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    [–] 2019 Superhero movie tier list flux_capacitor3 1 points ago in comicbookmovies

    I mostly agree with this ranking. I wasn’t a huge fan of Spider-Man 2. Also, I liked Brightburn. It was a little slow, but I enjoyed it.

    [–] DAE hate their normie co-workers flux_capacitor3 2 points ago in DAE

    Maybe don’t call them normies. That’s very toxic thinking. They are just people, like you. Sometimes I don’t wanna talk to mine either, but I don’t think of them as lesser than me.

    [–] Real? flux_capacitor3 8 points ago in trashy

    😂 perfect

    [–] Real? flux_capacitor3 62 points ago in trashy

    Jesse, how’s your brother doing these days?

    [–] My idiot neighbors flux_capacitor3 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Why can’t people hold their phones horizontal??!!

    [–] Cosby gang.... flux_capacitor3 1 points ago in trashy

    What does “B UP” mean?

    [–] i am in physical pain now flux_capacitor3 1 points ago in Unexpected

    I feel like they shouldn’t even be allowed to drive, if they can’t manage that.

    [–] How dare you! flux_capacitor3 7 points ago in CatSlaps

    Is there a sub for r/CatsAreIdiots ?

    [–] Tap Tap Tap... flux_capacitor3 10 points ago in CatTaps

    “Gimme the controller! It’s my turn!”

    [–] Donut danceoff flux_capacitor3 1 points ago in funny

    I would have dropped those donuts

    [–] First time travelling flux_capacitor3 4 points ago in PLC

    I carry a backpack on. My meter and laptop are in there. I don’t typically have to carry other tools. A mechanical guy travels with me on all jobs. I would check the other tools. TSA approved lock.

    [–] that's one way to pop it flux_capacitor3 30 points ago in instant_regret

    Am I seeing things, or is her arm starting to bleed?