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    [–] Well i’d be dead fancymoko 3 points ago in CasualUK

    I felt the same about hearing the autoglass jungle lol

    [–] Well i’d be dead fancymoko 4 points ago in CasualUK

    It does. The jingle is a bit sped up in the states, but it works.

    [–] Iran Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) fancymoko 2 points ago in television

    A couple of the stuff he pokes fun at Zinke for are military traditions. Challenge Coins and flying the flag outside the building when he's present are both things that high-ranking officers do.

    [–] Boot camp and/or OCS roll call fancymoko 1 points ago in USMC

    MCRD San Diego 2009 Golf Company, 2153. Was SSgt Khan still there when you went through?

    [–] Anon is a dad fancymoko 144 points ago in greentext

    8 dads in a polyamorous gay relationship named Dashawn Manheim, Steve Mannheim, Jose Guerrero, Cupe Robinson III, Otto Zilberschlag, Arturo "Ice Man" Fonzarelli, Gregory Hsung and Quackers McQuack?

    [–] What is something that people think is illegal, but actually isn't? fancymoko 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Maybe in the Army, but in the Marine Corps you are 100% not allowed to be off base in uniform unless there is an emergency or you are working (convoying to another base or something). Only service uniforms allowed off base, but you'll still look douchey as hell walking around in service charlies.

    [–] Truck slams into pedestrian overpass at full speed in Quebec fancymoko 1 points ago in gifs

    Take note Miami, that's how you build a pedestrian overpass.

    [–] Second Choices Starter Pack fancymoko 2 points ago in starterpacks

    They also have a much better breakfast. Croissandwich > McGriddle any day

    [–] Dutch police giving teddie bears to childeren just after a car crash to help with the trauma. fancymoko 17 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I remember one time when I was about 6, my dad and I were in a car accident where we flipped over and ended up in the ditch. Neither of us were hurt, but we did have to to wait for my grandfather to come pick us up. But what I do remember is that the highway patrol officer that responded to the accident waited with us in a nearby diner and he bought me a hot chocolate. It was a good hot chocolate.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate votes to wipe out tax break for the wealthy, potentially saving $120 million a year fancymoko 3 points ago in politics

    30 minutes there then 30 minutes home? That's 2 hours a day of driving just to make sure they're getting an education for farmers that work 12+ hours a day.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate votes to wipe out tax break for the wealthy, potentially saving $120 million a year fancymoko 14 points ago in politics

    The main problem with consolidation in OK (and I assume IA) is the low population density. Farmers have kids and they have to go to school too. No one can afford to drive their kids 30 or 45 minutes away to school every morning and back every night and at those distances, buses are impractical. So you end up with dozens of tiny schools in the middle of nowhere with 12 kids in the graduating class. You end up with this rock-and-a-hard-place situation where it's expensive to have all these small schools, but at the same time if there were fewer large schools the burden of transporting the kids to those schools would be much higher on the parents.

    [–] Burnt to the core fancymoko 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I guarantee his phone suggested "corps" after typing "Marine". Mine just did typing this sentence. He ignored it

    [–] Fallout 5 in Florida would be nice. fancymoko 11 points ago in gaming

    They're gonna keep downvoting you cause you're interrupting the circlejerk

    [–] Kids these days with their wide variety of food options and bad manners! fancymoko 3 points ago in lewronggeneration

    That's actually really interesting. I had figured it did exist, the person that made this had just never seen it or cared to.

    [–] Herbie fancymoko 87 points ago in aww

    Have tried dog treats, would not recommend. They're stale and not very strong-tasting. Kind of like old croutons, but vaguely chicken-flavored and mealy.

    [–] Flinching? Jerking the trigger? fancymoko 2 points ago in liberalgunowners

    I actually edited that right after on the .000001% chance that was a woman. I'm trying to be inclusive here 😅

    [–] Flinching? Jerking the trigger? fancymoko 13 points ago in liberalgunowners

    I believe he/she's referring to the term "soyboy" - a diminutive term for effeminate men. Not a fan of the term myself, but there it is.