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    [–] Lil Handzum Bae felonydumper 20 points ago in liluglymane

    Ugly mane starting to look like a character in a david lynch movie

    [–] New Secret Circle dropping tomorrow felonydumper 9 points ago in liluglymane

    I have just received news that tha_jza has been killed in a car crash. May he rest in peace.

    [–] What are all of Kendrick Lamar's nicknames? felonydumper 2 points ago in KendrickLamar

    Are we sure he was referring to himself when he said that?

    [–] [LEAK] Gas - Narkopop felonydumper 5 points ago in indieheads

    this album feels like drowning in an ocean of strings

    [–] [LEAKED] Playboi Carti - Playboi Carti felonydumper 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    Go to /r/leakthreads, find the thread on Playboi Carti, download the "dbr" link. I would just give you guys the link, but I don't wanna get banned!