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    [–] The Hound killed the Mountain at least twice in that fight but what is dead can never die. faralongbakersstreet 13 points ago in freefolk

    Cleganebowl was a mess The Hound deserved better his brother was already dead he had shit to live for. If D&D wanted Cleganebowl they should've done it before the Viper killed the real Gregor.

    [–] What's the worst part of season 8? faralongbakersstreet 3 points ago in freefolk

    The superior Stannis.

    Tho the actor was great.

    [–] Remember how all this basically means nothing and what was the point... faralongbakersstreet 4 points ago in freefolk

    In stories like this too much explanation becomes messy and most of the time has too many plot holes. Better to keep it mysterious I agree.