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    [–] World leaders believe ‘it’s pointless’ attempting to show unity with Trump at G7 flashhd123 1 points ago in worldnews

    Well, America main purpose of Marshal plan is not help west Germany and Japan out of spite. You look into map, in case of ww3 happen, in Europe, east and west Germany would be the foremost frontline. So to rebuild west Germany, to have a strong economy and military to act as a gate against communist block and can hold long enough until nato can mobilize, assemble and finally deploy their army. Also, east and west Germany is considered the mirror for two ideologies: communism and capitalism so USA quite invest in there. Japan location also very vital, islands with strategic point of view: Sitting near 2 biggest communist nations, japan can act as Nato HQ and USA naval base in east Asia theater in case ww3 happens, together with controlling South Korea, Taiwan, usa formed a iron ring to block east Asia sea and any attempt of Russia-China to transport supplies via sea route, while they can bombing China coastal cities and return to these countries to resupply. Maybe "vassal states" is not the right word but USA policies certainly help rebuild these countries for purposes to use them as launching pads in case world war 3 happen.

    [–] When you lost when the enemy has less than 4% of his life. And lost the next time too. flashhd123 1 points ago in houkai3rd

    Lucky you, I'm really bad at rng, my account don't have any worthy dps gacha stigma, let alone full set so i have to play around with f2p grind able stigmas and f2p weapons

    [–] World leaders believe ‘it’s pointless’ attempting to show unity with Trump at G7 flashhd123 2 points ago in worldnews

    Forcing other countries to obey you by economic and military might, and yes, they wonder why these "bad guys" China, Russia always oppose them. North America and Europe population, combined may reach 1,5 billion people perhaps. There are nearly 8 billions people out there, you guys don't represent all of them. The world is not like 19th century anymore when power was in hand of some big Europeans imperial players, other regions is stabilizing and catching up. And thanks to globalization, rest of the world need the west for investment but the west also need rest of the world for producing and market. The west decide everything happen, what about China, India, SEA, Latin-America, Africa, Middle East, Russia etc? "We want the world to follow the way of democracy, by democracy i mean the "democracy" with the west dominated and decide everything like back the old imperial time of course"

    [–] Heil Alte Fritz flashhd123 8 points ago in houkai3rd

    Thanks to azure lande, I only remember him as a big tiddy ship mommy now

    [–] When you lost when the enemy has less than 4% of his life. And lost the next time too. flashhd123 2 points ago in houkai3rd

    I think the 9th stage( against sleenee) is more difficult since she has 60% damage reduction. With HOR (water gun, sigura set) i tried several time and the best only managed to drag her hp to orange bar with 80% left. Try my best, farmed hubble set, finally beat her with 59s remain. The last stage against the tank is easier than I thought, just sneak in the tank when it open the front to fire the cannon, then keep attacking the core, you won't face the damage reduction

    [–] Spearing zebra mantis shrimp! flashhd123 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Tyranid is much more scarier because they're a hive mind, not thinking as individuals. On top of that they can evolve by eating other species and steal their genes. If anyone have read HunterxHunter the chimera arc, will see how dangerous it is when the ant queen, produces worker ants by eating other animals, created generations of half ant-half animal hybrids, while have power of insects, also have ability of other animals. This further enhanced when they start attacking human. With human as food, the generations later created with human genes not only much smarter but also inherited flexibility, endurance like human, and on top of that, can use ability like human. Now imagine the tyranid, not only they are chimera ants on steroids, but they won't thinking as individuals and won't betray the hive mind. That is why for me in all factions, tyranid is the strongest and most dangerous

    [–] Brazilian Farmers Believe They Have the Right to Burn the Amazon: “The people in the big cities of Sao Paulo and Rio, they want us to live on picking Brazil nuts,” a farmer says. “That doesn’t put anyone’s kid in college” flashhd123 1 points ago in worldnews

    It's very hypocritical really, it's really easy to talk when you're a guy living in a modern city, living a comfortable life since you're born, while always get the most modern technology available before anyone else. But curse these 3rd world monkeys if they dare to improve their life. Yes destroy environment is bad, really bad actually, but you crying demand these people keep living in poor, while you and your family continue living the comfort life who gonna obey you? I see on Reddit people always get emotional over everything, even the tiniest thing possible but refuse to accept the harsh reality that unfavor them

    [–] Told me to keep the statues facing forwards but nothing happened. Please help I want that 80* prize flashhd123 1 points ago in houkai3rd

    You can't push that statute at first unless you already push the 2 statues to their normal place. This event is quite tricky lmao

    [–] Need help building Shiki flashhd123 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Onmyoji

    Basically what he did is mark your enemy, then the mark will record amount of damage that marked enemy received until bukkuman next turn, then it disappear, deal damage equal to the recorded damage at max level . So you want to build him just enough so he will out speed your dps to put his mark before your dps deal damage. In max level the damage limit is 100% damage recorded equal to 1200% bukkuman hp, but he has his crit and critdmg so how much damage your best dps deal, he can deal same amount multiple with his crit and critdmg. He is really useful in bosses but once your dps die first he can't act as a independent dps

    [–] Mihoyo : now im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move flashhd123 2 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in houkai3rd

    Reeeeeee! I got HOR in first 10 pull but have trouble getting her gears

    [–] Mihoyo : now im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move flashhd123 6 points ago in houkai3rd

    You know what worse? I spent too much time and energy to grind challenges quest and beat the deep sea archive to get focused supply card, only to see they changed it to other banner today, god damn, please mihoyo, i only need the key of the reason

    [–] Mihoyo : now im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move flashhd123 13 points ago in houkai3rd

    Expansion card can't use in expansion weapons gacha. Reeeeeee!

