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    [–] What is your favorite E-A-D-G mnemonic? foo_foo_the_snoo 6 points ago in Bass

    I've been trying to get better at mandolin, but I feel like I'm stuck on this plateau where I still think of it as an upside down guitar.

    [–] Joe dart appreciation post foo_foo_the_snoo 1 points ago in Bass

    Fourth and seventh are totally in the pentatonic (?)

    [–] Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky [psychedelic rock] foo_foo_the_snoo 1 points ago in Music

    But Jews have their own concept of Heaven, which is literally dwelling in eternity with the very same God. They just make sacrifices and live a good life to get there, as though the Messiah is still yet to come. And even Christians themselves have a hard time reconciling that somehow God's own original chosen people would be excluded from Heaven. Anyway, it's pretty much "the best" with or without belief in the divinity of Christ.

    [–] Crew Members of the USS Theodore Roosevelt fed up with Tom Cruise’s arrogant behavior while filming Top Gun 2 foo_foo_the_snoo 16 points ago in navy

    Galley cranking is the kind of work that's fun and easy to jump into for a little bit for PR sake, and shit, I'd volunteer to do it to relieve some poor young bloods here and there as an LPO. But what sucks ass about that kind of work isn't the nature or difficulty, it's the bottom of the barrel getting shit on, and the grueling port and starboard shifts, neither of which Keanu would experience if he tried it for fun.

    [–] WDP hate Baseball? foo_foo_the_snoo 1 points ago in WDP

    I don't know about it being gay or sucking - I really empathize with fans that enjoy watching for the strategy and amazing technical skill of some players. Statistically, I think it lends itself to gambling and fantasy play best actually. But of the major sports, to me it's the least sport like. It resembles a backyard game blown way out of proportion and held in a gigantic stadium because some guys got really good at it about 100 years ago.

    Outside of the endurance it takes to pitch 9 innings and the fast twitch muscle fibers it takes to turn those 90mph pitches into home runs, it absolutely lacks the need for high calibre athleticism that other sports require. A basketball, hockey, or soccer player is almost always in motion, whereas the star shortstop might be on the field 50% of the game, standing in place 99% of that time. He spends his time on offense almost entirely in the dugout waiting his turn. That's kinda lame.

    American football shares with baseball the concept of taking turns on defense and offense, but the play action is arguably much more exciting than watching an outfielder lazily toss a ball back to 2nd while the batter barely jogs to first. There's a reason softball is a very common intramural office picnic game Marlene from accounting can participate in, while if she put on pads and got tackled by Dave from the warehouse, she'd be fucking dead.

    Now, to put loosely organized backyard play in perspective, what does it look like if you and a couple buddies are playing catch? Thats good hand eye coordination practice for kids, but what's the object? With a football, you guys can run routes and play defense. With a basketball hoop, you can play HORSE or 21 or whatever. You can even compete all by yourself by tracking made baskets. You got a baseball and a glove and nobody around, fuck are you gonna do?

    Lastly, aesthetics. The "athletes" that play professional baseball are average looking dudes doing average looking stuff. Home runs, frankly, just do not look anywhere as spectacular as tomahawk dunks or backflips into the end zone. The numbers are impressive when a guy breaks an RBI record or whatnot, but do I want a poster of that guy hitting a ball again that may or may not go anywhere, or Jordan dunking from the free throw line?

    [–] What are some of your absolute favourite sounds? foo_foo_the_snoo 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The back of the iron clank that puts the ball so perfectly through the net there's not even a swish tho

    [–] Boban Marjanovic of the 76ers uses his 7′3″ height (2.21 m) and 7′10″ wingspan to rebound without jumping foo_foo_the_snoo 7 points ago in sports

    I've always wondered about the opposite. Like, my girlfriend's daughter is on a 7th grade girls basketball team. How could I, a 5'10" decent YMCA pickup baller elevate her team if I were on it? How much could LeBron James, comparatively? Or would it just be a shit show of hacking fouls and missed assist opportunities? I watch her games all the time and seriously fantasize about getting out there and just wrecking the other team, lol.

    [–] What hobby would you like to give a try but don't because of the expense? foo_foo_the_snoo 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, a smaller, trailerable sailboat with two stroke outboard isn't gonna really be a money pit at all.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? foo_foo_the_snoo 47 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Not to comment on whether homosexuality is specifically sinful within a given branch of Christianity, but one widely held tenant of the Christian faith across denominations is that the Old Testament is the story of how the prophecied Messiah descended from Israelites.

    While Mosaic law was intended for Jews, Christ's sacrifice was also meant for gentiles, not necessarily bound by Mosaic law. This is why the average Christian is totally down with plates of bacon and such.

    Interestingly, most Jews now live in Western nations and have reasoned themselves beyond the old laws anyway. Judaism as a religion is and has always been very evolutionary in its practice, and in its tolerance of other faiths.

