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    [–] ToA is one hell of a drug flyfart3 5 points ago in dndmemes

    Easy house rule to add of course. I am interested in trying Pathfinder 2, watching The geek and sundry 8 episode campaign (knights of the everflame, I think) made it seem like the maths you have to do on the go were not too bad. I kinda fear it could bog the game down a bit.

    [–] ToA is one hell of a drug flyfart3 4 points ago in dndmemes

    If you have them only last the combat, till next short rest or know the party have access to greater restorations, or even start selling potions that can remove exhaustion, I think it's okay.

    I agree, if you just add that and keep everything RAW, it's going to become dangerous a lot faster than you expect, and probably not give the result of making combat more intense and interesting, but more spiral of death, and boring for the people who go down

    [–] ToA is one hell of a drug flyfart3 1 points ago in dndmemes

    I think it's okay , though you could consider it as only bring exhaustion till next short rest, that then remove all of the "temporary exhaustion". That way you don't end having to take a series of long rests to even function (at least if you don't have a well stocked cleric at the ready) and mid fight it has consequences

    [–] I had this conversation at the table last week. flyfart3 2 points ago in dndmemes

    Depends on the situation.

    I've never before ever heard of people wanting spells to " patch up like a very very minor cut or bruise ". If you want a cantrip to do that, then you'd have to waste a whole cantrip that does only that, it seems like waste of a known cantrip. If it's someone really important who have even more important people that have said they want not so much as a scratch on the person you're hired to protect, maybe a proper heal spell is worth it. Or you could make up a acntrip that gives some temp. HP, and also cures 0HP bruises and such.

    It's not worth it whatsoever if you don't have a scenario where a bruise doesn't matter, in which case, why are we talking about them?

    [–] I had this conversation at the table last week. flyfart3 2 points ago in dndmemes

    I'd say if you want to magically remove light bruising (say someone important got slapped and might get a bruise but took 0 damage), I'd say it still requires a heal spell, even 1 HP healed would do. It requires magic to magically remove something. If you want to treat it, that's medicine, but that doesn't instantly remove it, just helps it along. If you want to cover it up, that's disguise kit, or performance (int/dex) or similar.

    [–] Epic flyfart3 5 points ago in dndmemes

    Sure, but the you also have fantasy healthcare, or you can imagine that all those many churches each had just 1 level 1 cleric or paladin, thats a lot of disease, poison and wounds curing. One druid with goodberries could save a village from starvation. I think it evens out. Our at least you might have much strong fluctuations in population. Everyone having 8-10 kids but they suddenly all survive as spell casters can help? Massive increase in population. Orc horde running through, followed by magic plague, undead scourge, and then demons and engels decide to have a battle in your neighborhood? Barely anyone left.

    [–] Epic flyfart3 1 points ago in dndmemes

    Ah thanks, knew I should've looked it up.

    [–] [OC] also looking for characters to draw! More info in comment. flyfart3 -1 points ago in characterdrawing

    Well if you're asking for it :)

    Riganiel, or Riga for short, is a BBEG for my DnD 5e game I DM.

    Physical description

    She's Eladrin, even more lofty elf or "high elf" with pupilless eyes (I imagine them to be silvery giving her a dead look). She's a necromancer of sorts, wearing a light armor made of bones over her robes. She's skin and bones and her fingernails elongated, she has gone from looking celestial or fey like, almost angelic, to a bit more corpse-like. She's gone quite mad, and wants to celebrate with the player characters/PCs (who are coming to defeat/kill her) that she's successfully created a portal to the Shadowfell. She "invited them" by kidnapping various NPCs they care for and random people to lead them to her.

    As it's a celebration she might be dancing with the unconscious form of one her kidnapped victims, or a zombie she's conjured... or maybe just a couple of floating hands á la the Adam's family. I imagine the robes she's wearing under her bone breastplate/armor would be somewhat elegant.

    She'll have various religious symbols, such as a desecreted cauntea symbol (normally a red rose), a book with a dark spiral on it (Tharizdun), and Chemosh (a skull), on her, either on the clothes or as jewelry.


    She used to be a priestess of Chauntea (Godess of life, fertility and sun), where one of her most important duties were as a midwife. She's been working as such for hundreds of years for the community until she and her human husband was so unfortunate to lose their only child. This caused their relationship to go astray, the guy turned to drinking, she to solitude and a crises of faith.

    She found a cursed book, or it found her, and as she read it Tharizdun (or some Great Old One / H.P. Lovecraftian horror) started corrupting her mind and spirit.

