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    [–] Trump Indicates Tape Tweet Was Meant to Affect Comey Testimony erkdaclerk 11 points ago in politics

    What a fascinating read, it gives me hope that his incompetence may be enough to take him down.

    [–] Here's the segment that John Oliver is being sued for. erkdaclerk 8 points ago in PoliticalVideo

    He did a piece on coal companies, and the CEO of one of the companies is notoriously litigious when it comes to people talking about him and his company. Oliver played with that idea, knowing that he was most likely going to be sued for covering the topic regardless.

    Basically the guy is claiming slander, I presume.

    [–] Ron Howard Steps In to Direct Han Solo Movie erkdaclerk 3 points ago in StarWars

    That's what we thought about Rogue One, but it turned out the reshoots made things even darker if anything. The rumors are that Lord and Miller disrespected Kasdans script and tried to make Han a more comedic character than was intended. This makes me feel like we're going to get less of a buddy comedy, and more of a smugglers origin. Who knows though, it's all speculation!

    [–] FREE INSTALLATIONS. That escalated quickly... erkdaclerk 2 points ago in videos

    I actually don't know, but I'm guessing it's a Bona? Either way, I'm kind of worried about your intentions...

    [–] Can't Stop. Won't Stop. erkdaclerk 5 points ago in videos

    That's actually why it's "inspired" by true events. The reality was much more gruesome and much more liquid...

    [–] FREE INSTALLATIONS. That escalated quickly... erkdaclerk 3 points ago in videos

    Hey, this is one of ours! We actually just released a new video today, check it out if you're looking for more of our stuff.

    [–] Can't Stop. Won't Stop. erkdaclerk 2 points ago in videos

    Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully more videos soon!

    [–] Can't Stop. Won't Stop. erkdaclerk 3 points ago in videos

    It is! Do you know her?

    [–] U.S. student freed from North Korea has severe brain injury erkdaclerk 62 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah he was caught stealing according to North Korea. I don't exactly trust them, especially when they return the kid braindead and said it was because of a sleeping pill...

    [–] Serbia president names Ana Brnabic its first openly gay and first female prime minister erkdaclerk 3 points ago in worldnews

    It's also a signal that the country may be moving toward more liberal policies, although it's no guarantee.

    [–] This mouse head getting eaten by ants erkdaclerk 7 points ago in natureismetal

    I bet a cat or something got the rest.