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    [–] After crocodile attack NSFW NSFL flashhd123 1 points ago in natureismetal

    I bet it's about 20-30 Japanese soldiers at most, they tried to sneak in and surprise attack the British at night but got attacked by crocodiles, unable to knowledge what is attacking them, they panicked and broke the formation and run to the British position then got captured. The British over exaggerated the number for propaganda purposes which is really common during war time

    [–] Ass-obsessed fit chick starter pack flashhd123 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Huh, is it bad? Usually in the gym I would normally work out chest, back, shoulder, legs, etc depends on weekday and spend 45 last minutes to train my core, biceps and triceps and some cardio. Feel my arms are stronger than just spend a day for arm day a week

    [–] Daddy why is mommy making that noise? flashhd123 4 points ago in Animemes

    If he ask for it then it's netoraserare

    [–] Jon's perpetual crisis flashhd123 1 points ago in freefolk

    But this time Torrhen boned Aegon good and hard

    [–] This is Roza Shanina.She was one of the female Soviet Snipers who killed Nazis during the World War II. flashhd123 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Damnthatsinteresting

    Also the gigantic losses of Soviet Union in the start of Barbarossa operation due to the movement of the defense line, from the old well fortified stalin line to the new line in balkan territory that was not fortified yet. When the german attack, they thrust through the line and trapped the Soviet army in the pocket alongside the line. Then the commissars ordered officers of Soviet army in these pockets to broke out to reunite with their reserved army who were coming to the frontline from Moscow. But these reserved army were under a reorganization and expanding program, many newly created mechanized unit didn't even receive their vehicle or ammo yet but were forced to go to battle. Combined with the lack of communication between 2 army it became a disaster: the army trapped in the west desperately tried to broke out to retreat, while the reserved army in the east without proper equipment keep coming and became easy prey for German anti tank and machine gun. It's where many of the myth and propaganda of a invincible german army destroy the swamping Soviet army come from. There are many well researched books about eastern font and they are very fascinating to read, idk why many people downvoted you and try to argue with you when their only source of information is from Wikipedia and r/historymemes lol

    [–] Saber vs saber??? flashhd123 2 points ago in Animemes

    Don't tell me lubu is a sadist loli

    [–] Satania partakes in WWII flashhd123 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Animemes

    Idk why people keep milking this joke even though the bulk force of imperial japan already fighting in china since 1936. The Pearl Harbor attack is just a part of a big plan of the japanese to disable USA pacific fleet, to secure their expedition into south East Asia, result of America embargo, especially in steel and oil that will broke japan war industry in few years. Knowing a war with usa is unavoidable, they planned to kick usa out of pacific theater for 1-2 years, then attack and occupy British, dutch and usa colonies in south east asia. With rubber, steel, oil etc from these colonies, japan could complete build and maintain their fleet so when usa is ready for war they are not of a big threat as before anymore, while the British are busy with European theater. The only thing they are wrong is underestimated usa industry capacity and the attack is not as successful as they thought, the aircraft carriers were not in Pearl Harbor during the attack, not to mention the big defeat at midway that make japan navy lost many of their carriers. So the attack is not a "reckless stupid move" that slowed down axis progress in the war, actually, I think it's the other way around. Japan pushing to the south threatened British colonies and commonwealth members( Australia and NZ) and especially British Raj( India). Lost India mean no supply to the Britain mainland, may even force Britain to out of the war. Before the second sino-japanese war, the kumingtang had a good relationship with nazi germany and bought plenty of their weapons, tanks and most noticeably is the german trained divisions that put a hell of a fight against the japanese in battle of shanghai. The german support for ROC partly halted japanese advance in China

    [–] Saber vs saber??? flashhd123 2 points ago in Animemes

    What, why Guan Yu horse become a servant but not him?

