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    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Media From Campaign Town Halls exitpursuedbybear 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in politics

    I think she's high on her own supply. Hell, she hasn't even won her seat outright and she's trying to take on this leadership mantle of leftist populist. Been very unimpressed with her so far.

    Edit: god the circlejerk here lately is unbelievable.

    [–] Dinesh D'Souza blames 'leftist' critics for 'Death of a Nation's 0% Rotten Tomatoes score exitpursuedbybear 2 points ago in politics

    It was very telling about their moral character when NBC bought the rights to show them Saturday Mornings that he had no problem at all stripping it of every Christian reference in it.

    [–] Relatable AF exitpursuedbybear 3 points ago in funny

    No talent ass-clown!

    [–] Ethan Peck cast as Spock in Star Trek: Discovery exitpursuedbybear 2 points ago in startrek

    Yeah crying hysterical angry having an affair with Uhura is slightly against type.

    [–] Who remembers shopping for school clothes around this time of year, but your Mom not letting you wear anything until school started? exitpursuedbybear 3 points ago in nostalgia

    I remember one year My mom took me school shopping It was me, my brother, my mom, oh, my pop, and my little sister All hopped in the car We headed downtown to the Gallery Mall MY mom started bugging with the clothes she chose I didn't say nothing at first I just turned up my nose She said, "What's wrong? This shirt cost $20" I said, "Mom, this shirt is plaid with a butterfly collar!" The next half hour was the same old thing My mother buying me clothes from 1963 And then she lost her mind and did the ultimate I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips! I said, "Mom, what are you doing, you're ruining my rep" She said, "You're only sixteen, you don't have a rep yet" I said, "Mom, let's put these clothes back, please" She said "no, you go to school to learn not for a fashion show" I said, "This isn't Sha Na Na, come on Mom, I'm not Bowzer Mom, please put back the bell-bottom Brady Bunch trousers But if you don't want to I can live with that but You gotta put back the double-knit reversible slacks" She wasn't moved - everything stayed the same Inevitably the first day of school came I thought I could get over, I tried to play sick But my mom said, "No, no way, uh-uh, forget it" There was nothing I could do, I tried to relax I got dressed up in those ancient artifacts And when I walked into school, it was just as I thought The kids were cracking up laughing at the clothes Mom bought And those who weren't laughing still had a ball Because they were pointing and whispering As I walked down the hall I got home and told my Mom how my day went She said, "If they were laughing you don't need the, "Cause they're not good friends" For the next six hours I tried to explain to my Mom That I was gonna have to go through this about 200 more times So to you all the kids all across the land There's no need to argue Parents just don't understand

    [–] Meanwhile in 1865 exitpursuedbybear 8 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Yeah this comic is like the Prison Mike episode. Rip Prison Mike. Damn Dementors!

    [–] FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts exitpursuedbybear 3 points ago in politics

    Yep he was an embarassment for the repubs. He had to be disciplined.

    [–] Omarosa: 'I was complicit' in helping White House deceive the country exitpursuedbybear 16 points ago in politics

    It's Reuters paid by the NAACP let's not throw a poll out just because we don't like it.

    [–] Omarosa: Trump is ‘mentally declined’ exitpursuedbybear 2 points ago in politics

    And Omarosa maybe going to jail for bringing a cell phone in and recording in the situation room.