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    [–] What small details can ruin film immersion? felonydumper 25 points ago in movies

    The "whisper-talking" actors do when they say something intimate or heartfelt to another character. I've never seen anyone do that in real life.

    [–] "I'm going find Lil ugly mane" - Denzel Curry felonydumper 13 points ago in liluglymane

    I would love to see this happen. Denzel has become a lot more talented as a rapper since he last collaborated with Ugly. Still pretty surreal how huge Denzel got.

    [–] [FRESH] Secret Circle - My way felonydumper 1 points ago in liluglymane

    How do you know? What's your relation to Ugly?

    [–] Three Sided Tee felonydumper 2 points ago in liluglymane

    First LUM shirt I'm considering buying. Anyone have a link to where this is being sold?

    [–] I'm not ok felonydumper 1 points ago in liluglymane

    Looks like Blake from Workaholics possibly? I've seen him in pics with Antwon before

    [–] Let me tell you about this mind-blowing experimental rock band I just saw called 'Palm' felonydumper 19 points ago in indieheads

    Yeah, that was it! Alvvays had the entire crowd swaying back and forth. Mykki Blanco was just bonkers. It was a great show!

    [–] [Sunday] Weekly Suggestions - - April 30, 2017 felonydumper 3 points ago in indieheads

    I already made a thread about them cause I'm so obsessed, but Palm