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    [–] Drunk driver crash this morning in Temecula. NSFL evilcelery 1 points ago in videos

    The same way cannon balls work. Weight + speed = lots of damage. He ran right through the cab and overtop that Nissan and it barely slowed him down. I wonder if he ever even hit the brakes before he ran into the barrier.

    [–] Student gave me a baby chicken saying he couldn't keep it. Is this even a chicken? evilcelery 4 points ago in whatsthisbird

    They're in the same family and look very similar as juveniles. But a standard juvenile coturnix looks a little different in the feather pattern, and the white fringing is smaller and less pronounced. The wing/feather shape also looks different, but upon first glance that's really not noticeable.

    That said, coturnix are a domestic bird, and there are tons of oddball patterns that pop up, and various color morphs, so I see why people would initially be confused because most people are much more familiar with coturnix quail than grouse. And honestly...what's the likelihood a student brings in a "chicken" that ends up being a grouse over a regular old quail? lol

    [–] Student gave me a baby chicken saying he couldn't keep it. Is this even a chicken? evilcelery 4 points ago in whatsthisbird

    It may be illegal to possess altogether, or release, without a game bird license. It's also unethical, because as mentioned you could introduce disease into the wild population. Game birds raised for wild release are generally kept a certain way and monitored for health, and you have no idea where this one came from or what conditions it was raised in; whether it was kept with domestic livestock.

    So rather than keeping it and releasing it you should be calling your department of natural resources or a wildlife rehabilitation place (they'll know the laws and who to contact, and may be able to take the bird).

    [–] I just got negged by a co-worker evilcelery 10 points ago in keto

    I remember when I was a kid in the 80s/early 90s my parents were considered kind of chubby, and looking back at photos they look fit compared to the average person nowadays. It's crazy. My dad looks super skinny in photos of him as a teen but he said he was just considered average at the time (60s). Same with my mom in the 70s as a teen; she looks really skinny but everyone in the photos around her look about the same. Her sister was called chubby and still looks pretty damn small in their old photos.

    [–] My sons first catch evilcelery 1 points ago in Fishing

    And sometimes not all the way depending on region. We have some here in our clear ozark rivers that keep very visible reddish bands into adulthood, especially right after they've shed. The ones in the swampy areas tend to be very dark.

    [–] My sons first catch evilcelery 2 points ago in Fishing

    They won't hold on forever, so just hold it up until they fall off if you're uncomfortable touching it or not sure if it's venomous.

    I'd try to avoid cutting the line since the poor snake may eat the fish hook and all at that point.

    [–] My sons first catch evilcelery 5 points ago in Fishing

    It's called musk, and yes it's a defense. Much more pungent in some species than others. It's expelled along with feces/urine, but that's not really what's producing the smell (well, not most of it). It's a mix of chemicals from a gland within their cloaca.

    [–] I love my city...never change Chicago evilcelery 1 points ago in funny

    Look at dive lights. Generally just have either a button or slider with none of the flashy stuff. Waterproof, and if you're not planning on actually diving with it you can go with the cheaper ones since you don't have to worry about the seal holding up, and that's the main complaint on the lower end ones. They'll still be waterproof for general use.

    I have this one I paid $40 for a few years ago (out of stock in Amazon, look to be $60-80 elsewhere). I actually do use it for snorkeling and a little free diving and it still works great (still waterproof too). Only problem I have now is the slider is kind of gritty, but that's likely because I got sand/dirt in it at some point....

    [–] Heard a very loud scary noise and can't identify it. Help! evilcelery 2 points ago in RBI

    Awhile back when me and my husband were in our car we suddenly heard an extremely loud pop, something like a .22 bullet. Scared the crap out of us, but I could tell it came from the direction of my purse. Turned out multiple button batteries in a little flashlight I had in there had exploded and blown the endcap off. So assuming it came from IN your house I wouldn't rule out something like that. May be hard to track down if that's the case considering how much stuff takes batteries nowadays. Also maybe a fuse in an appliance/electrical device like other people mentioned.

