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    [–] The grooms side of the wedding fesuoy 4 points ago in funny

    The groom is on the women’s side gettin’ it in

    [–] Salad with lobster tails fesuoy 0 points ago in Keto_Food

    I cheated - they are carbs! Purple heirloom potato chips fried in coconut oil, need the crunch instead of croutons.

    [–] Insane marbling on tiny grass-fed ribeye fesuoy 5 points ago in steak

    I’ve tried it, A5, I’ll probably get downvoted for this but, I’m not a fan. Doesn’t tastes like meat, you might as well eat a block of fat. It’s way over priced and overrated.

    [–] Insane marbling on tiny grass-fed ribeye fesuoy 1 points ago in steak

    See my other post! Uploaded a video and after pic

    [–] Lamb Picanha fesuoy 2 points ago in steak

    Was labeled as Lamb Picanha, but yes it’s the top sirloin with fat cap. Most butchers in US will remove the fat cap unfortunately.

    [–] Crusty ribeye pan-fried in camel fat fesuoy 9 points ago in steak

    Yes, definitely a bit more gamey. But if I hadn’t known it was camel, I would’ve thought it was beef.

    [–] Scissors shaped like a Bird fesuoy 47 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Makes sense, borrowed from wife’s sewing kit!

    [–] NY Strip pan-fried in Lamb Bacon Fat fesuoy 3 points ago in steak

    Not really, I found this lamb bacon to be very mild in flavor, not gamey at all. It’s grassfed from a small farm.

    [–] First time smoking a Chuck Roast fesuoy 27 points ago in steak

    I ate it. You go away

    [–] Seared prime rib fesuoy 16 points ago in steak

    I did a quick pan-sear in stainless steel pan (to get the crust), then placed entire pan into oven at 200F until steak reached 120F. Not sure what this method is called, maybe forward-sear? Opposite of reverse-sear

    [–] Crispy ribeye 🥩 fesuoy 6 points ago in steak

    I prefer stainless. It’s waaaay lighter and I can get the same, if not better crust.

    [–] NY strip smoked on traeger fesuoy 32 points ago in steak

    Yes, please refer to article C-137.

    [–] Bear and Tiger by Versusink @ Overlook, Bournemouth UK fesuoy -6 points ago in tattoos

    I have no tattoos, but because I watch Ink Master that makes me an expert. I believe the tattoos were done by different artists. Compare the refection of the eyes, shading of chin, lines of the center piece, consistency and patterns of the leaves. The details, line-work, shading, and general drawing of the tiger is far superior.