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    [–] My mom guilt trips me for not calling her back on my birthday. flossii 63 points ago in insaneparents

    I SO agree. “But it’s your mom” is easy to say when you have a good relationship with your mom, but not everyone does; in fact, some people want nothing to do with their shitty, narcissistic mothers. Generalizations like that hurt way more than they help.

    [–] macarons @ the newly vegan la duree flossii 4 points ago in vegan

    They’re vegan now??? I used to love the rodeo drive laduree before I was vegan

    [–] Be kind to every kind! WWEED flossii 10 points ago in vegan

    uhhh ok so you think murder isn’t cruel? If your entire family got murdered, you wouldn’t consider that inhumane, because “we all die someday”?

    [–] Y’all have a workout face? lol 😂 flossii 5 points ago in veganfitness

    why are vegan fitness guys always so FINE

    [–] Computer science 121 flossii 2 points ago in umass

    don’t take it this semester, if you have no experience with coding it’ll be more work than you want it to be

    [–] My helicopter mom tried to pay my girlfriend to leave me. My girlfriend fights back like a boss. *REPOST* flossii 9 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    You need to get a protection order against your mom, she is going to insert herself into every facet of your life until you legally prevent her from it.

    [–] i can't even... flossii 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    quantum conception

    [–] Birthday gift for my real estate friend :’) flossii 5 points ago in streetwearstartup

    woah can I order something?? Aka what is ur insta

    [–] ISO really good grilled cheese! flossii 10 points ago in veganrecipes

    seconded the Chao cheese !! I just had grilled cheese cooked in Miyokos plant based butter with Chao and it was sooo good

    [–] What is the worst reason someone has used to reject you? flossii 2 points ago in AskReddit

    When a guy found out I had OCD and depression, he told me that he couldn’t be with me in case I committed suicide because that would be too stressful for him.

    [–] bengal kitten is sweet for 23 hours, a nightmare for 1 flossii 1 points ago in bengalcats

    the only dilemma here is that i doubt I have enough space for 2 to live comfortably... I’m just in a one bedroom apartment (spacious, but not expansive). The breeder I got him from said this might be a dominance thing and he might need an older cat presence to be comfortable, but I don’t have another cat and I wasn’t exactly planning on getting another cat. I don’t want to have to rehome him but I want to give him the environment that’s best for him.... Ive only had him for 6 days :(

    [–] Are There Any Public Parking Spots in Downtown Amherst? flossii 2 points ago in umass

    If you either work or live in downtown Amherst you can get a parking pass for $25 for the whole year. Otherwise I would just get a campus parking pass!

    [–] My mom says she will cut me off if I [21F] move in with my boyfriend [22M] flossii 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    I always had a penchant for linguistics and have been programming since I was a wee lil thing so it was the natural choice :)

    [–] My mom says she will cut me off if I [21F] move in with my boyfriend [22M] flossii 7 points ago in relationship_advice

    my degree is in computational linguistics ! I went to UMass Amherst :) Its just gonna be a typical work week, 9-5 type shit!! I’m super stoked!

    Thanks for your advice :)

    [–] [question] Do you know any ASMR creators with an Australian accent? flossii 1 points ago in asmr

    Lauren Ostrowski Fenton!! She does mostly meditations and other things but her voice is hypnotic and deep and husky - I love her content