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    [–] The world is ready for cosmic horror. Someone please properly adapt The Complete Works of H.P Lovecraft as an anthology series erwinmurry -8 points ago in television


    No, not now nor ever will a “proper” adaptation come out. His books are meant to remain just that, the screen would make the horror something fathomable or real. The best way to enjoy his work is in the written form or one that allows the mind to make up most of the horror.

    His work is kinda overrated and might need to just get dusty.

    [–] Angel of Time, Me, Digital, 2019 erwinmurry 1 points ago in Art

    AYYYY PETE!!! Ringling says hi

    [–] DEFINITELY do not erwinmurry 14 points ago in dontputyourdickinthat

    No, that hoe be thicc boi Taft

    [–] Praxis erwinmurry 22 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    The same dead asshole who said women aren’t funny? Who’s laughing now? Dead idiot. I am

    [–] "no" erwinmurry 5 points ago in suspiciousquotes

    Wow, someone picked Baskin-Robbins 32nd flavor:

    Transphobic Tiramisu

    With some cis scum sprinkles

    [–] "no" erwinmurry 19 points ago in suspiciousquotes

    At least they trans tho, cute logo trans ice cream, just like Bill bye wanted.

    [–] Petition to make the arrows switch controllers erwinmurry 43 points ago in entitledparentsmemes


    [–] Request: Purging anorexia will it ever leave? erwinmurry 1 points ago in EatingDisorders

    Cutting down reminded me how healthy living was better for me than the urge to purge. Remember relapses aren’t failure, even if it happens you can still get back on the wagon!

    [–] FORKNIFE BAD erwinmurry 3 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    Population... us

    [–] We regret to inform you that the milkshake is canceled erwinmurry 17 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    I have been part of this sub for like 3 months. And only now have I realized why fate led me here, for this reference. Thank you.

    [–] Someone's ticklish! erwinmurry 25 points ago in aww

    OMIGOD!!!! I thought I was alone in this sentiment, any cute animals just give me the primal urge to cram their head in my mouth