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    [–] Why US protesters are not fighting the looters and burglars? flyfart3 14 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    They sorta are, possibly not directly fighting them, but they're against them:

    The second video where the guys say they want justice for George but don't agree with the looting:

    It also seems to me like many people expect the police to stop the criminals - the same police these protesters are fighting. Is that not contradictory?

    I also have an outside perspective, but I don't see the contradiction. People want police to A) Not kill people and B) protect them from crimes, such as looting. I don't think their goal is to stop the USA to have cops as a concept, but simply that the cops don't commit crimes, but stop them. Not all of the people protesting are looting. Some are even not from the area. Though it seems to be a minority.

    [–] Why aren’t there any mid level magic users in the books to throw at my players? flyfart3 1 points ago in DMAcademy

    My main issue is not (in)accuracy, but it takes some time to use. But I guess you can set up an excell ark and make it easy.

    [–] Why aren’t there any mid level magic users in the books to throw at my players? flyfart3 24 points ago in DMAcademy

    Their CR is mostly about damage output per round, and how much damage they can take before dying. So if you swap out utility spells out for a high burst damage spell like fireball, then the CR could be higher. Some good level 2-3 combat spells for NPCs are counterspell, invisibility (though nake sure you are aware of the rules beforehand), fireball, lightning, conjure beast(or is it woodland creatures I forget) blur, blink. Also shield and magic missile, though they're level 1.

    From xanathars is also absorb elements as another good reaction resistance spell.

    [–] [OC-Art] Potion of Undeath flyfart3 4 points ago in DnDHomebrew

    If you move like a zombie, is your speed reduced, or do you just need to slow down to look more convincing?

    [–] Fair Riddle? flyfart3 2 points ago in DnD

    I thought "beg" or asking for forgiveness rather than prayer. Like repenting.

    At any rate, I find that puzzles are good for side stuff, or if they have degrees of success. Puzzles that are complete doorstops are in my experience not good. If they can figure it out, it's usually fast and they bowl right through it, if it's too difficult, it stops the game completely and just feels frustrating for both DM and players.

    I find puzzles that take some from PC skills (so the smart wizard can easily get clues/help to figure out the puzzle and use their class/character) and letting some be up to players (so it's not all down to dice roll, this could be by succeeding a check gives an overall hint that the players now have to figure out together exactly what means. And ultimately, completely failing the puzzle shouldn't stop the mission, so failing can activate traps, or shutting off side rooms, but I find they should be able to subvert it somehow. So allowing alternative ways to succeed is also good, if they spend spells or other resources to succeed, then the puzzle did its job.

    [–] [Art] Tarasque flyfart3 2 points ago in DnD

    Kill all 7 to obtain the dragon Tarrasque balls (stop giggling) to save the world... or some other wish. Have to go to different planes to fight the different aspects. Could be remnants of titans from some age old war... plenty of fun ideas :D

    [–] [Art] Tarasque flyfart3 5 points ago in DnD

    Ah cool, yeah that's certainly a solution. Do you know of the Sickening Radiance spell from Xanathar's? It's like a radiation spell, it might fit in well with a Godzilla creature.

    I like the 4e solution of makign it earth themed, earthbind aura forcing creatures within 120ft. to the ground, it has good underground speed, so it's more like an underground force of nature forcing you to fight on its terms.

    [–] [Art] Tarasque flyfart3 8 points ago in DnD

    No, but it fits with the idea of them needing defence from above, you could add it in your system, attacks from above have a chance of bouncing off the back scales. I guess sorta like the spell attack reflection it has.

    [–] [Art] Tarasque flyfart3 15 points ago in DnD

    To be fair it IS a trope that any creature that can fly and shoot could kill a tarasque. Like, attacks from above IS a great weakness of it. It have no range, in some editions no borrow speed, no way to deal with flying creatures, which is sorta important at 20+ CR.

    [–] How would you guys stat the Elder Things from At The Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft? flyfart3 1 points ago in monsteraday

    I would love to help stat it, I'm a bit confused by the size, the picture suggest large, twice the height of the silhouetted guy, easily 10-12 feet tall, wide, and with long tentacles and also winged, yet the description says 6 feet end to end? 1 meter diameter center also seems less than the picture. The description fits size medium, picture size large.

