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    [–] Eminem has started a vaccine company folkeboy 5 points ago in 3amjokes

    Now this looks like a jab for me

    [–] Hit my first big one today after nearly 4 months! folkeboy 1 points ago in Darts

    Hit it with the cheap brass darts that came with my board. Made a promise to myself to only get a new set once I'd hit my first 180 with them. Guess it's time to visit a dartshop to buy a new set soon, and hopefully more 180s will come alongside!

    [–] TOURISM MEGA THREAD - Ask your travelling related questions here. folkeboy 1 points ago in albania

    I'm travelling to Albania with a group of friends in september, can anyone tell me which rules there are/will be then? Rules concerning the curfew, bars and other important stuff to know as a group of tourists. Thanks in advance!

    [–] [Match-Thread] Brighton vs Manchester City folkeboy 9 points ago in MCFC

    Why did I expect Ederson to do a Higuita right there

    [–] Woaahhh folkeboy 0 points ago in memes

    Borrowed this from @ranchsquirter on Twitter

    [–] No caption needed folkeboy 1 points ago in memes

    Microsoft Paint is pretty nice :)

    [–] Challenger Evelynn Jungle Guide folkeboy 4 points ago in summonerschool

    Charm the big one, then walk into the bush next to the camp and you will be able to hit it.