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    [–] A little mistake at the bakery fireman03 2 points ago in WTF

    There are no mistakes. Just happy (not so) little accidents.

    [–] Younger sister drew this. fireman03 3 points ago in funny

    If you click the images option on that page, it will show you pictures of planet Earth on a treadmill inspired by a flat Earth poster.

    [–] Younger sister drew this. fireman03 9 points ago in funny

    Thank you. I knew this looked familiar.

    [–] Fla. fire captain suspended over Snapchat at fatal fire fireman03 24 points ago in Firefighting

    He was suspended for the Snapchat while on scene. What I’m waiting for is how the investigation goes as to why he ignored dispatch’s repeated comments that there was someone inside. He wrote it off and went defensive pretty much on arrival, stating that there were no cars in the driveway, so no one was at home, and if they were, there couldn’t possibly be any living victims when the call taker was still talking to her.

    Someone posted the link to Statter911 yesterday with the radio traffic recording.

    [–] Health question fireman03 2 points ago in Firefighting

    I feel the regularly broken sleep cycles are a bigger factor. Calls that affect psychological stress from severity are infrequent. But sleep patterns where I get up several times a night to immediately do work follow me into the other two-thirds of my sleeps and break up rest there.

    [–] Today was a MCI training day, got dolled up nice for it fireman03 4 points ago in Firefighting

    Do you walk around outside like that? The looks you would have gotten would have been priceless.

    [–] I f****** love purple! fireman03 1 points ago in gaming

    No purple GameCube?

    [–] What Jobs do Firefighters go into after retiring? fireman03 75 points ago in Firefighting

    Firefighters usually retire after 25-40 years of service. They don’t necessarily go into related jobs after retiring. I’ve worked with people who have started lawn care businesses after retiring, security, and carpentry. Some will take there training and go into jobs that will utilize them, like fire inspections, medical transport, chemical plants, and safety officers for companies.

    [–] What Jobs do Firefighters go into after retiring? fireman03 9 points ago in Firefighting

    Mid 30 years of service range or mid 30 years age range?

    [–] Steam Cleaner fireman03 -1 points ago in funny

    It’s just a happy little hellhound pupper. Such good boi.

    [–] Need help with Rookie Firefighter fireman03 1 points ago in Firefighting

    To add onto your point, I would also ask the senior person who shut her down to document what he witnessed. It will give you an additional witness if it had to go further up.

    [–] British Breakfast fireman03 1 points ago in pics

    What about for an American?

    [–] Pretty interesting tech fireman03 20 points ago in Firefighting

    Until you get the one person facing the wrong way and inflates it inside the structure.

    [–] The new drug fad with the young! fireman03 40 points ago in funny

    If I remember correctly from one of the last seven or eight times this was posted, he uses this when he feels a seizure coming on to prevent him from having a full blown seizure.

    [–] I always knew it was trashy but now I have proof fireman03 1 points ago in trashy

    Good old craft herpes. No matter how you try, you can never get rid of it.

    [–] Let’s talk emergency bailout. fireman03 2 points ago in Firefighting

    Two 25’ sections of 1” tubular webbing daisy chained with locking carabiners hooked to them. One is straight and the other is tied in a loop with a waterman’s knot.