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    [–] In response to the Ariel Pink story from yesterday's thread, I wanted to post about the time he did something weird to me during a show. felonydumper 73 points ago in indieheads

    Holy hell. It's so upsetting to see this story when I'm such a huge fan of Ariel Pink. I hope more people keep on feeling comfortable enough to step forward and reveal which artists have been behaving inexcusably.

    [–] Screaming Females announce new album and release new song felonydumper 7 points ago in indieheads

    I've always thought the lead singer of Screaming Females looks like she could be a character on the Disney cartoon Recess.

    [–] Deradoorian reporting live to answer your intergalactic questions - ask me anythang felonydumper 6 points ago in indieheads

    On an archived page of Andy Morin's old website for his recording studio A2B2, it says that you recorded an EP there in 2007. Was that Mind Raft or something else? Also, what was like it meeting/working with Andy before his Death Grips' fame?

    [–] [LEAK] King Krule - The Ooz felonydumper 5 points ago in leakthreads

    This is one of those leaks where I truly can't control myself from checking it out. The singles have been incredible! I can't wait to see where he's gone with his sound.

    [–] What I Saw This Week (WISTW)- September 24th felonydumper 1 points ago in MoviePassClub

    Are you talking about the IFC Center for Stalker?

    [–] I am Kirin J Callinan and I am Down 2 Hang. Ask me anything... felonydumper 1 points ago in indieheads

    Hey Kirin... I find your music to be so good while also being a bit hysterical at times!

    my question is: how did you gather such a large posse of modern/old/respected musicians to appear in your videos and to feature on your latest album?

    [–] [FRESH ALBUM] Corbin (Spooky Black) - Mourn felonydumper 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in liluglymane

    It's incredible. And he's in the same extended friend group as LUM, Wiki, etc. There are a bunch of photos of him and LUM together.

    edit: I also thought fans of LUM would probably appreciate it

    [–] I'm actor Robert Pattinson (GOOD TIME)... AMA! felonydumper 2 points ago in movies

    Who would you like to work with in the future that you haven't worked with yet?

    [–] I'm actor Robert Pattinson (GOOD TIME)... AMA! felonydumper 11 points ago in movies

    You should start working again on whatever that movie is. I would do anything to see a Death Grips movie with you in it.