    [–] My coworker is a flat earther and it's his last day evilcelery 2 points ago in funny can look through any halfway decent telescope and see that they're round and have details. You can see saturns ring. :\

    [–] The literal worst....WHY?! evilcelery 1 points ago in DiWHY

    Maybe they look different when you hot glue pebbles to them. Duh! (Don't try this at home.)

    It's just the first thing it made me think of was a creampie. Either way it looks like something with spooge leaking out. Didn't really capture the whole water thing.

    [–] The literal worst....WHY?! evilcelery 1 points ago in DiWHY

    It looks like a rock vagina creampie...

    [–] This is what depression looks like. evilcelery 6 points ago in pics

    Cornell was a former drug addict, including prescription drugs. I guarantee he'd taken Ativan and other benzos many many times before and he or someone close to him probably would have picked up on that kind of side effect. So I don't buy it.

    He did, however, talk about suicide and depression A LOT. He may have seemed ok to his wife recently before his suicide, but he had a long history with depression and suicidal thoughts, and a lot of people, especially men, become really good at hiding how depressed they are. I think she's having trouble accepting that he was so depressed and she didn't pick up on it. I know if it happened with my husband I'd be devastated that I didn't somehow pick up on it and do something.

    [–] What was the first fish you ever caught? evilcelery 1 points ago in Fishing

    I wish I could remember. My dad fished A LOT when I was little. There are a ton of pics of me from 3+ with stringers of fish. Probably a sunfish like just about everyone else.

    I do remember my first very own fishing rod was a small closed face from Seaworld Ohio of all places. They had a trout fishing pond and apparently sold some kids rods. I think I was 3-4. Not even sure why my dad bought that because we had better rods, but I guess I told him I liked that one or something.

    [–] The limo that crashed and killed 20 people failed inspection. And the driver wasn't properly licensed. evilcelery 4 points ago in news

    For what it's worth I didn't downvote you and wasn't trying to suggest you were excusing it, just saying I don't really think it's extremely relevant why she was using alcohol; because no matter what, she did it knowingly and got in the car with kids.

    I personally don't think she was applying it topically or just putting a bit in her mouth here and there for relief to get to that level of intoxication, and she also had THC in her system, so it wasn't like she was adverse to actually consuming intoxicants. Her husband initially made her out to be nearly some kind of teetotaler, and then it comes out that yes she does drink periodically...yes they do keep hard liquor around (he said they kept around a bottle of vodka, but I'm skeptical that was all; can't remember if this was in the documentary or I just read it)...yes she does consume pot (and people said actually she did it regularly). None of this on its own is really big a deal, or abnormal/addictive behavior, yet her husband and other members of the family initially tried to convince the public that she just outright wasn't a drinker or pot smoker, which makes me think there were worse problems than a normal level of drinking and pot smoking.

    It seemed like she really portrayed a different image to different people and was a huge control freak from her friends' descriptions, so my theory is that she was wound so tight she just kind of snapped. Maybe she wasn't a long term alcoholic, maybe it was recent, or was something she did on and off. You don't have to be a long term alcoholic to suddenly make a horrible decision, and not every alcoholic is constantly drunk every day, but may be prone to binging under stress, which is easier to hide than those that are drinking at their desk at work or something. She could have been randomly binging and throwing the empties in public trash cans/dumpsters. I've also known a lot of alcoholics/drug addicts and have friends/family that are drug counselors, and alcoholism/addiction can take a lot of shapes depending on personality and how long it's been going on.

    The big mystery really is did she crash the car on purpose or not? Kids were screaming at her, making phone calls. Apparently she did talk to someone on the phone at some point. And yet she refused to pull over. Maybe it wasn't on purpose but she just didn't want to pull over and wait for help because that'd be admitting she fucked up and things got out of control. Either way, she made a decision that she knew could potentially be catastrophic and her husband doesn't seem to want to admit that.

    [–] The limo that crashed and killed 20 people failed inspection. And the driver wasn't properly licensed. evilcelery 4 points ago in news

    I've had someone coming directly at me where the road going through my town transitions to expressway (keep going straight but speed limit goes from 45 to 60 and turning lane starts to narrow and disappear). Luckily noticed them in time and was able to lay on my horn and get over. After a couple seconds they whipped onto the correct side.

