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    [–] i hope this helps fitchers_bird 41 points ago in RealGirls

    whatever the question , jiggling boobs is always the answer

    [–] Belle Delphines Pussy fitchers_bird 1 points ago in Nudes

    haha yes it is pretty strange and thank you

    [–] Belle Delphines Pussy fitchers_bird 1 points ago in Nudes

    yes this is me , is actually a still from a video i posted once . this pic is used by quite a few other girls who claim it is theirs . but this is 100% my pussy :)

    [–] happy meal :) [f] fitchers_bird 17 points ago in PetiteGoneWild

    yours have the same effect on me peaches x

    [–] happy meal :) [f] fitchers_bird 19 points ago in PetiteGoneWild

    i was about to delete and resubmit and then i was like well who doesnt love happy meals ? :p

    [–] happy meal :) [f] fitchers_bird 37 points ago in PetiteGoneWild

    i did not mean to title this happy meal but now i am laughing at it :)

    [–] happy meal :) [f] fitchers_bird 164 points ago in PetiteGoneWild

    this title is meant to be "happy me" . i think autocorrect is being funny so i am leave as is

    [–] i think i will turn around now :) fitchers_bird 36 points ago in RealGirls

    the light here shows them off perfect :)

    [–] pussy plus tits fitchers_bird 6 points ago in pussy

    i dont use instagram sorry

    [–] pussy plus tits fitchers_bird 63 points ago in pussy

    thats dumb . a barbie doll has no genitals . i has both kinds of labia . my pussy is a type (called a innie ) where the larger outer labia hide the smaller inner labia unless they is spread with fingers . its perfectly normal and just one of this many variety of pussy to be appreciated in the world :)

    [–] pussy plus tits fitchers_bird 69 points ago in pussy

    all pussies are pretty great in my humble opinion

    [–] pussy plus tits fitchers_bird 16 points ago in pussy

    me too :)

    [–] pussy plus tits fitchers_bird 14 points ago in pussy

    thank you but no :)

    [–] Lunchtime fitchers_bird 24 points ago in GodPussy

    in defence of op of this post , this is a pic that has been falsely used by other reddit girls as theirs , so is understandable if op thought it was not me .

    [–] Lunchtime fitchers_bird 21 points ago in GodPussy

    yep thats me and my pic

    [–] [/r/nsfw_gif] jiggling fitchers_bird 41 points ago in porn

    i am the girl in this gif . i made this gif . youre the moron here