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    [–] One of three men lied on border pass are now has symptoms. faaarmer 4 points ago in brisbane

    I'd never thought about it like that, and that makes it pretty damn stupid.

    [–] Is it worth purchasing and wearing a mask whenever going out despite being healthy? faaarmer 1 points ago in brisbane

    My partner is a teacher and they were told specifically not to wear a mask to school. She's going to anyway.

    [–] AMA - We are Superbright, the devs behind In Death: Unchained that’s coming today to the Oculus Quest. Ask Us Anything! faaarmer 6 points ago in OculusQuest

    They... do? You can literally cast from your Quest to any Chromecast device, which I'd wager is easily the most common casting system in households.

    You can also cast to your phone and plug your phone into the TV. A few options.

    [–] Finally got myself a pulley system. Should have done that a while ago. faaarmer 1 points ago in oculus

    Agreed. Just invest $100 or less in a decent network and bam. Wireless VR.

    [–] TIL Andy Samberg won an Emmy for the song “Dick in a Box” faaarmer 1 points ago in todayilearned

    I quote it far too often. People then ask what it's from and I struggle to recommend it to people because it's so weird on first watch.

    [–] Until You Fall is confirmed to be Cross-Buy faaarmer 2 points ago in OculusQuest

    Oh man. This would be a FUN standalone game on the Quest. Tempted to pick it up again on Oculus store.

    [–] RIP Grant faaarmer 3 points ago in smyths

    I've been re-watching through all the Smyths, and then heard about this. This sucks.

    [–] Hey, you wanna race? faaarmer 3 points ago in aww

    I knew I recognised the Gold Coast

    [–] The Telstra Velocity exemption has been extended for another two years faaarmer 4 points ago in brisbane

    Man I feel like an exception, cause we have Velocity and it's been nothing but flawless. I think we had one outage when I moved in 3 years ago, but otherwise it's been 100/5 the whole time with no speed issues.