    I get super paranoid about my husband because he works on the road so he's frequently encountering craziness in traffic. Oddly enough though, as much as those guys drive for work, the fatalities with coworkers in automobile accidents have been when they're on their off days driving around near home. I wonder if they get complacent once they're home.

    [–] The limo that crashed and killed 20 people failed inspection. And the driver wasn't properly licensed. evilcelery 7 points ago in news

    I assume because Ambien shows up in tests and it wasn't one of the chemicals found in the toxicology report. Alcohol and THC are what showed up, and that's plenty to make one drive erratically.

    Even if she had popped an ambien, the toxicology tests aren't lying about alcohol and THC being in her system, so she was knowingly irresponsible. It's unlikely she accidentally smoked weed and drank. Given the actual evidence there is just nothing to excuse her behavior regardless of what her husband (who has not told a consistent story) wants to believe.

    [–] The limo that crashed and killed 20 people failed inspection. And the driver wasn't properly licensed. evilcelery 11 points ago in news

    The documentary did cover it, and the Doctor they spoke to even theorized it (to which the husband blew him off (starts at 1:15:50 if link doesn't work right)) but it's irrelevant anyway, isn't it?

    If you have extreme tooth pain you don't just go "Oh sure, I'll take the kids" and continue to drink or do drugs to alleviate it. It doesn't really matter if she was doing it because she was an alcoholic, or she had some other excuse, it's the same type of dishonest irresponsible behavior. Instead of admitting to the family "yeah I'm not competent to drive right now" like a normal responsible person she takes off with multiple kids. She wasn't quite right mentally, and having read about and watched the family, I think several of them aren't quite right either.

    The husband was constantly moving goalposts and contradictory about the whole situation so I kind of just ignore his opinion because he's not trustworthy or reliable. "She wouldn't do drugs/drink, she wasn't like that." "Well maybe she did a little bit sometimes, but not with kids around." "She didn't have any alcohol that weekend." "Well she only had a couple the night before." "Well, she only would have crashed if she had a medical emergency like a stroke or something." "Well if she DID drink it was because she had a medical event and didn't know what she was doing."

    He's all over the place, sometimes admitting that it's possible she drank, but with all kinds of excuses for it, and sometimes in complete denial that she could possibly have had any alcohol at all. The most likely scenario is that she was drinking because of some kind of mental problem or addiction, no matter the state of her tooth, and didn't wanna admit it to her family/husband. Given their behavior I'm not really surprised she wouldn't be super open or they wouldn't let themselves accept signs that were right in front of them.

    [–] This shark is tired of your shit evilcelery 6 points ago in gifs

    Have you never been to a public aquarium? Nurse sharks lay there not moving about 90% of the time. The vast majority of sharks don't need to continuously swim.

    Nurse sharks are also pretty docile and not easily stressed. Some aquariums actually teach them to come up and touch target poles (much like marine mammals) so they can be handled and rolled over for medical care and checkups. They use treats and positive reinforcement.

    [–] Abbey, The Dog From 'I Am Legend', Is Now 13 And Living Her Best Life evilcelery 3 points ago in aww

    That happened to my Greater Swiss Mountain dog. If it's the spleen the abdomen will usually very obviously swell from them bleeding out internally (I thought she had bloat or something before I got her body to the vet and they explained it). They can apparently have ruptures in places that don't show as obvious outward signs though.

    My dog bled out really really fast. She was barely responsive within a few minutes, and she died within 20 minutes on the way to the vet (late at night and emergency vet wasn't super close). I heard her yelp, ran into the bedroom, and she already was unable to sit up or walk. Apparently it was unlikely they could have done anything for her even if my normal vet were open due to how quickly she bled out.

    Her dad had the same type of tumor around his spleen, but they found it while looking into another health issue and removed it before it burst. Unfortunately he died from something completely different and unexpected not long after (can't remember exactly what).