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    [–] Star Spangled Beasters Is Canceled facepoppies 2 points ago in giantbomb

    I think it’s the timing. Like you can support cops, but choosing to make a show of that support when a major news story breaks about cops shooting unarmed black people probably wouldn’t come off very well.

    [–] Malazan Book of the Fallen - best fantasy series ever read facepoppies 1 points ago in books

    Hey, I went through the same thing. Took me about a year to get through, reading one lighter book between each book in the series, an I've never read anything like it before or after. I think it might have ruined fantasy for me, as nothing I've read since has seemed as good. I remember reading the kingkiller books afterwards and thinking the writing was too simple for it to be a really good book, and I've always wondered if I should have read those books before Malazan.

    [–] ‘God of War’ reigns supreme again at No.1 facepoppies 4 points ago in Games

    I made it maybe and hour in and lost interest. Are you really into the cinematic aspects, or is there something else that makes you love it?

    [–] [NPD] Chase Bliss - Thermae (thoughts and sounds in comments) facepoppies 2 points ago in guitarpedals

    I like this, but I just can't see how I would use it with the heavy distortion I tend to play with.

    [–] Hardwick's Response facepoppies 3 points ago in nerdist

    I think you’re speculating a lot.

    [–] Can you recommend Wheel of Time? facepoppies 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in Fantasy

    Wheel of Time is so bad, so dull and badly written, that by book eleven I was so burned out that I stopped reading books entirely for like 8 months, after having read at least an hour a day, every day for the 15 years leading up to it. I was so annoyed by most of the characters at that point that I honestly just wanted them to be killed off.

    [–] "Red Rising" blew my MIND. What book/series took your breath away? facepoppies 1 points ago in Fantasy

    It’s the only fantasy book I’ve read in a couple of years that really grabbed and entertained me.

    [–] The Last of Us has sold over 17 million copies as of April 2018 facepoppies 21 points ago in Games

    See, I LOVE reading. But I don’t think TLOU is anywhere near as good as a good book.

    [–] The Last of Us has sold over 17 million copies as of April 2018 facepoppies 13 points ago in Games

    Yeah, I was bored of it just a few hours in. But I don’t like cinematic games.

    [–] Sony faces growing Fortnite backlash at E3 facepoppies 8 points ago in Games

    People have for some reason personified Sony and then designated them as the Good Guys.

    [–] [E3 2018] Sony Conference Megathread facepoppies -4 points ago in xboxone

    I feel the same, but I get real bored real fast with story driven cinematic games so I barely ever turn on my ps4.

    [–] I find God of War boring facepoppies 0 points ago in PS4

    I think it’s boring too. I’m not into cinematic experience games. It’s okay to not like it. I ended up getting sucked into AC Origins instead.

    [–] "And sometimes it doesn't just work..." facepoppies 2 points ago in giantbomb

    I do, too. And I loved mods that focused on the settlement building.

    [–] [E3 2018] XBOX E3 2018 Briefing Megathread facepoppies 6 points ago in Games

    Yeah, but as someone with a one x, I’m definitely going to be playing all these on my xbox and not my ps4.