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    [–] Lanyards are awesome! fangojett6 3 points ago in knives

    Thats totally understandable. Very cold weather is rare here in Texas. We pretty much just get arctic blasts that make it real cold several times a winter.

    [–] Lanyards are awesome! fangojett6 7 points ago in knives

    I have never put a lanyard on any of my knives.

    What’s the benefit? Convince me I have been wrong all these years...

    [–] Since coming down with Bell’s Palsy, this is what my Animojis look like. fangojett6 2 points ago in iphone

    Bells Palsy... proof that you can sneeze with an eye open and it won’t shoot out of your skull. I survived BP - got it in 2003 on my left side. Recovered after 10 months and 80% healed. Fun times!

    [–] Heavy woman bends exhaust as she hops on motorcycle fangojett6 3 points ago in motorcycles

    Inexperienced driver did not give her instructions before riding. All blame resides on the driver.

    [–] There is a fine line between people watching and staring... fangojett6 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Thank you! I am in complete agreement with you. It’s clearly not the same thing.

    [–] Japanese police want to question Logan Paul fangojett6 2 points ago in news

    I never said anything about him breaking the law. The consequences he is facing is due to being disrespectful and then posting a weak apology.

    [–] hmmm fangojett6 1 points ago in hmmm

    Let’s go friend of friends!

    [–] Japanese police want to question Logan Paul fangojett6 18 points ago in news

    Freedom of speech does not equate free of consequence.

    [–] Posting your credit score? Premium douche material right there. fangojett6 5 points ago in humblebrag

    I bet she’s got real estate she can show you if you have a good credit score and willing to travel

    [–] Scientists want in on humanity's next big space station - Space agencies are planning a Deep Space Gateway to orbit the Moon. fangojett6 1 points ago in space

    As much as I want this to happen it will be too expensive to build, unless we first setup a mining operation on the moon. We also need to look ahead a few moves before planning this Gateway. One of the biggest questions we have to answer is, what kind of propulsion system and fuel will we use for human deep space exploration?

    [–] Seat warming! fangojett6 1 points ago in memes

    Uber eats tip #53

    [–] 105 meets the 405 in LA fangojett6 0 points ago in tiltshift

    OP is this from a drone?

    [–] Hello sweetheart fangojett6 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    I’m glad you all came!