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    [–] Feminist logic 🙄 fireman03 1 points ago in libertarianmeme

    How is this libertarian content? From your profile history, you’re just a troll.

    [–] PA Woman killed by falling into a meat grinder fireman03 58 points ago in news

    He said the victim may have been standing on a set of wheeled stairs prior to the fatal accident.

    I damn sure wouldn’t be on one of those near a meat grinder.

    [–] Who in your opinion (what celebrity) doesn’t deserve to be famous? fireman03 1 points ago in AskReddit

    She needs to be famous the way Florida Man is famous: as a cautionary tale for others (so they don’t get drugged and robbed).

    [–] The very beautiful Courteney Cox, 1992. fireman03 22 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    The high-frequency plastic surgery did her in.

    [–] Lego death fireman03 7 points ago in funny

    Well, first time since the last time.

    [–] Station ice cream fireman03 1 points ago in Firefighting

    There have been discussions of getting one of those chest-style freezers...

    [–] Station ice cream fireman03 4 points ago in Firefighting

    The one issue we have is our staffing is low, especially with vacation season coming up, so you may be collecting more ice cream than your freezer can hold. I got 24hr last Saturday with another OT person at that station. They were fully stocked with Blue Bell, so we got cookie dough and milk.

    [–] Station ice cream fireman03 7 points ago in Firefighting

    If you’re working 24hr overtime , you buy ice cream for the station.

    [–] Job Postings for April 2019 fireman03 7 points ago in Firefighting

    Newport News Fire Department in Virginia is hiring. The process closes April 20.

    [–] Girl smoking meth while live streaming on meetme fireman03 52 points ago in trashy

    r/trashy should do mascot of the week, because there’s always a new astounding trashy each week.

    [–] "CLEAR" is not just a TV-show gimmick fireman03 132 points ago in medizzy

    I think this is an older video. They took stacked shocks (several shocks, one right after the other) fifteen or so years ago.

    [–] Gold and Grey, John Dyer Baizley, Oil, 2019 fireman03 93 points ago in Art

    It looks like the cover to a Baroness album.

    [–] Good Riddance!!! fireman03 2 points ago in ems

    You’ve miscounted. That’s a five-head at the very least.

    [–] Who is there? Is Somebody here? fireman03 13 points ago in bertstrips

    But what color were those arrows?

    [–] Rescue Task Force fireman03 3 points ago in Firefighting

    What is ASHER?

    [–] Lil run in at Whole Foods - AMAZING fireman03 6 points ago in pics

    Actually, this may be the best she’s looked in a while.