    She turned to necromancy and flesh golem creating and are now suspected by the players to be behind some larger death cult, despite it just being her and her creations.

    She's gone increasingly mad, dancing with zombies, creating Frankenstein's monster like flesh golems and calling them her precious ones, and taking an unhealthy interest in the player characters, as they've fought once. The knowledge she had acquired was valuable, so she wasn't killed but simply captured, although only temporarily so.

    [–] Epic flyfart3 81 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in dndmemes

    I like this idea, when I finally had an opportunity to play as a PC, I also wanted to have a big and fairly happy family.

    age of 35 (considering the age people died in medieval fantasy it's a big yikes for me ahah

    Common misunderstanding, people lived till 60-70, but up to half kids died before becoming an adult the average expected age of death ended up being mid thirties. So if you're an adult in their 30s you probably have 2-3 decades yet, though with no healthcare injuries and sickness can debilitate you so even if you can turn 70. A broken leg at 35 might leave you limping the rest of your life.

    [–] I really appreciate Jon's battle tactics in Mount & Blade flyfart3 13 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    Well, yes, but no. There's auto block in single player IF you go into options and set it to that. Just like you can set ai damage to reduced it full. And Lance control to guided or not.

    But to be fair, I had forgotten auto block existed, so thank you for reminding me :) And it does it explain how Jon could party quite well while seemingly not getting the fight system

    [–] I really appreciate Jon's battle tactics in Mount & Blade flyfart3 9 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    It mainly happens if you start the quest while severely injured, so the fight starts with you having 1HP and the same for your companions.

    [–] I really appreciate Jon's battle tactics in Mount & Blade flyfart3 25 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    The way he's moving along I think part 45 will be around the time the time he's beginning to fight on a horse.

    [–] When Nobody Remembers And Then You Have To Spend 10 Minutes Looking It Up. flyfart3 2 points ago in dndmemes

    Ah shit right, that's embarrassing, though I guess you can add that to the list of stuff players (and dms) forget, the race of NPCs and PCs.

    [–] Never be that guy flyfart3 1 points ago in dndmemes

    It's your responsibility as a player to share your backstory with the rest (or his own responsibility I guess). How often have he tried to make the rest open up? As a DM I've found that simply asking and encouraing a bit of chit-chat every time there's a rest, or travel time goes a long way. If no one wants to go, you can ask them to describe what they do with their down time, or tell one thing about their Character or something like that. I had considered asking my players to play 2 truths and a lie but for as their PCs, but they started talking more in character/taking an interest in each others, so it didn't seem needed.

    Hope the asshole takes the critique to heart.

    [–] When Nobody Remembers And Then You Have To Spend 10 Minutes Looking It Up. flyfart3 2 points ago in dndmemes

    That's amazing. And a twists on the "for me it was tuesday" speech from Bison, trope.

    [–] When Nobody Remembers And Then You Have To Spend 10 Minutes Looking It Up. flyfart3 8 points ago in dndmemes

    For the others: a bard halfling misremembered a NPC Mind Flayer's name. The mindflayer Clarota wore a metal cap to protect it from influence from the/its elder brain, as Clarota was "afflicted" with the curse of sorcerery, a terrible thing in the mind flayer society.
    The second is the dragonborn sorcerer PC Tiberius Stormwind, I cannot remember the specific time he forgot the description of an item, but it seems very on point for him.

    [–] Surprise work flyfart3 16 points ago in tumblr

    " ... on days they cannot work" does not compute.

    [–] What is normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world? flyfart3 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Age of drinking, age of buying in a shop, and age of buying in a bar can also sometimes differ in a single country

    [–] What is normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world? flyfart3 6 points ago in AskReddit

    It's very difficult to come up with some stuff that neighboring countries don't also do that the majority of the world would find weird: Our leader of the conservative party is openly gay, most lgtb rights is not political, just a given. 16+ drinking age, 18+ driving age limits. Universal healthcare. Paid by state to study.

    So when comparing to Sweden and Norway I think we'll have to go with "Red Sausages" which are slightly sweeten (often liked by kids) I think, and not found other places I think.

    [–] I wrote up several generic notice board messages that your players probably won't follow. flyfart3 9 points ago in dndnext

    Oh, I wanted to turn and adventure out of these, and try to merge them together, though some can be filler as well, thank you so much for making these :)

    [–] What is an uplifting and happy fact? flyfart3 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Nope, but two kittens, and got to play with a dog yesterday, that's also good :)

    [–] Will Jon Defeat The EndGame Crisis? - Strawpoll flyfart3 27 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    I may be optimistic, but he's surprised before. And the AI can be quite dumb.