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    [–] Soda's soda ethey16 2 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Greek put a cheeto in the coke can.

    [–] Greek was here. ethey16 1 points ago in Greekgodx

    All joking aside, at least Greek is working out and trying to lose weight.

    [–] Vanquish up for GWG! ethey16 3 points ago in xboxone

    Anyone else's game not opening?

    [–] Deleted Instagram story. AA meeting? ethey16 19 points ago in LiaMarieJohnson

    Not really that anonymous on Instagram lol. Guessing that's why she deleted it.

    [–] New Preview Beta 1805 System Update – 5/8/18 ethey16 2 points ago in xboxone

    It only works with the xbox one s and xbox one x.

    [–] Best gaming headset for value ethey16 2 points ago in xboxone

    I have the hyper Alphas and they're the best headset I've ever own. They are 100 bucks, but they were so worth the price.

    [–] (Giveaway: AC Unity) Tell me your worst gaming memory! ethey16 1 points ago in xboxone

    On my 360 back in the day, was trying to get to level 50 on skyrim for the achievement. The hard drive becomes corrupted and end up having to wipe everything on the hard drive. Ended up playing through skyrim again got to level 49 and ended up corrupted again..

    [–] BITCOIN VS BITCOIN - Google Trends Show ethey16 5 points ago in funhaus

    I would so buy the shirt, run it straight to Burnie. Lol

    [–] OpenHaus Submission Thread #153 ethey16 1 points ago in funhaus

    If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

    [–] Is there an option like "Appear offline except to..."? ethey16 2 points ago in xboxone

    A do not disturb is coming to the insider program.

    [–] Teredo Ip? ethey16 1 points ago in xboxone

    Have you tried testing your nat type on the xbox?

    [–] The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates ethey16 7 points ago in doctorwho

    Get over yourself mate.

    [–] I'm so into her ethey16 4 points ago in ArianaGrande

    Calm down bud..