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    [–] Hello there etrickyy 7 points ago in PrequelMemes

    op is a fucking reposter

    [–] Just watched Justice League Vs the Fatal Five... etrickyy 11 points ago in DCuniverse

    I loved the movie as well. Only complaint was that they forgot about supergirl being in the future with them

    [–] Finally i can post something etrickyy 1 points ago in dankmemes

    One way is to post the blank template on imgur and reply to him with the link

    [–] Halo Infinite Will Not Have Battle Royal says Dev etrickyy 10 points ago in pcgaming

    I don't think they have announced it, but you can play halo 5 custom games on pc with halo 5 forge so it is possible that they might bring it soon

    [–] Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any browser etrickyy 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    it's funny because 4k 60fps videos drop frames on chrome, but not edge even though its slowed down.

    [–] Update for Galaxy Buds Available etrickyy 1 points ago in galaxys10

    only if fedex didnt steal mine

    [–] Feel old yet? etrickyy 3 points ago in teenagers

    If you were sorry, you would delete it.

    [–] Been a fanboy since 2012 etrickyy 1 points ago in galaxys10

    i went from s2 to s6 edge to s10

    [–] Fedex... Why .. etrickyy 1 points ago in galaxys10

    this happened to me as well. I was supposed to recieve the buds on april 1st. However I check on the first and it says the package was delivered on march 30th at 3:20pm. At first I thought the package was stolen from my door so I checked the cameras only to find no fedex truck even came to my street from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. I contacted fedex who told me they would investigate and the driver then said he delivered it to a white house with a black fence. My house is white and blue with a brown fence. I tell them this and they tell me to just contact samsung. Samsung told me they would email me in 5 business days after chatting and nothing has come. I asked again after 5 business days and they told me my case has been escalated and to wait. It's been almost 8 business days now. Fucking ridiculous.

    [–] Sprint S10+ update, includes improvement to LTE and April security patch. etrickyy 1 points ago in galaxys10

    i cant use the phone without disabling band 41. Try it yourself, at least you will then be able to use the phone

    [–] [Episode Discussion] S01E09 "Jane Patrol" etrickyy 1 points ago in DCDoomPatrol

    the little girl in the room was actually kay and not a memory? She said bye as Jane left

    [–] [Episode Discussion] S01E09 "Jane Patrol" etrickyy 17 points ago in DCDoomPatrol

    I have a question. So was miranda completely destroyed? And were all the dead bodies at her station other personalities who went to the well?

    [–] After watching the IX trailer etrickyy 2 points ago in batman

    If they ever made a batman beyond, he probably could play an old joker and kevin conroy could play an old bruce

    [–] Should cross-play be permanent in Gears 5? etrickyy 2 points ago in GearsOfWar

    According to my knowledge mkb players are going to be grouped eith pc players. So if you turn off cross play in xbox settings you don't get matched eith then and they only get matched with pc players. This was supposed to be the original plan when the announced mkb for xbox so I don't know if plans have changed.