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    [–] Is it the teacher or me? existentialepicure 1 points ago in APStudents

    It might be partially your teacher's fault, but physics really does have a learning curve. There might be some areas that are easier -- mechanical waves and sound and electricity/circuits are rather different from kinetics and energy etc, so it may be easier in some units.

    I struggled so much in 10th grade honors physics, which was taught at an AP Physics 1 level. I was pretty much a straight A student, never got below a B on a test, and I got 58% on the first unit test of physics. All throughout that year, I struggled and cried so much and barely pulled B-'s.

    I think the problem at that time was that everything in physics was cumulative, so because I didn't understand part A, I couldn't understand part B, C, D, etc. What I suggest to do is spend some extra time going over the material from the beginning again. At this point in the semester/trimester, the first few units should be easier to grasp, and it may reinforce (or fill in the holes) of some concepts.

    I also suggest for you to learn basic calculus, even if your class is algebra based. I am currently taking AP Physics C (I'm a senior) and I was so scared of taking that class, because of my poor performance in honors physics. But because I took calculus the year before in my junior year, all the concepts were easy to grasp and I'm able to break all the physics problems down to their forces/components/etc. easier.

    Edit: also check khan academy for videos/tutorials. They may explain better than your teacher.

    [–] What is the creepiest page on Wikipedia? existentialepicure 149 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh my god I feel so nauseated right now. How could someone commit such atrocities... and the fact that their sentence only 20 years at most...

    [–] What is the creepiest page on Wikipedia? existentialepicure 65 points ago in AskReddit

    Yikes. "Liza" Pantueva: her 70-year-old grandfather raped her when she was 5 years old and the baby ended up dying due to an early placental tear. After this event, her family immigrated to another country, taking the grandfather with them...

    Probably the creepiest thing I've read in a while.

    [–] Golden chrysanthemum existentialepicure 2 points ago in flowers

    Hmm I think you are right 😅😅

    [–] Creating synthetic silk existentialepicure 8 points ago in chemicalreactiongifs

    Cellulose is dissolved in a solution containing tetraamine-copper (II) ions to produce a viscous blue liquid. The liquid is injected into sulfuric acid with a syringe to form rayon fibers.

    If you want to do the experiment yourself

    Lengthier explanation + history