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    [–] Beautiful fox on his last attack fangsonwangs 3 points ago in morbidlybeautiful

    It looks like a small fox and a massive swan with a big stabby beak, I can see how the fox could've went down

    [–] What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? fangsonwangs 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The one-sided thing is why it is a problem for so many though. There is no friendzoning issue if both are interested. I don't feel they used me for my body so much since I was young enough that I wasnt having sex yet, I meant that I fit the role being what they were attracted to with "parts", but the point is that the friendship was a manipulation tactic.

    [–] What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? fangsonwangs 1 points ago in AskReddit

    They aren't meant to counter anything and they don't have to be specific to a girl. They are the instances in which the absence of sexual desire does not negate empathy and value for someone. In the same way, sexual desire and physical intimacy could be altogether lacking of compassion, loyalty and trust. There could be a multitude of reasons someone doesnt want a sexual relationship, and many reasons as well to want a friend, its silly to assume that when someone won't get into a whole relationship with you, that you're worthless to them.

    I'm not young or lucky; I'll tell you one of my first dating relationships was something I got into to avoid losing a friend and it ended with the relationship and friendship lost, and me realizing that I meant nothing to them beyond parts and appearance. I'm sure you know that losing a friend hurts, and its even worse when dragged out in the course of a dead-end romantic relationship that you were bullied into through the threat of abandonment by someone you really thought had your back. "Why not?" is something that only applies if you're on the same page, otherwise its almost like a demand from the questioning party and a rejection of the friendship.

    [–] What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? fangsonwangs 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I know you're speaking generally, but thats how I feel with the thought being broadcast all over that theres no reason to be friends with an attractive person of compatable sexuality outside romantic ends. Everyone wants to pair off in a love/sex match, but the friends you keep throughout life and experience ups and downs with get sorely undersold when this debate comes up. Its not nice to lead people on and it's also not nice to play the caring friend role when you don't mean it and specifically want sexual attention. Both of these things take the other person's friendship for granted and diminish its potential impact. It isn't necessarily misogynist, either(even though some comments by others are) because there's definitely women and men and genderqueer people on either side of this dynamic out there. I know I used gendered examples but I would apply all of that to anyone with any genitals and I'm not accusing you of having a low opinion of women.

    [–] What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? fangsonwangs 2 points ago in AskReddit

    "Why aren't you dating them?"

    Maybe you're cute but not her physical type

    Maybe something else about you turns her off and kills any romantic attraction on her end but she still thinks you're a cool person and cares about you as a human

    Maybe her attraction to someone else is strong enough to dampen her attraction to you, but again, she values you as a human

    Maybe she'd help you out with employment or finances or emotional support should you need it, but this care and empathy for you doesn't compel her to eat your dick.

    Its possible to like the attention and knowing you're attractive, and this is a shallow connection regardless of who has what feelings, but is it really that difficult to understand that our greatest friendships in life don't have to be sexually gratifying, or that your friendship to someone else can be valuable for both of you and good for things much more complicated and important than plain fucking?

    [–] What's your most "out there" sbux story? fangsonwangs 2 points ago in starbucks

    This is some drag me to hell type shit, wow

    [–] What is something about women you feel a lot of men think is true but isn’t? fangsonwangs 6 points ago in AskWomen

    I'm not sure of a boy's typical experience growing up, but I know as a girl, you're taught aspects of grooming and looking presentable from a young age, (hopefully) without the implication of making boys/men notice you. Not to excuse the sexism involved, but maybe its also cultural. Boys clothing tends to be very plain, it doesn't seem like boys get pushed towards fashion as self expression, so many don't understand it outside status symbols and attracting mates¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] What is something about women you feel a lot of men think is true but isn’t? fangsonwangs 43 points ago in AskWomen

    Doesn't everyone feel aesthetically pleased at themselves sometimes? Like, just look at yourself, adorn yourself in stuff you like and think, "I look nice, cool." and then feel good without really needing anyone on the outside to tell you?

    [–] DC restaurant expels transgender woman who used women’s restroom fangsonwangs 12 points ago in news

    But pervs are gonna perv, most likely in a way that are already illegal, so having to prove gender is a lousy preventative measure. For every serious perv doing a whole planned pervy bit or planting a camera, there way more people just needing a restroom.

    [–] Freed, Katrina Yu, Photomanipulation, 2018 fangsonwangs 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Art

    In the Disney one, she isn't in pain but she's instantly a human while still at the bottom of the ocean and I always thought she might've drowned swimming to the surface if she hadn't immediately figured out how to swim with legs.

    Edit: the fish helped her, so if flounder wasnt there, the movie would have been pretty short

    [–] I have pothole PTSD now fangsonwangs 1 points ago in chicago

    I really want that excuse to die, there are colder places with better streets!

    [–] Woman Shoots, Kills Husband During Argument for Beating Cat fangsonwangs 4 points ago in news

    But is the cat gonna be ok? Hope somebody looks after the cat...

    [–] By the end of the meeting... fangsonwangs 6 points ago in starbucks

    Sounds like a #colorbrave Breakfast Club

    [–] ARE YOU READY GUYS fangsonwangs 2 points ago in starbucks

    iPad: "Be welcoming and inclusive"

    Sign on door: "FOH"

    [–] dreading tomorrow fangsonwangs 22 points ago in starbucks

    Dirty sweatpants👀

    [–] New Racial-Bias Awareness Policies Announced (comedy sketch) fangsonwangs 1 points ago in starbucks

    I want some confetti to throw for people who even bother to ask before using the restrooms.

    [–] Does anyone else think that “color brave” is super cringey? fangsonwangs 25 points ago in starbucks

    It's embarrassing that they are suggesting that it involves being courageous

    [–] **Obvious Spoilers S2Ep6** The full horror of what was done to Ofglen MKII didn't occur to me until last night. fangsonwangs 22 points ago in TheHandmaidsTale

    I think Mayday thought it better to use handmaids' proximity to the elite to bring down the ruling class, and risk losing them, rather than losing even more people in the resistance movement and not changing much trying to smuggle them out. June's botched escape alone could have resulted in the death of almost the whole chain of people that got her to that point. At the very least, Ofglen2 could have charged right in but she took time to warn who she could and that shows me they didn't plan on expending the ones in the building.

    [–] Report: Chicago most corrupt city in U.S. fangsonwangs 3 points ago in chicago

    We're really just the worst at getting away with it if you look at it that way.

    [–] I Was Kicked Off The Harry Potter Ride For Being Too Fat For The Seats fangsonwangs 8 points ago in NewsOfTheStupid

    Her friend who gave her the heads up: "...they gave me front of the line passes to rest of the rides at Universal." That's way more than they'd give you for being too short or tall.