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    [–] Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's Siblings Endorse Rival in New Campaign Ads flamingfireworks 38 points ago in nottheonion

    I mean, you can be a law abiding person but also a racist.

    And you can even use being a "law abiding, law enforcing constitutionalist" to be a racist. The constitution was written at a time where slavery was still a regular thing, and it was written a good 200 or so years before lynchings stopped being a thing. Hella laws are written either directly to unfairly affect nonwhite people, or written in a way that someone can easily just selectively apply it to people who arent white without ever really getting caught.

    like shit dude, the holocaust was legal. The trail of tears was legal. Laws arent meant to be a moral barometer, and racism is something that's kinda more of a moral/ethical thing than a legal thing.

    [–] Another letgo grab. $150 cult Dak, fresh out the box flamingfireworks 2 points ago in bmx

    50% of the steals on letgo are literally stolen things, someone's sibling/parent/kid is a junkie or just an asshole and sells their stuff for just enough to get their next fix or a new game or whatever, and the rest will tend to be people who got left with something after their partner moved out and didnt take their stuff/someone died/etc

    [–] The trailer was mostly exposition?!? flamingfireworks 16 points ago in quityourbullshit

    Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty close to SJW stuff as far as people who don't have negative karma on reddit go but there's a difference between "female action movie character spends more time being cool than talking" and "movie with two female protagonists still uses them entirely as foils to male love interests".

    [–] Arent you guys doing exactly what the centrists laugh at you for doing? flamingfireworks 5 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    For most people here, its not calling them nazis, its pointing out that right leaning people enable fascism.

    Like, if kid A hits kid B in the face every day at lunch at their school, kid A is a bully. If kid C is now in the equation, not hitting kid B, but making sure teachers arent looking when kid A hits kid B, sometimes holding kid B down or coaxing kid B into a secluded area for kid A to hit them, would you say kid C is a bully? or at the very least, say he's enabling a bully? Because i dont know what else you would say.

    [–] As a Libertarian I have every right to feel smug about standing for absolutely nothing but empty platitudes. flamingfireworks 7 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    "the democratic party is actually embracing using some of the huge government budget to improve the lives of poor and disabled people, something that would have positive ripples on society as a whole. To counteract this, im gonna vote for the party that routinely defends sexual abusers and predators and pushes for rights to be taken away from women and minorities at every turn. I am very intelligent"

    [–] What are the most durable and comfy grips flamingfireworks 2 points ago in bmx

    hoders good.

    ODI good.

    If you want thin grips, merritt charlie grips.

    If you want fat grips, hoder grips or the other merritt grips nobody talks about.

    If you want weird shit, and can find them, eclat burns grips.

    [–] Some quick questions flamingfireworks 3 points ago in NewSkaters

    1. absolutely bushings. Dick around with them, spin them around a bit. should fix it. also shouldnt be noticable when you're on it.

    2. Could be a day could be a year. Cruise until you're comfy throwing down/kicking up your board, hopping on it and rolling around. The way i see it is that guys who are good at doing tricks, even if they can only do two or three tricks, feel their board as an extension of themselves, the same way shoes are. Sounds like hippy shit, but its the most accurate way to put it. If a skateboard feels like a vehicle that you have to keep under control, instead of feeling like second nature, your tricks will never feel right and your riding will reflect that, either with you just looking uncomfortable as hell (and therefore, whack as shit) or fucking up basic things like slappy grinds (again, making you look whack).

    3. Wear good shoes. The arch of your foot is probably burning because your shoes either dont fit or because you're stressed and your feet are "clenching" to try to grip onto the deck as tightly as possible. That eases up when you're better, and your joints and muscles will get used to the motion and the stance so it'll stop hurting even if that isnt the problem.

    [–] Kavanaugh belonged to Yale secret society with motto "No means yes. Yes means anal." flamingfireworks 4 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    because even though itd be ingenuine to say him being white is the only reason why he's cut a break, its not a coincidence that you see a whole lot more of these "the kid literally ran over and killed two people and didnt even spend a full year in prison" and "yeah he brutally raped a few girls, but it was when he was a kid, we've gotta give him a break" and "sure, she fucked her student who was 13 years old repeatedly, but like, he had to have wanted it right?" cases being adult, generally neurotypical passing white people.

    Class absolutely plays a large role, but in my friend groups, the majority of the queer, non neurotypical, and nonwhite people will all confirm that they basically had to "grow up" before they could legally drive, wheras my straight, neurotypical, and white friends all act with MUCH more immaturity and within minutes of meeting them, you can tell that they've had half the "mental maturing" that my other friends have had.

    Like shit, look at school shooters vs black victims of police brutality. The fucker who went and massacred kids at that florida school was a troubled kid, the system failed him. He was also relatively white passing. Compare this to treyvon martin- an absolute thug, drug dealer, was probably high, only criminals buy skittles and carry them on their person. Its absolutely improved compared to back in the 50s, but it doesnt take the most perceptive eye to recognize that being white still gives you a bit of a looser leash as far as where the line is between "evil crime against humanity" and "childish mistake"

    [–] "I'm not a fascist, but if we decided to kill the transes, we'd win. Just sayin'" flamingfireworks 60 points ago in GenderCynical

    Also i dont understand what theyre proving?