    IMO, the ideal practitioner of any religion should be absolutely free to abide by rules he sets for himself as long as he doesn't burden or persecute others who have chosen not to adopt his beliefs, and I think Chris Pratt falls well within this category.

    [–] In honor of this latest Seattle snowstorm foo_foo_the_snoo 5 points ago in SeattleWA

    I'm confused. Why are they reporting on Seattle?

    [–] Fox News host defends Trump's 'executive time' which he spends tweeting and watching TV: 'It sounds a lot like work' foo_foo_the_snoo 4 points ago in politics

    It is the same thing. I see people going over spreadsheets on their laptops on their morning ferry commute. I don't know what their salary is, could be a lot, or a little, but it looks like they're not catching much of a break. It's fun to sit around and criticize "the rich" and I definitely agree that Donald Trump has low work ethic. But we're kidding ourselves if we forget that there are actually real people who make a lot of money, and have to be workaholics to do it. There are definitely higher ups in corporate who are under a huge load of constant stress and pressure, deadlines and tasks rule their lives. Donald or Ivanka Trump aside, rich doesn't necessarily equal lazy anymore than poor does.

    [–] If KD wins this year, and goes to the Knicks and wins them a title as well, where would you rank KD of all time? foo_foo_the_snoo 3 points ago in nbadiscussion

    What kind of comment with the phrase "upper echelon of scorers" lists #3, 4 and 6, but omits #1,2 and 5? Weird, man.

    Interestingly, if you go PPG career wise, Kobe is way down at #11, while KD and LeBron are currently #4,5.

    [–] If KD wins this year, and goes to the Knicks and wins them a title as well, where would you rank KD of all time? foo_foo_the_snoo 1 points ago in nbadiscussion

    Each player's personal cultural impact is dependent on NBA culture at the time. Jordan passed the torch to Kobe positionally, and the game was set up by Jordan for a player exactly like him to come in and do what he did. In a world without LeBron, KD has a much more significant impact on basketball, culturally. He has a unique position among other small forwards the way the game has changed in the last decade. His ability to score from anywhere is unmatched even by LeBron. Then you have current competition among point guards that takes away from all the great ones compared to how they might impact culture as individuals. I personally love the diversity among top PGs right now. Lowry, Lillard, WB, Steph, Wall, Kyrie, CP3, Rubio, DRose, etc. are all so different and each amazing to watch. They can't all be Steph or Russ though, culture wise.

    [–] I found my old Sidekick. Feels just as good as it did back then foo_foo_the_snoo 5 points ago in nostalgia

    As much as I relate to this whole thread and especially your comment, having some ringtone turned on is often the difference in losing one's phone and panicking about it, or just calling it and finding it right away. I silence my phone when appropriate, but keep the volume on otherwise for this reason.

    [–] Trip with parents foo_foo_the_snoo 6 points ago in dankmemes

    Is the average person who posts and/or appreciates these kinds of memes looking back on their childhood or currently experiencing this with their mom?

    I'm the dad who has to point out that I already bought all these groceries, and I'm just wondering if there are actually kids my kid's age making memes about me now.

    [–] Manager explains why bibles are put in hotel rooms. foo_foo_the_snoo 14 points ago in bestof

    Yeah, there's no reason to assume that in reading Paul's letters, a Christian would take them out of context at all.

    The context itself is the basis of early Christianity. Paul, a follower of Christ, imprisoned for preaching the gospel, writes to fellow followers in say, Corinth or Rome about the message of salvation. Virtually every Christian knows that.

    The gospels themselves, where we find the story of Jesus's life, refer to prophecies in Isaiah about a coming Messiah. The Jews at the time considered Christ to be a heretic, not the son of God, not the real Messiah. The Jews were wrong.

    That's Christianity in a nutshell, with context. It's Judaism + Jesus - some Jewish practices, made obsolete because of Jesus.

    [–] Would Russell Westbrook or James Harden be seen as better players than Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant if either of them win the championship this year against a healthy gsw? foo_foo_the_snoo 4 points ago in nbadiscussion

    I just watched a Vox video about luck vs. skill in major sports, and basketball is truly at the high end of measuring actual player skill because of the sheer amount of shots taken, team possessions, and games played. It's on the opposite end of the spectrum from say, winning the lottery.

    Also, if you put any faith in advanced stats, we have player ratings that can tell us how guys compare to the rest of their team's performance, and what an impact they personally had on the win/loss ratio, even if they weren't necessarily the highest scorer or got the most steals.

    [–] Celebrating 15 years of playing, here’s a row of all my violins. foo_foo_the_snoo 2 points ago in pics

    Yes, they are all tuned the same. It's the size of the whole violin from end to end that's divided. The scale length doesn't actually vary by 1/2, 1/4, etc. That ukelele sized guitar wouldn't seem so small if you were as relatively small yourself. (My girlfriend's daughter started at age 3)