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    [–] I sure don't miss those days firkin_slang_whanger 11 points ago in nursing

    You'll get through it. It's a PITA but it'll be worth it in the end!

    [–] So I just received the good news that I passed the BAR exam! firkin_slang_whanger 3 points ago in ADHD

    I think I remember you posting before right? Hope I got the right person! Many congrats!!!!

    [–] Long term safety of Melatonin ? firkin_slang_whanger -3 points ago in AskDocs

    Your body produces melatonin so I don't see any reason why you can't take it. I just wouldn't take more than the required dose.

    [–] The Catholic Church Has No Moral Argument on Abortions. After the pope revealed nuns were forced to get abortions while being held as sex slaves, the Church doesn’t seem well positioned to lecture on what women should or should not do with their bodies. firkin_slang_whanger 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    No hostility taken and just so you know I upvoted you for responding to my post in an honest manner. So here is my honest answer.

    There are a lot of Christians who would fit in that category as a person who respects others well-being. However, at the end of the day, they support a book and a God who condones slavery, infanticide, genocide, misogyny, anti-knowledge, anti-science and the disdain towards the nonreligious and other groups for no reason except that's what their God requests of them. This is just one of the many reasons why I walked away from religion. I couldn't continue living a dishonest lifestyle. I applaud you not wanting to be in their camp but I can't help but take a hard look at people who say their religion is doing the wrong thing but don't break away from it.

    I grew up a Catholic/Christian before I decided to be a humanist/atheist fifteen years ago so I know how you feel when you see shit like this. Please know that this is my point of view and not an attack on you but it is obviously shared by a lot of other people. This is why you see that the nonreligious and the 'nones' are growing exponentially across the globe and I hope it continues to do so. We don't need religion to be good people or to be charitable. Again, thanks for responding and I wish you well in life!

    [–] 2019 Westminster Dog Show without dogs firkin_slang_whanger 2 points ago in gifs

    Or is this a long-term care facility and we're seeing the Alzheimer's patients aimlessly wondering around?

    [–] Only in Florida firkin_slang_whanger 8 points ago in trashy

    Which picture is the husky?

    [–] I’m a good driver! firkin_slang_whanger 5 points ago in funny

    Just this morning a tow truck was inching his way in front of me into the left-hand turning lane. I was thinking to myself why can't this asshole wait in line like everybody else instead of cutting to the front?? I let him in, went about a half a mile down the road only to see an accident that he was headed to. Number one asshole right here!!