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    [–] Christchurch, NZ subway style map of subway stores [OC] fleeeb 3 points ago in MapPorn

    Nice hub and spoke network, but makes it difficult for people to get to the airport. Should be a Halswell/Hornby/Airport route

    [–] Why seawater does not need to be purified before residents using it? fleeeb 8 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Pretend the pumps have the filter built in. If you want it to look more real without actually chsnging the game dynamics there would be lots of assets you could use and custom make a "salt extraction plant" but there is no need to actually chsnge the game dynamic, it would just be one more building

    [–] Does DLC affect Steam Workshop mods? fleeeb 6 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Never bulk subscribe to mods and assets! There is nothing wrong with the DLC, it will only be the mods and assets. Each mod or asset should be added individually and read the description to make sure its up to date, has no conflicts, and you have other required items.

    [–] Question about zonable pedestrian paths fleeeb 4 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    You need to use traffic manager president edition to ban certain vehicles from using the path. Goods vehicles, service vehicles, and emergency vehicles should still be allowed. The speeds are low so none of these vehicles will use the road as a through road, only to access a building that has to be accessed. Residential cars and large trucks wont use the pedestrian path

    [–] What is something that people waste too much of? fleeeb 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Why the iPad Pro? Why not the Surface which was copied to make the iPad Pro?

    [–] Match Thread: Blues vs Crusaders 🏉 Round 14 fleeeb 1 points ago in rugbyunion

    He may have but it was not conclusive from the video so it should have gone to on field decision. Reiko Ioanes try would probably have been a knock on if they had slowed it down but the ref and AR decided it on field

    [–] No one! fleeeb 15 points ago in rugbyunion

    Pretty decent rowers as well. And cyclists. Also end up pretty high on happiness, least corrupt and freedom rankings.

    [–] Match Thread: Blues vs Crusaders 🏉 Round 14 fleeeb 5 points ago in rugbyunion

    We don't have transfers per say in Super Rugby. Another club may give him a better offer once his contract with the Blues has run out.

    [–] Match Thread: Blues vs Crusaders 🏉 Round 14 fleeeb 1 points ago in rugbyunion

    They aren't an exception for anything else, in fact it makes it more cynical. Glen Jackson just missed it. And for some reason nothing comes of the Blues pushing Mounga round after he scored the try

    [–] Match Thread: Blues vs Crusaders 🏉 Round 14 fleeeb 2 points ago in rugbyunion

    Can't dive on a player on the ground anywhere

    [–] Idiot on Napier/Taupo road narrowly avoids death fleeeb 6 points ago in newzealand

    Loss of licence doesn't stop someone from driving. You don't need to scan your licence before turning on the car unfortunately

    [–] Parked cars question fleeeb 5 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    That is not correct. Cims will stop and get out, and the car will dissappear, and will summon it again when they need it, as if it was in there pocket, thus the term pocket car. You can use traffic manager president edition to stop this behaviour, at which point you need to build parking lots, and there will be increased congestion

    [–] Are the high land values in my city a mistake?! It seems unreal! fleeeb 5 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    It does seem odd, especially the high lane value where there are no buildings, just empty space with a highway

    [–] Keep Your Head Up fleeeb 5 points ago in benhoward

    Shazam works by assigning a signature to every song in its catalogue. This signature is formed by looking at a time-frequency graph. Shazam listens to a song, gets the time frequency graph and produces a signature, then matches that to one in its catalogue. It shouldn't have assumed a cover was by Ben unless the track itself was the same and it was just someone else singing, and it took the signature from the track as that had the most significant frequencies

    [–] I just realized the “Find My Friends” app is basically a modern Marauders Map that I carry with me all day. I can click it and see where my family is at any time. fleeeb 7 points ago in harrypotter

    There is practically no reason for Fred and George to look in Harry and Rons common room. In PoA Harry has to look really closely to make out the names, they aren't easy to read. Fred and George use the map to avoid teachers and Filch in corridors when sneaking around, or to find new places and passages in Hogwarts. Why would they look so closely in Harry and Rons dormitory to be able to make out Peter Pettigrews name?

    [–] I´m experiencing SEVERE Chrashes in Cities Skylines fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Was there a recent driver update, or even windows update? Also you could check the utilisation of your gpu and cpu to see which one might be causing the issue

    [–] [OC] World Map with the largest 10% of countries removed [2300x200] fleeeb 10 points ago in MapPorn

    Shockingly, 19 out of approximately 190 countries represent the top 10%

    [–] I´m experiencing SEVERE Chrashes in Cities Skylines fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    What are your computer specs? Have you been able to play previously? Does the game still crash if you only use one monitor?

    [–] Car parking/multistory carparks fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    You can use parking lot roads to create your own parking lots