    [–] End Of Battle - Digital - 1920x960px flashhd123 1 points ago in Art

    I think it's a coin bag, and if you look at the bottom right a hand is holding a book, maybe a religious books like bible, plus the cross. I think the picture has a deeper meaning that humanity always fight senseless wars over money( broader term resources) or different believe until the end what we got are just bodies of millions death soldiers

    [–] Spearwoman, Junq Jeon, Digital, 2019 flashhd123 2 points ago in Art

    Girls who dress like this have 99% to guarantee you a SSR in first 10x summons

    [–] Standing guard of gorillas from poachers. flashhd123 4 points ago in natureismetal

    Is these gorilla are actually rangers in fur suit? It feel strange for me to see them stand up like that

    [–] Looking for something to fill the void left by History Channel's lack of history content? I've got you covered. flashhd123 1 points ago in history

    Yep, his videos about military tactics is fascinating but his german accent is hard to understand. I'm not native English speaker so it's even worse for me, YouTube auto sub doesn't help when it hear "panzer" as "paper". Hopefully in the future he can add English sub like king and generals, it will be very helpful for the viewers

    [–] How did ancient peoples source elephants? flashhd123 1 points ago in AskHistorians

    Really fascinating to read, although i feel bad for these elephants, the siamese taming method is really cruel. I remember in some writing about Vietnamese military during 18-19th centuries under the Nguyen dynasty when they would set up matches between war elephants and captured wild tiger to train their bravery. The battle usually fought in a special built arena or in a small flat island in the middle of river in the outskirt of the capital. The elephants were controlled by tamer while the tigers usually were left hungry and wounded, with their nails clipped before the battle to avoid injury for the elephants

    [–] shaolin flashhd123 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in WTF

    These kids started training since they were very young because child body and bone is softer. Many movements of saolin martial art is really hard to learn and practice if you only started to train when you're already an adult because your body is not as flexible. But well, people here think everything is evil and abusive if it doesn't suit their point of view

    [–] Was there any direct connection between The Nanking Massacre and Unit 731? flashhd123 2 points ago in history

    Unit 731 is only one of many biological research facilities. They originally located in north eastern part of china, called Manchuria that was occupied by kwangtung army and later became the puppets state Manchuko. They not only research about biologic weapons but also other things like medicine, vaccine for imperial japan army to fought against disease and venomous insects in China and tropical islands. They also train Japanese medics and did many cruel things to test maximum human body durability against high pressure, burn, frozen, long time underwater etc and find a method to resist against it if Japanese army have to fight in these extreme conditions. The thing that make these research centers inhuman is they use real human, usually captured Chinese as test subjects. I think you can get a better explanation in the movie Man behind the sun about what these unit did.

    [–] Sneaky fox flashhd123 1 points ago in Animemes

    Hentai: MC drugged fox girl by luring her with drugs mixed pasta then proceed to rape her

    Fox: pikachu face

    [–] not a hentai I promiss flashhd123 2 points ago in Animemes

    I feel ashamed because i have read it to the newest chapter, especially the arc with the cold face lab teacher. I mean, it's just hentai, without actual sex scene

    [–] Anything is better with JoJo. ゴゴゴゴゴゴ flashhd123 16 points ago in Animemes

    If they don't censor anything then this manga is basically hentai, without penetrating

    [–] Elephant screaming as it gets eaten alive by lions flashhd123 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Lol no, our diet look low on meat because our meal is different, traditionally one meal contains at least one soup, , one meat /egg dish and one pickled vegetables dish, and rice, a lot of rice. Also the meat dish usually cooked with veggies too so in percentages it looks like we eat only little meat but in reality we eat as much as everyone else.

    [–] Elephant screaming as it gets eaten alive by lions flashhd123 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Yeah lions hunt to survive but what about human? Before industrial revolution majority of population are poor peasants, their diets contained mostly wheat and potato, radish if you're Europeans or rice and herb, pickles and kimchi variations if you're Asian. Meat is really rare and only rich people or noble family can afford to eat it daily. But the presentation of industrial farm and efficiency logistics system, meat became much much cheaper that even the poor can afford it and in developed countries, food wasting is becoming a problem. And you can notice that average height of people in across the world, especially young people in developing countries growing steadily thanks to better diet with more nutrition with meat. I'm Asian, my mon used to tell the story during the war when she have to wait 2 days to buy 1kg of pork when it's 90% fat and only 10% meat, and not every one has this privilege, she had pork stamp because her sister is a high ranking officer and get priority. Of course there would be a price to pay, nothing is perfect, but trading animal suffering for the advancement of humanity is worth it for me. If you don't want these animals scarifies to be pointless. Respect your food, don't waste them,