be permanent, since there's no law saying they can't be. I'm no lawyer (certainly no legislator), but maybe something like "this act shall remain in effect in perpetuity and cannot be revoked by statute, judgment, constitutional amendment, or any other action."

    I doubt anyone would abide by a clause like that post-purge, though, assuming all the institutions that protect us survive the purge. That's a big assumption, though: it's difficult to imagine a better time for a coup than the purge, and the person seizing power could certainly shred the Constitution. That's a scenario in which I could see laws passed during the purge surviving.

    [–] What a great idea eriwinsto 44 points ago in iamverysmart

    Here's the real secret: submit every permit you think you'd ever need ahead of the purge, and ask that they be processed during the purge. That way, even after the purge, you've got valid permits to do basically whatever afterwards. Big business would love the purge--they could get all their environmental, occupancy, whatever kinds of permits they need and then operate in violation of the law (but with a permit) for decades after the purge. And with all corruption laws suspended, people could bribe the permitting office with wild abandon.

    The kicker, though: without law, there would be no funding for any government agency, so no one would show up to work. Wait, no. Everything is legal (not "there are no laws"), so every agency would have... unlimited funding and zero constitutional limitations? Could states pass abortion or gun bans? Bar free speech? Could the state just go around killing people, since the Constitution is suspended? Could states use WMDs with no consequences? This is a fun game. With ethics laws suspended, we could appoint lobbyists to every regulatory body and give them lifetime terms.

    Coming soon: The Purge: Regulatory Capture.

    [–] Arrested Development Season 5 and remixed Season 4 coming to Netflix soon eriwinsto 71 points ago in television

    I'm glad they moved this one to Active Development from Not Going Forward Development

    [–] What was the "removing the headphone jack" of another industry? eriwinsto 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Some photographers prefer CF to SD cards for exactly the reasons you describe (plus, they're harder to lose).

    [–] What was the "removing the headphone jack" of another industry? eriwinsto 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Let's see what they have to say on Gill v. Whitford before we say things like that, haha

    [–] France seizes from man who’s had it since ‘94, so he sues eriwinsto 1 points ago in technology

    My state senator's office has called me back before. It's not like it does /nothing/.

    [–] Kanye releases album cover eriwinsto 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    Idk, I think most of the Yes fan base is middle-aged white men who miss classic rock

    [–] Trump: If Dems win in 2018 midterms, they'll impeach me eriwinsto 1 points ago in politics

    Pelosi said exactly this, per the article. (Well, not exactly, but close.)

    [–] North Korea drops withdrawal of U.S. forces as condition of denuclearization, South Korea's Moon says. eriwinsto 2 points ago in worldnews

    I like this analysis. Maybe China sees an unpredictable actor in the White House, too, and that could be increasing the risk of war beyond what China finds acceptable.

    [–] Firestone $49.99 Full Synthetic through May 7, 2018 (if they ask, say it was emailed to you) eriwinsto 1 points ago in uberdrivers

    In Houston, Take 5 is doing 50% off. Brought in a spare quart and filter I had lying around and got out for like $35 for full synthetic. By the way, it's the wildest thing--it's a drive-thru place, so you stay comfortable in your car while they change your oil in ~15 minutes. Best experience I've had.

    [–] Someone got 5 stars in GTA this morning. eriwinsto 1 points ago in houston

    In a city constantly at risk for flooding, it helps to have massive high-clearance vehicles.

    [–] Not sure if this is cool or terrifying --> Would you ride? METRO to start driverless bus pilot program eriwinsto 2 points ago in houston

    Doesn't even have to be that complex--MetroRail uses proof-of-payment (you buy a ticket beforehand at a kiosk) and has roving fare inspectors for enforcement.

    [–] Not sure if this is cool or terrifying --> Would you ride? METRO to start driverless bus pilot program eriwinsto 1 points ago in houston

    Boom shaka laka, problem solved. That's a great idea. Moving to proof-of-payment with roving fare inspectors (a la MetroRail) has the potential to speed up boarding considerably on its own, too.

    [–] Not sure if this is cool or terrifying --> Would you ride? METRO to start driverless bus pilot program eriwinsto 1 points ago in houston

    The Galleria/Uptown BRT is actually going to be using just that, I think! We'll see how that goes! Exciting things happening in Houston transit.

    [–] Not sure if this is cool or terrifying --> Would you ride? METRO to start driverless bus pilot program eriwinsto 4 points ago in houston

    I spoke with a METRO board member today, and one of the things he mentioned in our discussion of commuter buses was the possibility of using those single-lane reversible HOVs (20 feet wide) to accomodate 2 opposing self-driving bus lanes (buses are 8 feet wide). Wouldn't work with humans behind the wheel, but it's a possibility if the buses are more or less on rails.