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    [–] I could watch this forever fleeeb 13 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    You may have a few redundant lanes in the outer roundabout, especially as no one uses it

    [–] Map Editor noob! I built a mountain. Tips or advice to improve? fleeeb 2 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Mountains tend to not come straight from flat ground. There will be a gentle slope building up steeper. Also adding valleys and ridges can make it more realistic, or making it part of a full mountain range. Also, using slope tool, not just round shape, and different strengths to give roughness can all make it look more realistic

    [–] Beautiful highway intersection fleeeb 5 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Why do the roads cross over?

    [–] Modifying buildings and plots fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Just so you know, this game has a massive modding community. You dont need mods only made by the developers, and the community mods are very high quality

    [–] There are 3 types of players... fleeeb 26 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    A 90 degree bend? Like, a right angle, similar to all those angles in a grid?

    [–] Looking for mods fleeeb 3 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    First one to get is traffic manager president edition. This allows a lot more control over almost all aspects of traffic in the game. There is a guide linked in the steam page to reach you via to use every feature in it as well.

    [–] On my laptop, what is the population maximum? fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    No thats not too many, some people would have over 100 mods. Is there demand in the bars?

    [–] Help building towns and villages fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Delete the highways. Replace them with national roads. You can rebuild the highways once traffic needs it. To make this work best, make a little loop of highway on one edge of the map, and buikd national roads from here. Dont make any more outside road connections otherwise you will get too much traffic. You can add more outside connections in game if you want with a mod, can't remember the name at the moment.

    You can build larger towns around the main national road, with commercial right on the road, and some side roads near the middle. Build residential densely around the centre, and less densely as you spread out.

    For farmland, there are district styles that make large paddocks that look better than the vanilla farms.

    [–] On my laptop, what is the population maximum? fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Difficult to say. You havent told us what your laptop is, what the specs are, what mods you use, what haopens to the performance. Is it just your city stops growing at 80 thousand? Or does the game crash?

    [–] What statistic absolutely mind boggles you? fleeeb 153 points ago in AskReddit

    But when you buy a pack of cards they always come in the same order.

    [–] European main city square fleeeb 3 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    I think the square might be a bit large. They should feel open but cosy, and be able to call someone on the other side easily

    [–] It's quite mesmerising watching interchanges flow! :) fleeeb 2 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Some massive weaving by that white car bottom left. Might need to use tmpe so they dont merge so early

    [–] Recreating Sylva or Google:Skylines fleeeb 17 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Just need to look at the baseball diamond

    [–] Game running REALLY slow. Need help? fleeeb 2 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Scroll around the map using WASD. It may be jumpy because of your frame rate. We really need to know the specs of your computer to help any more. Guide

    [–] I wanna build a city! fleeeb 4 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Have no fear! There is no cheating possible in this game. The game is all about the mods, use as many as you want in any way you need to get the result

    [–] Plot twist fleeeb 2 points ago in FormerPizzaHuts

    Haha thanks for the gold! I just saw the subreddit on r/showerthoughts or r/askreddit and knew I would have something great to add to it

    [–] Four-phase intersection fleeeb 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    There is a guide for everything in tmpe on the mod page in the workshop

    [–] Plot twist fleeeb 1 points ago in FormerPizzaHuts

    Pizza hut has a distinctive building style, and are easy to find when the business changes. In this case, a dominoes is now in the pizza hut building

    [–] Plot twist fleeeb 13 points ago in FormerPizzaHuts

    The phone number probably