    What CR did you want it at, was it 8-10 or higher, any suggestions for abilities? Consuming/swallow? Transportation? Control? Spells?

    [–] How would you guys stat the Elder Things from At The Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft? flyfart3 1 points ago in monsteraday

    Sorta, it's not that linear, also depend on number of group and magical items, as the amount they have depends a lot on the individual table/DM/setting.

    It also depends on what you consider: "CR is equivalent to what level a group would need to be to fight it " like, do to fight it mean it's an equal fight, where it's 50/50 who will survive the battle, monster or group, or do you mean, they should be able to fight it without anyone dying 9/10 times? Or that if they fight it 8 times in a day (so without a long rest, and with 2 short rests) the last fight will be tough?

    I think generally you should try to design encounters so it's not the only thing the group meets before having a long rest, the DMG seems to expect that. Have a handful of encounters. A group of 4 level 1 should be able to take 6-8 encounters with a CR 1 monster, with a couple of short rests before getting a long rest. The last few encounters might be deadly, meaning PC death is likely.

    At the lower levels chance is a big part of it, many are only 1 crit away from death, and no spells to bring people back from death. Larger more diverse groups, will have a better chance of managing all sorts of encounters, while specialized groups might have some vulnerabilities. Say mostly melee against a flying enemy. So you cannot totally rely on the CR system either.

    You're likely going to find out by experience what works as a good challenge for your group.

    If they're 4 level 9 and it's supposed to be a boss/tough/single monster encounter, I would aim for CR 12-14. If it's supposed to have minions and be the last of a series of encounters, CR 9 is fine.

    [–] Tips for a new sorcerer? flyfart3 2 points ago in DungeonsAndDragons

    Sorcerer points are only gained back at long rests, just like your spell slots, at first it's going to feel like you have to rely a LOT on your cantrips (and whatever other shenanigans you can think of), as you have so few spells, spell slots and sorcerer points. As you reach higher levels you get more and more spell slots and sorc points, and it becomes more common for you to rely on proper spells, rather than cantrips.

    Your cantrips get upgraded at level 5, 11, and 17, so around those levels they're a bit better.

    DM'ing for a fire-happy sorcerer for a couple of years, his high charisma often meant he was the face of the party, and having some charm like spells, and subtle spells, sneak and such made him sorta the rogue-ish type of the party. Of course the party didn't have a rogue or bard, so he was the most fitting for that role, combined with his street urchin background giving him thieves tools, and using mage hand and invisibility for utility stuff.

    So if your party don't have a bard or warlock, you will be the highest charisma, rogues and paladins can also have decent charisma or social skills, so if the party have non of them, you will be the obvious choice for a "face of the party" spear heading social situations.

    If you like blowing things the hell apart, the Careful Casting Metamagic is great, makes allies make their save, so they take a lot less damage from friendly fireball fire.

    If you play wild sorcerer it can be wonderfully chaotic! :D

    [–] Fallout 4 Kill Everything flyfart3 3 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    Yeah he basically said so in response to a Superchat question regarding Fallout 4 kill everything, he seemed to think it would be too much of the same, and he had other videos/series he would rather focus on than make something fairly similar. I'm getting worried the Fallout 4 YOLO run isn't going to happen this year.

    [–] I am one with nature flyfart3 3 points ago in wholesomememes

    Basically they walked in and did better there than outside, probably more stable climate is good for them. Good article about the subject:

    Quick edit: house spiders have been a thing for at least 1500+ years (not sure exactly which roman empire they reference). They're mostly beneficial, they have evolved to only live inside, and usually die if put outside.

    [–] He’s not your boyfriend, Jon flyfart3 6 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    Some people claim she wasn't lesbian, despite it.

    [–] He’s not your boyfriend, Jon flyfart3 3 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    I'm guessing those are mostly memes/shitpost ish, you could ask in there, or link a specific post. I think it's mostly about stuff like in the OP here, everything suggest the people were romantically together, but history, or in some cases modern media, refers to them as "friends", thus erasing their sexuality from history / media, making the sexuality more rare, or regarded as something newly invented.

