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    [–] Chris Pratt Says 'Jurassic World 2' Is Scarier & Unexpected erkdaclerk 1 points ago in movies

    That would have been a much more fitting ending for her plot, very in character for Claire.

    [–] Zesty Lime Chicken And Black Bean Rice erkdaclerk 1 points ago in GifRecipes

    Funny, I've uses sazon for years and actually never looked up what's in it...

    [–] Zesty Lime Chicken And Black Bean Rice erkdaclerk 3 points ago in GifRecipes

    My family's Puerto Rican and we put adobo on everything, it's great. You mix adobo, sazon and recaito into some meat and that shit is amazing no matter what. Very salty, though.

    [–] Our little terrorist export, the coquí erkdaclerk 5 points ago in PuertoRico

    I never thought they were that loud...

    [–] Necrophile cats erkdaclerk 2 points ago in Natureisbrutal

    You haven't seen horny cats. The neck biting, the arched back, those cats want to bone.

    [–] Duck unable to get away from an alligator snapping turtle erkdaclerk 2 points ago in natureismetal

    Yeah ignore me, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm definitely not a turtle expert haha

    [–] Birthday surprise erkdaclerk 2 points ago in videos

    I'm friends with Tyler, the sleeping actor basically rehearsed the shit out of the hand motions with his eyes closed to sink up the typing with the video of everything on the computer.

    [–] Meat served on a Barbie doll (x-post from r/food) erkdaclerk 2 points ago in WeWantPlates

    There's a plate on the breakfast shovel post too. I think it's more about what the food is being served on, which in this case is primarily the Barbie doll.

    [–] I'm a script reader with some free time so I thought we could discuss feedback. erkdaclerk 1 points ago in Screenwriting

    "There's something missing"

    This is about a short film, three our four pages tops. They seemed to enjoy the concept and script, but just weren't satisfied for some reason they couldn't put into words.

    [–] The fact that CNN is pushing for WAR in Syria.. and the Overthrow of Assad.. PROVES that we should NOT fucking act . erkdaclerk 3 points ago in conspiracy

    I get that CNN has collided with the DNC in past, but why do they seem to get more hate than Fox? They are remarkably similar in the way they are run, both have their fingers and cover up their crimes (just look at the O'Reilly situation right now). Like I said, not defending CNN just confused as to why they are viewed as "more dangerous" on this sub.

    [–] [Rogue One] Project Black Saber is what made the Knights of Ren so powerful erkdaclerk -1 points ago in FanTheories

    Apparently there is already a lot of lore about the Dark Saber, which all sounds kinda... Lame. Before Rogue One, I had a concept for a "Dark Saber" that I think is more interesting than some of the suggestions in this thread. I thought it would the antithesis of a lightsaber, something a blade made of dark matter instead of light that can absorb all lasers including lightsabers, like a black hole.

    [–] Tom Perez asks all DNC staffers for resignation erkdaclerk 8 points ago in DNCleaks

    Whoever edited this piece is terrible, so many errors.