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    [–] The subtle line between what you want and what you get (or, why do I look like a mommy blogger when I'm not a mommy, or a blogger) fangsonwangs 30 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    Idk, at least with blazers, you can thrift a cool larger sized men's blazer and wear it as is or tweak/tailor it if the shoulders are too huge or you want it to cinch in more in the waist/arms.

    I think at least some of the mmb look can be attributed to pieces looking a bit too mass-produced, like your clothes aren't lived-in enough for the trying-to-not-try aesthetic. The "original" in all of these looks like they had to search around and find each piece separately, they show different levels of wear; the recreations and mmb all look like they could've gotten everything the same day at the same place.

    [–] Should residential zone parking be reformed? fangsonwangs 1 points ago in chicago

    Yeah I think it's fine, the fact that there are so many apartments means there's potentially a lot of carspace needed for residents. Looking for parking sucks way more when you're doing it daily just trying to come home and be near your house, and it's something visitors just need to anticipate and plan around, unfortunately.

    [–] What’s your favorite hot tea? fangsonwangs 5 points ago in starbucks

    Rev up because it reminds me of the Joy tea.

    [–] Grande rant:(warning: female related issues) (do not read if uncomfortable with the female anatomy) fangsonwangs 2 points ago in starbucks

    Hold up, DO NOT EVEN ASK, at that point, you TELL them you're stepping off and that's it. It's as much of an emergency as shitting your pants or having a nosebleed, if they want to try to write you up for that, that's a whole potential PR shit storm and maybe even a lawsuit, and like who the fuck wants bodily waste leaking out of a person handling their food and drink? The speech is just classic, "I'm stressed and higher up than you so I'm just gonna talk out of my ass condescendingly", it means nothing.

    [–] The One In The Front fangsonwangs 2 points ago in starbucks

    "Lemme get uhhhh breakfast sandwich, the one with the egg"

    [–] Came across this eyebrow tutorial (made last year) fangsonwangs 3 points ago in awfuleyebrows

    I'm not a fan of how they're filled in but those look like nice natural thickies underneath.

    [–] Stay safe & warm my fellow Chicago’ns fangsonwangs 12 points ago in chicago

    But they only come to give the lake a little tickle and blow over some garbage bins

    [–] What CTA Workers Know fangsonwangs 75 points ago in chicago

    For people living as far west as Kedzie who are yuppies, young white people, we make sure their service is good. Now, from Pulaski west to Harlem, we don’t give a shit. Why? Because minorities live there. The service changes. The problem is, in most of your black neighborhoods, there’s not enough people complaining. There’s not enough people saying, “This is ridiculous. I’m late every day.”

    Well damn.

    [–] So that's how it happens! fangsonwangs 14 points ago in awfuleyebrows

    I don't know about that, my dad once shaved his eyebrows giving himself a drunk haircut and he drew them on for like 2 weeks extra thick because he thought it looked manlier. He did not let me take pictures.

    [–] TIFU by buying everyone an AncestryDNA kit and ruining Christmas fangsonwangs 31 points ago in tifu

    It’s possible no one cheated

    This keeps being said, but why would the parents argue and the mom be the only one to try to discourage the tests off the bat? They weren't jointly withholding info from the kids, mom was withholding it from everyone else, including the dad. That's the gag.

    [–] That explains all the gunshots we have fangsonwangs 26 points ago in chicago

    Nothing wrong with a little dark humor.

    [–] Two girls with beautiful hair fangsonwangs 3 points ago in funny

    When you don't leave some natural hair out to cover where the extensions start(most likely tape-ins here for the human, but this applies to other types of extensions), they become more obvious and it looks not good

    [–] Framed death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte presented to E.T. Gast by George deMenil, c. 1821-1850. fangsonwangs 31 points ago in Jessicamshannon

    His cheekbones and jawline were pretty solid. My imagination always gave him weak bone structure for some reason.

    [–] Suspiria (2018) - Volk fangsonwangs 5 points ago in NotTimAndEric

    That's Melania Trump Stepford smiling through awkward Christmas shit, it was shot so strange in the first place that having been edited as a horror clip fits quite naturally.

    [–] The equivalent of sending sexy pics to the wife when you have a baby fangsonwangs 1 points ago in pics

    I mean I would hope a good dicking would be in order for the lady in the same scenario.