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    [–] How to refill your lighter fangojett6 1 points ago in WTF

    You’re doing it wrong.

    [–] Why so accurate? fangojett6 1 points ago in funny

    Grumpy cat’s aunt Mildred from Florida.

    [–] Come in mister.. fangojett6 1 points ago in memes

    Oh yes we did!

    [–] Keyboard in sync with loading bar fangojett6 5 points ago in gaming

    I noticed this also happens with Fortni... err never mind.

    [–] When you tried to win another pint of beer fangojett6 2 points ago in instant_regret

    Something tells me he’s been hit in the head with a dart more than once.

    [–] SSH down but everything else *appears* okay fangojett6 1 points ago in linuxquestions

    Do you not have a monitor and keyboard for it?

    [–] Chicken skin mask. fangojett6 2 points ago in WTF

    Pollo Lucha Libre!

    [–] "SEPARATION" by Rob Jacobs fangojett6 -2 points ago in pics

    I really don’t care

    [–] In 1977 the Big Ear radio telescope located in Ohio State University receives a signal originating from deep space which was 30 times greater than the ordinary ambient noise of deep space. Did this signal originate from an extraterrestrial civilization? fangojett6 3 points ago in aliens

    Okay I’m not crazy but hear me out here...

    The WOW! signal detected in 1977 was actually a radio transmission from the future. This signal was mistakenly sent from CERN in 2011 after physicists learn the method of trapping anti hydrogen atoms. The Wow! Signal was captured on the 1420 megahertz frequency, the same frequency of hydrogen. This was not fully understood until years later in 2016. That is the year we began researching Anti hydrogen or anti matter. This is currently being developed for fuel to power humans for space travel which could potentially be used for faster than light travel, hence space/time travel. This is the key to interstellar space travel, bending time, which is done with anti matter.

    [–] Baby crawling on a busy road fangojett6 1 points ago in WTF

    So where is the baby crossing sign?

    [–] The blue light at my window fangojett6 2 points ago in Abductions

    This blue light is a reoccurring theme in mine. I attribute it to partially erasing your memory. It’s the only explanation I can come up with. Everything after the blue light is vague for me.

    [–] Makes sense! fangojett6 5 points ago in memes

    I like to think straight guys are really just gay women on the inside.