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    [–] Libertarian Venn Diagram exitpursuedbybear 3 points ago in EnoughLibertarianSpam

    So nice to see Ron Paul called out like that. I always have to educate the few libertarians that wander into politics how dear leader worked hand in hand with the white nationalist movement.

    [–] When you can't get enough tacos exitpursuedbybear 1 points ago in texas

    Went through Johnson City a few years ago near christmas. They had a christmas tree made out of deer skulls and antlers...cause.

    [–] “But it’s a good film” exitpursuedbybear 17 points ago in SequelMemes

    Oh....I'll come in again then...

    [–] A comprehensive guide to donut varieties. exitpursuedbybear 4 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Best one. That is not an opinion it is fact that carries with it the strength of law.

    [–] Why is this actually true exitpursuedbybear 1 points ago in funny

    Two consoles alike in dignity, in fair convention center we lay our scene, from ancient incompatibality new mutinies rise...

    [–] The last thing you ate is all humanity can eat until 2020, what is it? exitpursuedbybear 6 points ago in AskReddit

    The say God lives inside us all. Well, I hope he likes enchiladas, 'cause that's what he's getting. -Jack Handey

    [–] Colbert has pulled ahead of Fallon among adults under 50 for the first time exitpursuedbybear 5 points ago in television

    Tired of being the subject of dirty limericks, the old man from Nantucket will move to a new town called 'Coral Sex'.

    [–] Special counsel witness expects to be charged in Mueller probe exitpursuedbybear 1 points ago in politics

    Fox news twitter has gone dark, birther Corsi being charged and Drudge deleted his twitter...I think Mueller has got the right wing media machine in his net.