    "if we got everyone who cant accurately calculate sines and cosines in their head and it turned to real fighting with people who could, we'd win, therefore math doesnt actually exist"

    "we could beat you up if we wanted" is some middle school shit

    [–] White Samba Classic (long tongue) for $35 on Amazon flamingfireworks 2 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    iirc adidas has an official guide for cutting the (basically identical) tongue on busenitz shoes.

    [–] Bike check. Bike check. flamingfireworks 2 points ago in bmx

    Any steel bmx frame should be heat treated, unhardened steel bends, flexes, and dents/gouges much faster and easier than you'd expect or want.

    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error flamingfireworks 1 points ago in news

    Toll roads are public utilities.

    Internet bill of rights exists. The actual bill of rights applies. This is the free market at work. Alex Jones was a bad financial idea to have on their platform, he was removed.

    McDonald's is larger than a bakery. If i sat in a McDonald's screaming and driving away business, I would be removed. If you want Twitter to be forced to allow people you like on their platform, then make a public utility version funded by taxes. Otherwise, you're just whining because the rules I'm sure you're in favor of turned around and bit you too.

    [–] Temps are starting to drop so figured I’d bring a little heat to the office with my OW Prestos! flamingfireworks 12 points ago in Sneakers

    Im tired so i could be wrong but IIRC some website, to counter people who write bots to buy out these place's stock, had the link to a wheat pair of jordan 1s be "off white prestos" (dont remember the link, but if you saw it youd assume youre buying off white prestos, not jordan 1s).

    As a joke, people refer to wheat jordan 1s as off white prestos.

    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error flamingfireworks 2 points ago in news

    The most recent gay cake ruling was in favor of the bake shop, not the lesbian couple. This set the precedent that (much to the chagrin of a lot of very outspoken "my private company rights" conservatives) any company can deny service to anyone, for any reason.

    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error flamingfireworks 3 points ago in news

    That's an entirely different circumstance.

    For one, the courts in recent history havent been in favor of alex jones, and for two, thats not them denying a service paid for (which falls under fraud).

    If alex jones had been paying a subscription based form of twitter, and he had paid a down payment for this year for infowars twitter, then there would be ground to say "okay, what rule did i break to get me kicked out". However, "tech giants" are a private company that (in part due to the struggles of infowars) due to the gay cake ruling, now have supreme court precedent of having a right to deny any service they'd like.

    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error flamingfireworks 2 points ago in news

    Even when the TOS is reasonable, its not some bombproof "ha you thought youd sue me but you signed a contract".

    It basically has the legal power that a "no skateboarding" sign would have over keeping skaters from hopping stairs.

    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error flamingfireworks 59 points ago in news

    Also aren't most TOS things just scare tactics that hardly hold up in court?

    Because otherwise, fanduel could just have a little "if we decide we don't like how much you made we can just say tough tits" clause.

    [–] Sesame Workshop says Bert and Ernie are 'best friends' and not gay flamingfireworks 9 points ago in nottheonion

    Because the majority of people are truly tolerant, as in they tolerate LGBT people, not as in they support LGBT people or equality.

    [–] Old razor blade sharpener flamingfireworks 1 points ago in gifs

    It does depend on the carbon. Unhardened low carbon steel would lose an edge after one shave, and probably less than one.

    [–] Bar Size Comparison flamingfireworks 2 points ago in bmx

    If you're already getting new bars though, just get bigger bars.

    If you just dont like cult, check out s and m perfect 10 bars and s and m elevenz bars.

    [–] Bar Size Comparison flamingfireworks 2 points ago in bmx

    Bar size is mostly preference. Some tall mfs ride shortass bars some short mfs want to have 11 inch bars.

    Taller bars will make you more comfortable cruising and let you have more torque to move around, as well as generally having you be more upright. Shorter bars will give you more pop and more direct control.

    [–] Has anybody else had leather skate shoes and did you like them? flamingfireworks 1 points ago in NewSkaters

    Ive skated some leather and pleather. Suede feels better doing flip tricks and stuff, because leather either slips or it really catches.

    [–] Anyway to get a good complete skateboard for <70? flamingfireworks 1 points ago in NewSkaters

    1. dont think too hard about how your board looks. The bottom of the deck you can spray paint a flat color if you're so inclined and everything else is absolutely gonna get grimy as shit and dinged up even if you dont grind or slide.

    2. skate warehouse branded decks strong as hell. Thrown mine around about two years now, i dont do many tricks but i abuse the hell out of it (rain, snow, slides on sharp curbs, throwing it across parking lots, etc). Minimalist designs. Sizewise, 8 or 8.25 is comfy for someone starting out. narrower will be easier for flip tricks (kickflips and whatnot) wider will give you more of a platform, but also weigh a lil bit more. Theyre also more stable at speed. If you're smaller than 5'8 maybe a 7.75.

    3. Wheels, get softer/bigger ones.

    Decided to throw together something roughly like what you'd want.

    You can dick around with the hardware to add some flare to it (you can get different colored bolts and stuff for less than 2 dollars more if you care).

    This is pretty much the setup i ride right now, but ive got slightly more expensive bearings (which dont really change much, they were just what came in the used wheels i bought). Good enough to cruise around, softer and barely bigger wheels helps a LOT if you're cruising on dirty/gravelly streets or hitting crusty spots. Riser pads are for people with ridiculously big wheels.