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    [–] I found a phone at Good Things! faaarmer 1 points ago in brisbane

    I do that - I feel like it helps the resale value ever so slightly. At least if I were buying a used phone, I'd like it to come in the box.

    [–] Microsoft Rewards and now GamePass Quests seems amazing and somewhat underappreciated? faaarmer 1 points ago in xboxone

    I'm in Australia, and I've earned enough to get $35 worth of gift cards since July this year. I just try and do my searches every day and the monthly GamePass quests.

    [–] San Cisco at The Zoo 27/11 faaarmer 2 points ago in brisbane

    I wish I got to this, San Cisco are great.

    [–] Supporting your teen when a natural disaster strikes faaarmer 26 points ago in brisbane

    Man, people are really shitting on this but it's important to remember that teenagers have a lot of shit going on. Puberty, hormones, peer pressure, school etc. Have a bit of compassion.

    [–] My third day on Lexapro faaarmer 2 points ago in lexapro

    Yeah pretty much same here. I've only ever had a panic attack from having too much coffee basically. It's not so bad knowing that it's just cause of the meds, and will pass soon enough.

    [–] My third day on Lexapro faaarmer 2 points ago in lexapro

    I'm 5 days in, and pretty similar experiences. I am already feeling better most of the time. A couple of moments of dissociation, and yeah absent mindedness.

    However I have had a couple of panic attacks which I don't normally get. I haven't found them too hard to get through though.

    [–] Howard Smith Wharves promises to fix dangerous 'footpath to nowhere' faaarmer 15 points ago in brisbane

    That whole area is a fuck around with cars, bikes, trucks, pedestrians. You have to run through it to continue along the riverwalk. It's so poorly designed.

    [–] On Montague Rd. Makes me LOL every time I walk past. faaarmer 2 points ago in brisbane

    I never noticed it. Is it just saying "you could put a restaurant here"?

    [–] What’s your favourite thing to do in Brisbane? faaarmer 3 points ago in brisbane

    I hadn't caught the CityCat in ages, so I decided to catch it home from work. It only got fast between Toowong and West End terminals.

    This morning on the way to work it didn't even speed up then. I might do what you suggest and go super early next time, also so I don't get sunburned.

    [–] Beartooth - The Lines faaarmer 2 points ago in Metalcore

    I've been listening to this song a bunch recently, the lyrics really vibe with me at the moment.

    [–] iOS 13 & Dual Sim. The End of Roaming Charges faaarmer 5 points ago in iphone

    After hearing so much about sim swapping scams, that's pretty handy.

    [–] The CBD is in among that smoke somewhere faaarmer 1 points ago in brisbane

    yeah image rotation was one of the least fun things I have had to deal with in web dev. It's not just iPhones though.

    [–] 2 cops following a guy with a tv for a head circa 2019 faaarmer 2 points ago in brisbane

    Shit that explains the guy I saw in South Brisbane yesterday in SWAT gear with an assault rifle.

    [–] November Game Pass Quests Guide faaarmer 7 points ago in MicrosoftRewards

    Only scary thing about it is the controls

    [–] Wouldn’t want to earn less $42 an hour in QLD. 🤷🏻‍♂️ faaarmer 5 points ago in brisbane

    Should I pay more for a loaf bread than someone on a lower wage?

    Of course not, you aren't buying a loaf of bread because you broke the law.

    The whole point that you are missing is that the fine is meant to be a deterrent. No one is saying 'rich man bad, should pay more' they're saying 'rich man won't be punished for speeding if they are fined the equivalent of a cup of coffee' or similar.

    [–] How project xcloud became my wife's favorite invention! faaarmer 12 points ago in xboxone

    This post is likely from a man, whose wife is shopping while he plays Gears of War. Nothing in the post implies the wife plays "hardcore real games" and not "mobile trivialities".

    [–] How project xcloud became my wife's favorite invention! faaarmer 23 points ago in xboxone

    I think you're very confused about what this post is about

    [–] Wouldn’t want to earn less $42 an hour in QLD. 🤷🏻‍♂️ faaarmer 8 points ago in brisbane

    However I believe that the monetary fine should be equal, no matter your personal situation. Do the crime, pay the fine.

    So people who have shitloads of money can just speed as much as they want? It's not a deterrent then.

    [–] PSA Cops currently on the goodwill bridge doing folks for scooting with no helmet faaarmer 6 points ago in brisbane

    Yeah, it's weird how they don't seem to care about it. I watched 2 helmetless people on the one scooter ride right past 2 police officers, who weren't doing anything at the time (at least from what I could tell).

    The cops couldn't have cared less.