    [–] Hol Up flashhd123 1 points ago in HolUp

    Oh you're right, I checked the wiki and find out I'm wrong. The sun with white theme is national flag, the sun with stripes is a variation, used as war flag by warlords since the feudal era, later became the flag of imperial navy and imperial army

    [–] How do I get this last piece? Been stuck for 10 minutes flashhd123 1 points ago in houkai3rd

    The lower dune in the upper right corner will create a limestone for you to accelerate the slide. Puzzle mini game in this event is quite tricky

    [–] The desert feels like Antarctica compared to her. flashhd123 1 points ago in houkai3rd

    It's little tricky, you have to use the sand slide to open a new way in the right of the map, near the sinkhole that you got her diary( that cutscene is actually her diary), the new slide way will open a new way to approach her

    [–] Hol Up flashhd123 6 points ago in HolUp

    Yep, UN is officially created in post war meeting in 1946 or so I don't remember correctly but it's after the ww2 and before the Korean war. Actually it's the other way around, the only flag wrong here is nazi Germany, remove it and other flag make sense

    [–] This is Simo Häyhä - the deadliest sniper in world history | 500 confirmed kills in less than 100 days | He used no scope on his rifle | He held off 4,000 Soviets with only 31 other Finns | He was shot in the face with an exploding bullet and survived | He lived to 96 years of age. Hail Simo! flashhd123 1 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    It's not like only one side use this tactic but pretty every country. Ww2 the use of propaganda is even more prevalent because it's a full scale war, needing the support of both people in homeland to produce and soldiers in battlefield to fight. If you have seen the pacific, based on book written by us marines fought in pacific theaters about what they had experienced. The sergeant(? I forgot his name) was awarded Medal of Honor for his action using machine gun and hold off the Japanese offense. He then got transferred to home, label as hero that killed over thousand of Japanese soldiers and go to every state to boost people morale and rally young men to sign to draft. It's one of example to use heroic individuals as propaganda tool. Yes, they did achieve some really impressive records, but usually the actual number is not as impressive as what the government announce or it's not achievements of one person but a group of people, and by some circumstances, this guy get chosen to be the hero.

    [–] Tiananmen Square Tank Man [Full Video] [No Sound] flashhd123 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Man, I don't even want to talk to you anymore. You see where camera man is standing? The guy stopped the tank column didn't even know someone is recording him. Jump in front of tank to get run over so someone would witness it? What is this? Chinese insurance scam 1989 version? Can't believe people with navies thinking like you write about how evil china like this, how dictatorship china is like that and get ton of upvote, mean that thousands of people agree with you as long as it suits their view of " evil China, democracy protesters". I don't want to say anything anymore, just like people on here don't even know what is critical thinking and just blindly believe everything they saw as facts

    [–] Hol Up flashhd123 13 points ago in HolUp

    Many flags in this didn't exist when nazi flag appeared(1930-1945) though, Vietnam, Indonesia, was still colonies, Canada still had the commonwealth flag instead of maple leaf, PRC( people republic of China) didn't become the official government of China until 1949 and Korea peninsula was still japan occupied territory until the Korean war in 50s divided it into north and South Korea. Not to mention the EU flags, japan flag at that time was imperial japan flag with the rising sun and Israel didn't exist until 50s

    [–] Tiananmen Square Tank Man [Full Video] [No Sound] flashhd123 0 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Yeah, I read Fox News and also think all Americans are bigots racist gun welding Christian obsessing right? Politics and history go hand in hand, countries can use events in the past, change its record by over exaggerating, adding some false information or only nitpicking some information while ignoring the rest to use that event as a propaganda tool, either to highlight themselves or downgrade their rivals. Information war is not something that only start with the rise of technology. It's already happened for a long time, internet and social media only make them spread faster and wider than the world ever seen because everyone with their smartphones with access to internet can get information online

    [–] Tiananmen Square Tank Man [Full Video] [No Sound] flashhd123 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PublicFreakout

    They didn't use tank to run over people, army use gun to shoot at protesters, yes, but no run over. Most of the violent happened in the road near the square, not in square itself. Acknowledge history is one thing, but over exaggerated leading to wrong understanding about the event is just as bad. Any his family? Do you even read about the incident at all? The protesters at the start were students from college, academy in Beijing, later on the protest sparked to many cities all over China. Though the protest stagnated, it gain momentum again when Soviet leaders visit China, many foreign journalists come to record the event and stay to report about protest. Students from other cities and even workers joined the protest before it get squashed down by Chinese army. So may i ask, how the fuck students get their friends and family get killed while they're thousands kilometers away from where their children protest?

    [–] This is 4:3 aspect ratio, the photos are 4:3 stretched flashhd123 2 points ago in Animemes

    Is ak12 and an94 come to en yet? I quit for a while because i got nearly all dolls and kinda bored, would comeback when smug Russians come to en though

    [–] [OC] Sachi can't stop crying (ft. mascots) flashhd123 2 points ago in Animemes

    That game is really underrated, would recommend

    [–] And nice day flashhd123 7 points ago in Animemes

    Larger, harder, veiny and throbbing meaning