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    [–] ID SONG LIST fleeeb 12 points ago in imaginedragons

    Technically doesn't say complete. This is a list of ID songs

    [–] It’s been a good week to be a Ben fan fleeeb 2 points ago in benhoward

    You can listen to most radio stations online

    [–] Heave Ho - Lyrics fleeeb 2 points ago in benhoward

    Yeah I still wasnt certain on that line

    [–] What gift from Christmas are you still actually loving and using? fleeeb 3 points ago in AskReddit

    That used to be the case as soap had lye in it. Dish soaps now are much less harsh and can be used on cast iron no problem

    [–] Heave Ho - Lyrics fleeeb 4 points ago in benhoward

    A few adjustments that I hear

    Callous faces instead of careless faces In the guard/garden on the photo? Instead of would lie on the floor When I'm wound instead of wind I think it is we found lovely sound rows away we can love this sound goes away Wrote symbol to you? Instead of rode for long to you.

    [–] New Ben track tomorrow! fleeeb 2 points ago in benhoward

    Its not. Its Heave Ho

    [–] Climbing Shoes and Foot/Toe Shapes fleeeb 1 points ago in climbing

    You cam use [size squirrel]( which uses foot shape in its ratings, so you can see what people with your foot shape have rated dofferent shoes

    [–] Poor Sirius fleeeb 2 points ago in harrypotter

    There are plenty of people who are estranged from their brothers and don't care what happens with them. You are making one big asusmption and using that to push something that contradicts what happens in canon

    [–] Poor Sirius fleeeb 0 points ago in harrypotter

    Your reasoning was based on putting yourself in Siriuses situation, and applying your thoughts and feelings to actions you think he should have taken, rather than relying on what Sirius actually said or did in the books. I did the same in relation to Harry "saving" Sirius, and my thoughts and actions differ from what Harry did.

    [–] Poor Sirius fleeeb 1 points ago in harrypotter

    That is a weak argument. I'll put myself in Harry's shoes, and not go find Sirius after dreaming he was in the Department of Mysteries, therefore Harry can't have done that.

    [–] What were you convinced you wouldn't like, until you tried it? fleeeb 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Therein lies the difference. I personally buy albums to listen to the album from the artist I like. If I just heard a song, I would listen to it on Spotify, but not buy the entire album. I enjoy (almost) all the songs on all the albums I buy.

    [–] My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter and wants a themed birthday party - these are the invites I made for her fleeeb 11 points ago in harrypotter

    Hogwarts letters come on July 24, not your specific brithday. Harry got his on his birthday after a week of the Dursleys burning the letters.

    [–] Google earth is one of the most incredible things ever created by man but is taken for granted as if it were nothing. fleeeb 55 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Another one is Christchurch in February 2011. They happened to take new photos a few days before the earthquake, and then took more straight after so you can really see how much damage there was

    [–] Stuff headline misses 'small' detail fleeeb 5 points ago in newzealand

    You would be correct that less than 25% are purely due to speeding, the same as any other one factor. In a crash multiple things go wrong for a death or serious injury to occur and in a lot speed is involved. But the big thing is if people weren't speeding, but still crashed, it is less likely there would be a death or serious injury. No other single factor reduces the risk of death or serious injury as much as speed, which is why there is such a large focus on it.

    [–] Till there you were fleeeb 6 points ago in benhoward

    There you were signifies more surprise, I wasnt expecting it but there you were. You were there seems more specific, actually stating the location someone was, rather than the more general and emotive there you were

    [–] Friday New Climber Thread for January 11, 2019: Ask your questions in this thread please fleeeb 4 points ago in climbing

    I'm thinking you feel the pressure of being watched, if you fall people will know you did. When by yourself, you dont push as hard to not fall because no one will know you didn't complete the climb, so it doesn't really matter

    [–] Till there you were fleeeb 5 points ago in benhoward

    It does make sense in English. Until there you were, you wouldn't buy a round for your best friend.

    There you were is a phrase describing thay someone was in a place at a certain time. It would often be used when reminiscing to someone about meeting them, or seeing them.

    It sounds like to me, and i could be wrong, this person was missing from bens life for a while, until he saw them at a bar. Thus, until there you were.

    [–] A WW2 Japanese map of New Zealand fleeeb 2 points ago in MapPorn

    Ha, they missed most of the South Island! Amateurs

    [–] What is something that you did that you thought was completely normal, until someone told you otherwise? fleeeb 3 points ago in AskReddit

    That why at aboit halfway i start swirling, mix it all together again. Every sip from halfway down gets a good swirl in the cup first