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    [–] Do you have any advice for Cradle Catholics to "rediscover" the faith as if they were a convert? findyourselfman 11 points ago in Catholicism

    As a cradle catholic, this post is gold. I also still struggle and it’s oddly reassuring to hear your situation. What had helped me is volunteering at my parish. It has helped me continue practicing my faith. I hope you find strength and courage. M28

    [–] Communisim in practice findyourselfman 1 points ago in memes

    This meme hurts. It cut me deep. I want the first to be true but, the older I get, the second one is becoming more likely.

    [–] Just Tearable findyourselfman 0 points ago in funny

    This is my kind of humor/humour!

    [–] Forget about politics look at Puppies instead findyourselfman 1 points ago in rarepuppers

    So cute! They are so full of energy and they have so much destructive power. Although that’s what I think about certain politicians sometimes. This is a political post.

    [–] PiZzA oR sAlAd? Shut the fuck up. findyourselfman 2 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    It’s such a good feeling shutting him up so I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Wait, nevermind.

    [–] I’m sponsoring my younger brother for Confirmation. What can I do to help him? findyourselfman 3 points ago in Catholicism

    All these are great suggestions but we live in the real world where there are so many other things that keep us from doing the things suggested buy others. You don’t want to overwhelm him. Definitely suggest him and do those things but I say you be a sponsor and “walk” the journey with him. He probably is taking a class...ask him about it. Make sure he knows you’re there and be excited for him about each part of the journey until he is confirmed—and after ofcourse!

    [–] Pray for this Hateful Maybe Racist Man. findyourselfman 10 points ago in Catholicism

    Thanks for sharing this. What you ask for is completely valid. We should strive to be better. I can’t imagine going through what happened to you. You seem to be handling okay. I hope you are able to again feel safe and at home there. Also, I hope you can find strength and courage. God’s love, peace and mercy have helped me with that. Maybe forgiving him might help you move on.

    [–] I asked for No Sour Cream on my nachos. I got charged for the privilege. findyourselfman 3 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Yes. I am hesitant to order custom dishes. Not only does it make the server’s and cook’s job harder but it is a disappointment when they don’t follow the specifications. Food workers get all kinds of customers and I rather be a good customer. Plus, it’s the restaurant’s menu. Not the customer’s menu. I say this despite being lactose intolerant which makes ordering a challenge.

    [–] I hated growing up with gay parents findyourselfman 2 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    This makes a lot of sense and I’m sorry that you don’t have the life you want. You don’t deserve this

    [–] Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? findyourselfman 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Yes, after almost four years after I broke up with her, I can’t help thinking if I made a mistake. We weren’t compatible, in my opinion, and remembering that makes me feel better. Still, we shared great moments and she was good for me. She was just not what I wanted. Sometimes I feel that I said no to something that could have been great. I still think it’s best to end if you dont feel right than continue with a lie.

    [–] will a catholic man ever be able to love me? findyourselfman 2 points ago in Catholicism

    Life long Catholic here. I’ve been with partners of both sexes and I’m still “figuring it out” in my mind. At 28M, my faith has grown and I continue to learn about it. Don’t look at your past. It will stop you from connecting with God.

    [–] Fellow men of reddit, how did you learn to love yourself? findyourselfman 1 points ago in AskMen

    “Give yourself some grace” is one of the best advice I’ve received. Literally say nice things to yourself. Compliment yourself. Do things to treat yourself. Don’t find a reason why, just do it. Start by looking up motivational videos on YouTube.

    [–] How do I tell my GF I need some space? findyourselfman 1 points ago in AskMen

    Congratulations for addressing this now and not wait a year into the relationship. Just let her know you need time for your self. If she doesn’t understand that then she will alayas have issues with you not being with her. You can’t make the relationship your top priority. Your career or goals should be. She should support that.

    [–] Have you ever accidentally caught someone naked? If so, what's the story? findyourselfman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My family and I were in the car driving to a store. We were passing by a residential area where the speed limit is low. All of a sudden a fully naked guy runs across the street in front of our car. He must have been in his 30s. He seemed a little embarrassed and just kept running. My parents and siblings were speechless. We didn’t talk about it. I still wonder why he was naked.

    [–] me irl findyourselfman 1 points ago in me_irl

    Yes, the level of pressure to commit to a place is too much. I will probably will never decide where to stick my Bernie 2016 sticker.

    [–] Got my binder today and I’m so excited!! I can’t share the excitement with anyone so I thought I’d share it with you!! findyourselfman 2 points ago in Catholicism

    That’s awesome! Enjoy the journey. It’s probably different the when I went through it. Just remember that the other people going through it are just as important as the material you are learning. God speaks through them too!

    [–] My brother got engaged one month after his wife’s death. My wife is threatening to divorce me if I acknowledge his new relationship in any capacity. findyourselfman 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    You sound like a good guy that is a little confused and feeling guilty. You want the best for your nephew? What’s best “A new mom” or a dad that dedicates time and energy to him and his family and not in finding the next one who wont make him feel so alone. It really makes me sad how men like your brother can’t be without someone. Good luck my friend! It’s a tough decision to say no but you have to do it.

    [–] silence wench findyourselfman 1 points ago in memes

    I sort of get it but what I do get is that I am getting older because I don’t quite get this new humor.

    [–] Joe Biden, in his first speech as president-elect, urges unity: 'Time to heal in America' findyourselfman 2 points ago in politics

    It feels like eating a good healthy and delicious meal after having eaten junk and fast food for a while. I am so proud of who is representing us. I especially liked the whole unity, family, woman can do anything message. Cheers!

    [–] Bernie Sanders predicted EXACTLY how the elections would play out findyourselfman 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Bernie, I was on board since 2016. The us electorate doesn’t deserve you. You opened the path for future leaders that will follow your lead. Thank you!

    [–] It’s okay, it’s okay findyourselfman 1 points ago in firstimpression

    You look great. You have great features that make you look very masculine and attractive. It kind of seems that the “it’s okay, it’s okay” is more for you than for us. You look tired or like you’ve been through some stuff.