    [–] He’s not your boyfriend, Jon flyfart3 28 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    /r/SapphoAndHerFriend/ for more of that, it's kinda crazy how much eraser there have been and is.

    [–] Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - The Livestream of the Great Invasion flyfart3 3 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    Am I the only one having a lot of trouble hearing Claire? I'm constantly turning the volume up to max and still only just hearing her, only for Jon to burst my eardrums. Though compared to any other sounds he seems kinda low as well.


    25:00 You did really well Jon, note that during sieges, the battering ram smashes the outer gate, letting troops run in and smash the inner gate. You can join in on that.

    1:00:00 It's my experience you always get gifted the first available fief/settlement after joining a new faction. That way every lord/clan have at least 1 settlement. Later you just happened to get lucky the next one was a city/town, not just a castle.

    2:25:30 when the troops are "running in the front door" they're probably running in to attack the inner gate. Also you're doing well with the archery. However, for sieges/big battles picking up arrows/quivers dropped by dead troops will keep you going. The siege towers can bug out, troops can abandon stuff, AI is dumb, they seem to patch it on the go. I've seen the AI use the siege towers as they should.

    3:39:40 for hideouts, it seems to prioritize all your companions no matter where you place them in your party, and then mostly troops from the top. In hideouts you could try to order your infantry to open fire they often have some throwables. Arming your companions can also make this easier.

    Losing in a hideout doesn't dismiss your party by the way, it says so, but it doesn't. I think you might get captured if you have such a small party that all are with you in the hideout.

    A superchat suggested you use a sword for a siege and you responded you didn't have room on your character, and while it's true you can only have 4 weapons slots, you could keep alternative weapons in your bag, and equip accordingly. You could try out some weapon types you haven't tried.

    I hope you will experiment a bit more with orders in battles, it's fun using other formations and some units skirmish when told to charge.

    4:06:30 when you regret selling something, you can just click the red round button with the white undo arrow on it at the bottom of the screen. It works for all transactions, it resets everything, including changes to equipment and so on.

    4:11:55 clans can leave kingdoms, and you can take your settlements with you, this means you declare war on your former liege. I'm not sure if the AI can do that (yet). The Legion of Betrayed are one of the minor clans who function like mercs. They are the Roman one. Have hastati and such.
    4:14:30 Cohesion, if you get enough influence to start your own army, you do so in the kingdom tap, you will likely figure out how it works, mouse over it also tells a lot. However the AI doesn't always seem to figure out how to increase cohesion when you're in the army. Early access I guess...

    4:16:10 You can see how many "perks", "Focus points" and "stat points" each companion have unspent at the top of their screen. At the top just to the right of their name is a small silver shield with a number showing how many perks are not spent. You're only giving them perks in one handed, not any of the other skills they also have unspent perks in.

    For a quick overview if there's an orange dot next to the companion (or your) name in the character [C] menu, they have something unspent, either stat points, focus points or perks.

    4:19:11 So if you pause at that moment, you can see in the messages to the left, the castle was ultra briefly sieged by your army. However, the AI figured if the 346 man army following you attacked, WITH the people in the castle, they would lose. So Mantheos says "Fallback!" and you almsot instantly end the siege and turn around. However, the Battanians start their own siege against the castle, and possibly because your army is so close, don't run away when the enemy army closes in. When the enemy army attacks the Battanians, your army led by Mantheos sees an opportunity, rightly so, and charges in, the enemy of your enemy is your friend... for now. SO no, you don't have the option to retreat, your army leader led you into battle.

    You're sorta working for the battanian in the fight, as Ioren of the Wolfskins were leader of the defenders, so he's leading the fight.

    It's not easy to catch enemy armies, if you are in a larger (and thus usually slower) army so charging in to "help" the battanians were probably more about catching and destroying the enemy army. Smart move I think. On like, a kingdom level. Though the even smarter move would be to let the battanians lose first, so they could 100% not continue the siege, then attack.