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    [–] [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Palm - Rock Island felonydumper 1 points ago in indieheads

    This is true. Their live shows are on another level.

    [–] [FRESH STREAM] Palm - Rock Island felonydumper 3 points ago in indieheads

    Ain't nobody doing rock like my guys Palm

    [–] This is not a drill. felonydumper 5 points ago in liluglymane

    Oh I didn't notice he posted a picture of another single cover

    [–] This is not a drill. felonydumper 10 points ago in liluglymane

    90% upvotes

    Who is this 10% and why the hell are you here?

    [–] Lil Ugly Mane announces new music this Monday with his collective 'Secret Circle' felonydumper 55 points ago in hiphopheads

    he's also dropping a new gabber record according to his facebook! (gabber is a sub genre of techno with industrial elements)

    [–] This is not a drill. felonydumper 5 points ago in liluglymane

    What are the chances it's the secret circle album and not just another single?

    [–] [FRESH] Palm - Composite felonydumper 2 points ago in indieheads

    My faith is restored!

    [–] [FRESH] Palm - Composite felonydumper 1 points ago in indieheads

    As a huge Palm fan, I've been disappointed by the studio versions of the songs that they've been playing live. Like in this one, the tempo is slowed, the vocal and instrument performances aren't as good as they could be, and the mixing is odd. I still wish the best for them and hope the album turns out good.

    [–] Lil Ugly Mane reveals he used to be a heroin addict and says he regrets making the song Lean Got Me Fucked Up because it's "irresponsible and fucking lame" felonydumper 241 points ago in indieheads

    To the mods- I posted about this on indieheads because Lil Ugly Mane has also released hours worth of punk, noise, and experimental electronic music. I think he falls under the "indie" umbrella even though he is most known for hip hop.

    [–] [FRESH STREAM] Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin: NPR - First Listen felonydumper 15 points ago in indieheads

    Wow just when I was nervously starting to suspect that he was past his prime he delivers one of his career's best. I'm so happy he proved me wrong. Don't even know why I doubted him.

    [–] [FRESH] Preoccupations - Espionage (Official Audio) felonydumper 1 points ago in indieheads

    Slowdive showed us what shoegaze shapes look like and now Preoccupations is showing us what post punk shapes look like.