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    [–] Selena Gomez fancymoko 26 points ago in celebnsfw

    I vaguely remember someone mentioning how her lupus actually causes that because of swelling in her face. I'd have to look it up though

    [–] Logan Paul’s fanbase ladies & gentleman. fancymoko 41 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    He went to the suicide forest to find a body. He knew what he was getting into regardless of what he said. You don't go into a SUICIDE forest without expecting to come across a dead body. He wanted to find one, he did and he got the views and attention he wanted. He may have demonitized it so he could claim otherwise, but then he monetized his apology video. His only thought and purpose in life is to attract attention to himself and make himself look "cool", regardless of who is affected or who it hurts because he doesn't think about how his actions affect anyone besides himself (and maybe his friends). He's a self-absorbed, narcissistic person who doesn't think beyond how something affects him and how he can use it to his benefit. He's a child - because he either wasn't told no as a child or was never forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. Whatever it was, he was never forced to grow up and now his ego is fed by fanboys on the internet telling him how perfect and cool he is. He doesn't need to grow as a person, so he will keep doing stuff like this until he's forced to face the consequences for his actions. That's it, it's not complicated. He's just a selfish asshole.

    [–] Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35 fancymoko 1 points ago in Political_Revolution

    Except all the people a few months ago that were chomping at the bit to get into a war with North Korea. But no one remembers that because Reddit collectively has the attention span of 24 hours it seems.

    [–] Best door advert fancymoko -1 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    You probably shouldn't. If I remember from the last time this was posted it was a drug raid. Let me see if I can find it

    [–] Well, I'll have to go with all of the above, Emperor! fancymoko 1 points ago in EmpireDidNothingWrong

    The question was "rate Donald Trump's first year in office." And the options were "great", "good", "okay" and "other"

    [–] There's probably some women out there whose children secretly belong to the wrong man and are freaking out about the fact that people are taking DNA tests for fun. fancymoko 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    You know, I've seen a lot of people recommending "23 and me" in this thread and it's making me a little suspicious of social marketing so instead I'm going to share an anecdote about a family friend who started working for one of those DNA companies and now refuses to do one of the tests after being somewhat interested before. He won't explain why, or maybe can't explain why due to nda or whatever, but he flat up recommends to anyone that will listen not to get one of these tests. Maybe he's paranoid - I don't know - but I don't like the idea of my DNA sitting in some database wherein a company or the government or whoever would just have access to it. It doesn't feel right. That's just my 2 cents.

    [–] me🐌irl fancymoko -1 points ago in me_irl

    And anything the government deems "dangerous"?

    [–] Marriage Material [Album] fancymoko 3 points ago in IndianBabes

    I was about to say the same thing. I'm more focused on that bathroom than the girl, is that a hotel or is this guy loaded?

    [–] The Eighth Day of Rimmas (RimWorld Comics' Holiday Special) fancymoko 15 points ago in RimWorld

    Yeah just right click or click and hold (I can't remember which) to get a list of the alternate materials. It's only gonna be available after you have at least some of the material needed though.

    [–] it's hard to be this perfect fancymoko 2 points ago in thatHappened

    I think this might be satire? I've seen a post almost exactly like this from a woman's point of view before. I'm on mobile rn or I'd look for it

    [–] What's the dumbest thing you've seen people celebrate? fancymoko 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm gonna presume this to be a reputable source since it's written by a family attourney or at least the office of a family attourney

    [–] me_irl fancymoko 6 points ago in me_irl

    Merry Christmas /u/charredest

    [–] A list of films the US Army recommends it's Officers watch fancymoko 1 points ago in movies

    Yeah the UI isn't great, but it's cheap and they did a pretty good job at the unit design