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    [–] The Misunderstanding of Quantum Break falconbox 1 points ago in xboxone

    Oh, not saying it'd be a bad thing. But knowing the ending ahead of time is a little anti-climactic.

    They could make the rest of the game pretty good though, and explore more about Hatch and other shifters. That was a cool element in the game that wasn't explored too much (though we did learn a bit about Hatch's past in one of the collectibles).

    [–] The Entire Call of Duty Zombies Storyline Explained falconbox 9 points ago in Games

    it’s one of the greatest storylines ever created in gaming.

    Man, I really hate it. Doesn't help that the game makes you just through the most insane hoops to figure it out.

    It's not even "Easter Eggs", it's just figuring out wtf is going on.

    [–] The Misunderstanding of Quantum Break falconbox 1 points ago in xboxone

    To me there's always a big misunderstanding of the ending and then plot in general, and why I think the game is really brilliant in its storytelling.


    The entire game, Remedy, as well as characters like Will and Beth, try to teach the player and Jack that the future and past literally cannot be changed no matter what. Whatever is supposed to happen, will. Doesn't matter if you know something bad is coming. If you do nothing, that thing will happen. And if you try to stop it, you'll either fail or end up causing it to happen.

    The "End of Time" cannot be stopped. Doesn't matter if Jack takes the job at Monarch at the end or not. What the player prevented at the end of the game was not the End of Time. It was just an anomaly. That's why Paul Serene was so confused on why the process had supposedly sped up, because he saw the end of time happening a few more years into the future. That is STILL going to happen, no matter what.

    Also, Jack CANNOT save Beth. At the end of the game he whispered "I'll come back for you." This just shows how little Jack learned over the course of the game. Despite his experience and Will and even Beth herself telling him events can't be changed, he still thinks he can. Beth learned this the hard way, as she wasn't able to change or prevent A SINGLE EVENT despite her future self giving herself a notebook of all the major events in her life.

    That's why, IMO, a sequel cannot happen. Any sequel will either just see the End of Time happen, or Remedy would have to break the rules they've created for this universe.

    [–] EA And Activision Grow By $79 Billion Thanks To Microtransactions, And That's Bad For Everybody falconbox 1 points ago in Games

    Or because people were posting jokes/low-effort comments.

    I bet a lot were just bitching about the title and the way "and that's bad for everybody" was worded like a bad clickbait article.

    [–] Agony UNRATED: Official trailer falconbox 23 points ago in Games

    I feel like a game set in hell SHOULD have plenty of explicit content and sell itself on that.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Their execution just seemed a bit off. Budget/tech not up to par with what they were trying to accomplish it seems, plus some bad voice work.

    [–] Copying Screenshots to USB sometimes leaves corrupted PNGs falconbox 4 points ago in PS4

    Make sure your USB is formatted to exFat for MUCH faster transfers. For a while I wondered why mine were slow and apparently I had formatted to Fat32 at one point and forgotten.

    As for the corrupted files, I had that happen a couple times, but I think my USB itself was a bit messed up because even after deleting files unrelated to PS4, I'd unplug it from my computer and plug it back in and they'd all be back. I literally couldn't remove files from it, and they'd often be corrupted.

    Though my corrupted files wouldn't open at all. Yours seems like a different issue.

    [–] Console crashes when viewing screenshots in the Capture Gallery. falconbox 1 points ago in PS4

    That's a weird bug. So a specific game's screenshots can crash the console somehow?

    [–] New Battlenonsense vid - "BO4: 20Hz Tickrate Downgrade Because Of Blackout?" falconbox 2 points ago in Blackops4

    The existence of MW3 at launch (proper balancing?)

    That's not the same IW that made CoD2, MW, or MW2.

    The main devs left to form Respawn and create Titanfall.

    [–] New Battlenonsense vid - "BO4: 20Hz Tickrate Downgrade Because Of Blackout?" falconbox -1 points ago in Blackops4

    Lol wut. IWs last well made game was MW2

    And after that they made Titanfall and Titanfall 2, each of which have excellent multiplayer.

    even that was filled with poor balance and a huge amount of bugs (the javalen glitch anyone? Or speedy care package man? Or a slew of other problems).

    Javelin glitch and care package were fixed within a month of discovery.

    Treyarch surpassed them with Black Ops 1 and stayed above them since.

    Not even. Black Ops 1 was essentially a copy of MW2 in a different period. Everything IW came up with (choose your perks, killstreaks, etc) Treyarch copied, and simply renamed them to fit the time period.

    [–] New Battlenonsense vid - "BO4: 20Hz Tickrate Downgrade Because Of Blackout?" falconbox -6 points ago in Blackops4

    Imagine how good Call of Duty could be if Infinity Ward still made it every other year.

    • good netcode
    • proper balancing
    • good mixture of large open and small tight maps
    • good respawn system

    [–] Black Ops 4 Server rate has been lowered from 60hz in the beta to 20hz in the release [xPost from /r/Blackops4] falconbox 1 points ago in xboxone

    Edit: To top this off it seems there is a nice wide spread issue of people glitching under maps.

    Happened to me in Blackout last night.

    It said Connection Interrupted, then the next thing I knew I was like 100ft under the map looking up at buildings and blue everywhere, then got totally disconnected.

    Though I think they were pushing an update at the time that kicked everyone out, according to what I saw in /new on /r/BlackOps4.

    [–] It will take 400 hours to get through all 200 tiers in the black market falconbox 5 points ago in Blackops4

    They're already crazy loud.

    I'm on PS4 and play with a headset and I can hear other players running around all the time in the next house over.

    Really gotta crouch walk to stay silent.

    [–] Peeker's advantage too strong. 3arch plz fix. falconbox 102 points ago in Blackops4

    half way through its life cycle

    Ok then, wake me up in a year.

    [–] Official Red Dead Redemption 2 Installation Space: 99GB (Disk) or 150GB (Digital). falconbox 1 points ago in PS4

    HDD is Hard Disk Drive, aka a hard drive. You know, the part of the console you download games to.

    The fact you don't even know that tells me all I need to know about your knowledge on gaming.

    [–] Looking for a very peculiar/trippy PS4 game from 2014-ish, possibly unreleased falconbox 1 points ago in PS4

    huh, thanks. Do you know what event it was shown at?

    (I didn't include games on the list if they were shown randomly during a montage without a title on the screen)

    [–] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – The Black Market, Customization, and Content falconbox 0 points ago in xboxone

    So it is ok because both do it?

    When did I say that?

    I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy here that this person said it was fine before Sony got the exclusivity rights.

    [–] PS4 player who has more than 1700 platinum trophies and earns 300 a year falconbox -1 points ago in PS4

    He's posted video of himself before literally playing on 2-3 TVs and a Vita all at once.

    [–] Black Ops 4 - Black market is completely unbalanced falconbox 11 points ago in Games

    Those are gun skins though. Still sucks for people who want the skin though.

    [–] Under the roof tiles falconbox 2 points ago in WTF

    I didn't realize they were bats. I thought they were birds...

    [–] Black Ops 4 ditches lootboxes and implements free battle pass and direct purchases falconbox 1 points ago in xboxone

    It's currently a huge grind fest.

    Someone on /r/blackops4 figured you'd have to play 6 hours per day for all 52 days to get to level 200 and unlock everything.